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What's new in flair

New: Notification Settings

Flair's Notification Settings

You can now choose which updates you would like to receive as automated email notifications!

New: Absence Digest Notifications for Slack

Flair's Absence Digest Notifications for Slack

If you use our Slack integration, you can configure a daily digest for absent participant of any channel. This scheduler will automatically post your team's absences within the Slack channel!

    New: Candidate View on Employee HUB

    Our Employee HUB got a big update – we added recruiting part. You can work with candidates, see their data and fill the evaluation form.

      New: Varying Working Hours

      Setting Varying Working Hours for Your Employees with Flair

      We added support for flexible configuration of your employee's workload. You can define working hours per each day – for example, flair allows you to set up a workload for a working student who might work different amount of hours on different days (example: two days 8 hours and one day 4 hours).

        New: Hiring managers in Employee HUB

        Hiring managers in flair's HUB

        We already have support for hiring managers on Salesforce backoffice. But now you can invite any employee to be a hiring manager: they will receive a link and see all candidates directly in the Employee HUB.

          Changed: Creating New Employee: Updated

          Updated version of Creating New Employee on flair

          We improved our form to add a new employee: we added all required fields and you can now add additional fields using fieldset!

            New: Candidate Evaluation

            Candidate Evaluation with flair

            Create new evaluation forms and assign responsible "evaluators" for each candidate. You can collect feedback from your employees and this will help you to choose the right talent. All evaluations are done within the employee HUB.

              New: Shift Publishing

              Shift Publishing with flair

              Take your time to plan shifts for your employees: you can experiment with the schedule and once you are ready you can publish them. Afterwards all shifts will be available in the employee HUB and everyone involved will receive an email notification.

                Changed: Employees without Time Tracking

                Set Employees without Time Tracking

                Oftentimes not every employee needs to track their time. For such cases we added support for time-tracking-less configuration of your workloads – after enabling it all timesheets will be skipped.

                  Changed: Sorting Documents in the Employee HUB

                  We know how hard it can be to find specific documents within the employee HUB when you have a lot documents. We added sorting by name and date for each documents category.

                    New: Upload Files to Employee HUB

                    Upload Files to flair's HUB

                    No need to use email or Slack to send your employee' files as we now support document uploading within our Employee HUB. As soon as managers review documents and all necessary files, it is immediately available for download.

                      Changed: Shiftplanner: 2 and 4 Weeks View

                      Flair shift planner: 2 and 4 Weeks View

                      In case you prefer to plan your employees' shifts for the whole month, we added support for two and four weeks view within our Shiftplanner!

                        New: Clone Open Shifts

                        Clone open shifts - flair.hr

                        If you work a lot with our new open-shift feature and have a repeated scheduler every week, from now on you can copy the shift-plan from previous week.

                          New: Shiftplanner: Filter Employees by Name and Shifts

                          Flair's Shiftplanner: Filter Employees by Name and Shifts

                          Now, our shift planner has another useful feature when it comes to having multiple employees with different skills. You can add filtering only for skills you need. Additionally, you can also publish shifts with your filtered demands.

                            New: iCal Link for the Whole Team

                            Flair provides iCal Link for the Whole Team

                            We added a link to subscribe to your colleagues calendar in Google or Outlook calendars. You can find this link in your Employee HUB.

                              Changed: Custom Permission For Time Entry Edits

                              After you close the payroll run, flair does not allow any changes in time entries and timesheets. If you still need to adjust something, we added a custom permission which allows you to modify any records. Nonetheless, we still save all changes made so you can use it for future audit.

                                New: Planning Future Changes

                                Schedule an Employee Data Change - flair.hr

                                Oftentimes you don't need to make immediate changes to employee's personal data: somethings should only be applied in the future. You can schedule future change of location, department, manager or any other field you prefer.

                                  New: Filters for Team Absence Calendar

                                  Flair's Filters for Team Absence Calendar

                                  We implemented multiple filters to your team's absence calendar: it is now possible to filter by location, department, your teams and special groups. You can configure your colleagues' calendar the way you want – we also save your latest filters so you won't have to set them up again each time.

