Press Release: Post Multiple Job Ads With One Click

Press Release: Post Multiple Job Ads With One Click

Press Release: Post Multiple Job Ads With One Click

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Recruiting isn't always easy. Reaching a relevant audience is crucial when advertising job vacancies, but at the same time, this often comes with a heavier workload and added manual tasks.

We want to take away some of this burden - enter the multiposting feature, our new integration.

It helps make job advertisements accessible on a much bigger scale, while at the same time removing the manual administrative work.

flair is now integrated with over 2,500+ media partners - we're talking job boards, niche sites, governmental associations, social media channels and search engines.

We're enabling you to spread your net far and wide, saving time and giving you the opportunity to target more appropriate audiences for your open vacancies. Because, as we all know, one size doesn't fit all.

Let's take a closer look at our new multiposting integration.

Improve your efficiency

Save hours on the manual tasks around posting a job ad. It's time to free up your time for more valuable and meaningful work.

  • no need to deal with multiple suppliers of job boards
  • create one post once for each job vacancy, and publish it on multiple sites and channels
  • track the performance of all your ad campaigns in one place

Access to more relevant talent

Time is money, so saving time equals saving money. And recruiters will save a lot of money with this integration because:

  • access a more relevant audience and build your talent pool rapidly
  • attract a broad and diverse talent pool through specialised providers
  • get recommendations on the best channels based on data-driven strategies
Job Multiposting payment

Spend money where it counts

If you're spending money on advertising, let's make sure you spend it well.

  • get pre-negotiated prices of up to 20% discount against rate card prices
  • build your pipeline through advertising and spend less on agencies
  • pay as you go and save on unused credits from different platforms
Job Multiposting integrations

Our multiposting integration will help you simplify your recruitment process, save time and money while also reaching a wider audience of both active and passive job seekers.

Want to read more about how our new integration works? Check out our in-depth product update or head over to our change log to stay up to date with the most recent updates!


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The only HR Software without Limitations