01 Mar 2022

Press Release: Multiposting Announcement

Evgenii Pavlov

Everyone knows the workload that recruiting entails, and I think everyone agrees that it can get really overwhelming. However, reaching a broad audience is crucial when advertising job vacancies, but at the same time, this means the more extensive the spectrum, the larger the workload.

This is where multiposting comes into play.

With our new integration, you can perform your job advertisements on a much bigger scale without worrying about the manual administrative work.

Flair is now integrated with over 5000 job boards, enabling you to spread your net far and wide and save a lot of time and money!

Let's take a closer and more detailed look at how our new integration will benefit you.

Multiposting check the job details

Time Efficiency

With the help of our integration, you will save a vast amount of hours that can be put into more valuable and meaningful work instead of being wasted on posting jobs because:

  • you won't have to deal with multiple suppliers of job boards
  • you'll only have to post once for a job vacancy, and the system will take care of the rest
  • you won't go crazy trying to maintain an overview of multiple reports from different channels
Job Multiposting Advertising Campaign

Save Money

Time is money, so saving time equals saving money. And recruiters will save a lot of money with this integration because:

  • you'll quickly identify different channels and build your talent pool rapidly
  • you'll improve your employer brand by keeping the recruitment process internal and not outsourcing it
  • you won't have to worry about left up credits from different platforms you signed up for
  • you can get up to 20% discount on media
Job Multiposting payment

Increased Flexibility And Better Quality

Essentially you will have a significant increase in performance due to you operating and reporting all activities in one single system.

This will definitely help you get better results because:

  • you'll have access to over 5000 individual channels and specifically use them aligned to your needs
  • you'll be able to attract a much more broad and diverse talent pool through several channels
  • you'll get recommendations on the best channels based on data-driven strategies
Job Multiposting integrations

As an overall result, this integration will massively simplify your recruitment process by helping you save time and money while also improving your recruitment strategies by having tailored methods in place.

If you want your recruitment strategy to take the next step, then this is the right tool for you!

Leave time-intensive methodologies behind and make way for innovative solutions.

Want to read more about how our new integration will work? Check out our in-depth product update or head over to our changelog to stay up to date with the most recent updates!

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