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Onboarding With flair

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Nowadays, most companies have to operate remotely. Subsequently, onboarding became a task that is done remotely as well. And despite the fact that onboarding a remote employee is more challenging than doing it in person, the goals remain the same. To make sure the new hires have the most comfortable experience when starting the new position, building new relationships, understanding the company culture, and recognizing the expectations.

flair has been onboarding its' employees remotely from the beginning. However, recently we released our new feature which specializes in onboarding. This way our new hires have the most pleasant online onboarding experience, accomplishing all of the onboarding goals, while still remaining a personal touch. So without further ado, let's dive into the onboarding process at flair!

What Were Your First Impressions Of The Onboarding Process With flair?

Nico Lind: Starting a new job fully remote seemed like a big challenge to me in the beginning. I wondered how flair (my new employer) manages to welcome new employees onboard and integrate them into the team. After just three days at flair, my concerns were gone and I felt warmly welcomed by my new co-workers. Even though Remote Onboarding takes a lot of self-discipline and a hands-on mentality, it’s much easier if you have a team, which supports you wherever needed.

Kelsey: The first day at a new job always makes me nervous, but I am happy to say that the onboarding process at flair went very smoothly. I felt welcomed by my team members and got to participate in meetings right away, which made me feel included. Starting a job virtually is tough. It also helped that the first assigned tasks were super clear to follow. We use a lot of different platforms at flair, which can seem tricky to a newcomer but thanks to everyone’s support, it has been a good experience.

Mina: Everyone was incredibly helpful and welcoming, allowing me to really settle in slowly and get accustomed to the tools and platforms we use. Also, I had several meetings with different people, helping me get to know who I was going to work with. What helped as well, was the clear overview of the assignments I was given, as well as the direct feedback. Especially when you're working remotely, these types of things help make you feel included in the team.

What Were The Challenges You Had With Your Previous Onboarding Experiences?

Nico: The Onboarding process at flair differs from my previous experience in many ways. Whoever experienced remote Onboarding knows the challenges which need to be conquered. During my previous Onboarding experiences, I felt overwhelmed by the number of tasks and new information. Sometimes I even had the feeling, that asking for anything to gain clarity annoyed co-workers as they were busy with other tasks. At flair people made me feel exactly the opposite: eager to help and welcome me into their team.

Kelsey: In my previous role, the onboarding process was minimal. I was shown to my new desk, given a company computer, and handed a folder of papers explaining some of their platforms. It was also difficult for me to feel included in my team. They were much older, had worked together for years at that point, and did not make much effort towards me - I had my work, they had theirs. At flair, it is almost the complete opposite, everyone is happy to answer your questions right away and comment feedback.

How Was Your Experience With flair's Onboarding?

Nico: First of all the tool flair gave me a great overview in streamlining various tasks and workflows in a simple way. flair made internal processes easy to understand and transparency - even for a new employee - possible. For me, it’s even more impressive that a Start-Up like flair had such an ‘easy to follow’ Onboarding approach. Only after a couple of technical meetings and get-to-know conversations, I felt the warm atmosphere at flair (even due to great physical distances). They put value not only on professional but also on cultural and social Onboarding.

Kelsey: It was an easy process. The Onboarding Workflow showed me precisely what I needed to do, and the early-on team meetings made me already feel like a part of flair. In my past experiences interning, I was never included this much. This is even more impressive since flair operates remotely. flair showed me that they are an innovative startup filled with intelligent and friendly people.

Mina: What I appreciated the most with flair's onboarding was the simplicity. I imagined that it'd take a while for me to feel like a part of the team and get used to the processes. However, it was quite the contrary, right from the beginning, I was welcomed to voice my thoughts and participate in meetings, making the transition a lot easier and more comfortable. On top of that, I was never scared to ask questions because the team at flair created a really lovely atmosphere.

How Would You Judge Your Onboarding Task Execution With flair's Onboarding Feature?

Nico: In previous jobs I saw many different Software Tools, to support the Onboarding process. From monday, to workday and once even an excel sheet. Transparency and comprehensibility for me are the most important aspect when it comes to professional Onboarding. With flair’s Onboarding feature, my preferences were fully satisfied. When a new employee (like me) understands the overlapping processes in such an easy and comprehensive way, the tool definitely does its job. And what’s great: you don’t have to start working at flair in terms to use its features. If you want to get a taste of what I’m talking about you are most welcome to try our free Demo.

Kelsey: In my previous roles, I have either spoken directly to HR or added my information to an Excel Sheet. But at flair, I was asking myself, why hasn’t it always been so easy? I just followed the prompts and entered my information. It was quick, efficient, and intuitive. At my previous company, if I needed to take a sick day, I always had to email my boss. And as a student from the US, I only had vacation days when the entire company closed for national holidays, so I think it’s very cool to be able to schedule all of that with the flair platform.

Mina: Although this is my first experience, I was pleasantly surprised by the onboarding at flair. Essentially, all you had to do was fill out what was asked of you, and that was it. Also, it's a huge advantage when you can request absences, track time, and edit your personal data, all from one universal platform. Flair definitely set the bar high for future onboardings.

Do You See Yourself Using flair's Workflow For Further Goal Execution? How?

Nico: As I work remotely from Barcelona, my co-workers are not sitting next to me. If we don’t align our daily tasks, we wouldn’t be able to achieve our (and the company’s) goals. Using flair’s workflow facilitates my/our goal execution in many ways. Starting from visible absences and holidays, over-shift planning, and measuring performance and goals - the usage possibilities are broad. In previous jobs, I used to track my working time with the stopwatch on my phone. Personally, I enjoy the simple use of flair's time-tracking feature. As I only work part-time, I want to invest my time wisely and measure my accomplishments in order to increase efficiency.

Kelsey: Yes, I would like to implement flair’s workflow feature in the future. I had a great experience with it during my Onboarding, so I can imagine how useful that will be to organize my goals in the future. You can add tasks with due dates and indicate the persons responsible. Plus, you have the satisfaction of checking off the job when it's completed. This will be super helpful, mainly because we work in remote teams. Maintaining clear communication matters so much. We can’t simply walk over to our coworkers and chat with them. Virtual teams need software like this that can record the information all in one place, so everything is clear from the start.

Mina: Flair just combines so many essential features into one device, making it the perfect tool for organizing tasks and reaching objectives. So, yes, I can see myself using flair's workflow feature in following goals to come. Especially when it comes to presenting your work to a team or collaborating throughout departments, flair's workflow helps me demonstrate my data in an efficient yet clear way. Colleagues keep their progress illustrated in a table, making it easy for others to schedule a meeting or just leave a comment for someone. Being structured is the key to reaching goals, and this is why features like these are vital for companies.


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