01 Mar 2022

Product Update: Multiposting

Ekaterina Svishcheva

wDay by day recruiters are working hard to empower the company by finding and hiring the best-suited talents from a job market. An important for talent acquisition is by promoting a vacancy on from different providers, such as job boards or social networks.

Doing this recruiters may spend hours choosing the platform, updating contracts and payments, taking time from other important things.

But the technologies and flair work on the recruiters' side and offer a tool that intelligently does all the tedious work and even more. It's called multiposting.

What is multiposting?

Multiposting is an opportunity to choose the right channels to promote job ads, post these jobs at multiple channels at once and manage them in one place.

Why is multiposting useful?

Saves time and effort

Job advertisements are posted on different job portals in one click. No contract or payment work is required, and you can easily manage your campaigns' from the flair HR tool.

Saves money

In the standard approach, companies negotiate on the prices individually and often get a lower price for the great package of postings. This makes recruiters use the same portals for various open positions, that may not always suit to provide the best applicants.

Using multiposting frameworks lets HRs select the channels that suit best for the exact job at a low price. In the end, this reduces the recruiting costs.

Recommends the best matches from thousands of recruiting channels

A multiposting tool provides the search among a range of recruiting channels — job boards,   social networks, search engines — whatever you need to find the greatest talents.

Having a choice is great but not enough! Sorting out and evaluating are the necessary parts to define the channels that suit your job the best. Doing this manually can be tough, time-consuming, and sometimes not very precise. That's why flair analyzes all the variety automatically and provides the data-based individual recommendations for any job you want to post.

Allows to measure and optimize the ROI of your ads

Which job posting and posting software worked the best? It's usually hard to answer it without data at hand. Multiposting at flair allows you to easily see the costs of the campaigns and of the exact products you used. You can even see the applicant tracking — the steps job seekers take to apply. You may follow the applicants' way from the channel's website, like LinkedIn, to your career page, other pages up to they finally send you their CV!

How does it actually work?

Activate the feature

Multiposting is available to every flair client. To start using it open an Advertising tab in any job page.

For the first time and just once you need to make some simple actions to activate the feature for the whole company.

Select the channels

Once activated, you'll see the blue Advertise button. It will lead you to the advertising page with the list of the products recommended for the selected job and sorted to show the best-suited first.

You still are absolutely free to choose any variant you need. Use any sorting or search for the exact product you need.

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Check the job details and checkout

When you're done with selecting, press the Checkout button. In some cases, you may need to fill the additional fields for the job. We ask you to do this to ensure that all the adverts will be successfully posted on any channels, even on the ones that require the most detailed requisites.

When you are ready, proceed to checkout, make a couple of clicks, and voila — the job posting is on its way!

Product Update: Multiposting Blog Image

Follow and manage your campaigns

When you later return to the job page, you'll see it looks a bit different. Now it shows you the detailed view and cost of your campaign, the statuses and cost of every product you used for promoting. If you switch on the show conversion toggle, you will see how effective your products are. This means how likely it is to apply for those who come to your career page or straight to the job page.

Product Update: Multiposting Blog Image


Maybe your company has a policy on how you promote the jobs. Or maybe you are only testing the water on job advertising. No matter — the new multiposting tool will be very helpful for any of you. It will save your resources by automating your job posting tasks and empower your talent attractiveness with less spending.

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