01 May 2021

Why Salesforce is the perfect platform for HR

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In 2019, an opportunity was presented to flair's co-founders that made them decide to launch an HR platform entirely native for Salesforce. With many great HR tools out there, it might sound crazy to navigate this market. But we believe we're on the way to create the perfect solution for fast-growing, mid-size companies to big enterprises to manage their HR department. Here is why:

1. Process automation

Every organization is different and very individual, and Salesforce did a fantastic job creating a platform that helps many companies focus on their customer experience. They did it by understanding that every company is unique and enabling them to translate their processes into management software.

And it isn't only the platform. There is a whole ecosystem of other tools, partners, education material, professionals, and events around it that help their customers along the way. It's incredible the problems people solve with it and how excited they are about it.

Most HR systems don't give you this flexibility with such a wide range of functionality. They either do one thing well or do everything on average.

Having tools that do one thing well often means that you will need to subscribe to many of them. Resulting in the following problems:

  • Time spent keeping data in sync amongst all these tools
  • Challenging employee onboarding, if they are not familiar with these tools or cloud technology
  • Difficulty to cross-reference data and generate meaningful reports for a successful employee experience and employee success
  • Difficulty in automating business processes that involve multiple workflows or more than one product
  • Higher overall subscription costs

Then there is the second type of product. The one that does everything, but everything is average. Unless you're not paying much attention to your HR department, it'll come a time where your processes will outgrow these tools. You will then end up solving these problems by signing up for new, specialized tools and having the same problem described above.

For this reason, we chose Salesforce. Besides being the world's #1 CRM platform, it allows us to create an HR platform and HR solution that will give you complete control after you subscribe. We'll provide you with a powerful HRMS tool that you can build anything on top of it. And we will do it by using techniques that are already well-known to the market, allowing you to quickly find an employee or implementation partner to do the customizations for you.

Previously, while in the meeting with our customer who was a beta tester for our shift planning solution, the following scenario came up: they wanted to use data they had from bookings to decide how many employees of each skill they should have on their stores at each time.

Unless we were building a software for their vertical, this would be a problem that is too specific for us to solve. It would have compromised our hr tool if we had developed it internally. Because of this, the customer would typically either have to find another tool that solves this problem, ending up with more complexity, or live without this critical business decision ability.

Thankfully to Salesforce, we can provide them with our general shift planning solution, and they can add their logic on top of it. And they could potentially build these customizations by themselves through the salesforce platform.

Another good use case we have is the combination of real-time payroll automation and bonus calculation. Companies often export data from Salesforce to calculate bonus schemes on a spreadsheet and then send it to HR to manually input their payroll solution. Because everything exists in Salesforce, you can easily automate all these manual steps. Our customers do it by automatically triggering the bonus calculation software whenever a payroll run is started and then adding the results to the respective employee's payroll entry.

2. Data-drivenness

Whether you are a startup or a big corporation, making business decisions based on metric data is crucial. Everyone knows that. Still, many companies can't find a way to do it. Even if they can, the whole infrastructure needed to set it up is so complicated that it requires a lot of manual work, money, and maintenance. Many companies have all their sales and customer support data already in the Salesforce service cloud and often even data from other processes. If your HR platform is in the same place, you can cross-reference these data metrics and get access right away to many reporting capabilities. Things like:

Effectiveness of recruiting

  • How much time employees that were hired by X, or in Y way, stay in the company
  • How employees perform in their department
  • How happy they are
  • How to improve employee engagement
  • How much revenue they're bringing to the company
  • Predict hiring needs by demand forecast

Besides the cross-referencing capability, Salesforce gives you the ability to generate many kinds of reports on your entire data set. And most tools won't give you that.

3. Security and trust

The last but not least point is security and trust. Employee data is often sensitive and needs care when dealing with it. Salesforce is known for bringing many conservative enterprises to the cloud. And it achieved it by enforcing a culture of trust throughout its entire ecosystem. As a small example, every team has to do an anti-corruption and anti-bribery training to be able to be listed on their AppExchange.

Besides that, the platform comes with a state of the art permission management out of the box. Anything you do, or any software you install, you can create a system to control who can see or do what.

For all these reasons, envisioned the possibility to enable HR leaders & HR teams to provide an excellent service to their employees. And we're doing this by allowing companies to automate any process they have, adapting the tool to their needs, and making access to data much more manageable.

If you have any questions or believe in these ideas as we do, connect with us at

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