                                  • Filter Team Absence Calendar by Location, Department, Teams & More

                                  • Pre-Saved Filters for the Future

                                  New: Hide Absence Categories

                                  There is a new configuration for absence categories. You no longer have to see absence details for every colleague. This configuration allows you to hide the name of the absence category in the Employee HUB and iCal sync. You can find this configuration "Public" in absence categories page.

                                    Changed: Support for Timezones

                                    Set multiple timezones with flair

                                    We rebuilt all of the time related objects to fully support different timezones for various locations. You can now configure all of it in the location record and then you are set to plan shifts, absences and track time in different time zones!

                                    • Add Multiple Timezones for Various Locations

                                    • Plan Shifts & Absences, and Track Time in Different Timezones

                                    Changed: Remaining Absences for a Leaving Employee within Payroll Run

                                    As you may already know, our payroll runs have an export feature that enables you to export different reports in different formats. We made some adjustments to files regarding payroll runs of leaving employees. We added information about remaining absences and overtime balances within the payroll run. This will allow you to create all necessary leaving documents and create final payments.

                                      New: Shift Planner Notes: Manager & Employee

                                      Flair's Shift Planner Notes: Manager & Employee

                                      One of our most requested features is here! You can now assign your manager as well as employee notes to a shift. All managers' notes are visible directly within the shift planner. Employee notes are visible in print view and the Employee HUB.

                                        New: New Views for Shifts in the Employee HUB

                                        In the Employee HUB, we added two new views for shifts – daily and weekly calendar. All important information can be found there.

                                          New: Shift planner – Open shifts

                                          Shiftplanner view on Salesforce

                                          Open shifts feature is a new way for managers to post shifts that need to be fulfilled without assigning them to specific employees. Once an open shift is created, multiple employees can request to pick it by bidding on the shift based on their available skills. The manager gets to decide who to assign the shift to.

                                          The approach is also strongly employee-driven, letting staff choose shifts that align best with their schedules, all within a collaborative company-wide framework.

                                            New: Slack Integration with Salesforce

                                            Request vacation form on Slack with Salesforce integration

                                            Do you use Slack as your collaboration tool at work? Now you don't need to leave it if you want to request a vacation or sick leave – you can open the form immediately from Slack. As a manager, you can approve or reject requests from Slack as well. Sounds interesting?

                                              Improvements: Recruiting

                                              We released multiple updates for our external career pages. Alongside Google format, we also added meta-tags to improve the overall SEO rating of your job listings. The career page itself got upgraded with the ability to filter job offers by location, department, and type – if you have many jobs, it can be highly beneficial for your candidates.

                                              In the backend part, we added a tracker for all changes between funnel stages. Do you want to know how long candidates stayed in the interview stage or which stage they were rejected? Now it is possible as you can create multiple reports based on this new object.

                                                Improvements: Payroll and Salaries

                                                We added support for weekly and bi-weekly salary types and the ability to have multi-currency wages per individual employee.

                                                We significantly improved our payroll exports: you get all necessary information about new hires and leaving employees, including unused vacations and overtime.

                                                If you feel like adding additional customization on top of payrolls, our invocable method can be used in any flows and process builders.

                                                • Weekly and bi-weekly salary types

                                                • New hires and leaving employees export

                                                • Multi-currency salaries

                                                • Invocable method

                                                Improvements: Employee HUB and HR

                                                We improved our create employee wizard which you can start from the list view and from a hired candidate – it is possible now to define start date and a suitable workload. Also, we added an additional configuration to absence categories to restrict deleting approved absences in the Employee HUB.

                                                  New: Mass files upload on Salesforce

                                                  Mass file upload on Salesforce

                                                  We know how hard it can be to upload payslips or data protection documents for each employee. You do not need to do it anymore with our bulk uploading tool, which is smart enough to automatically assign files to your employees based on predefined file patterns.

                                                    New: All-new Payroll on Salesforce

                                                    Flair's Payroll view on Salesforce

                                                    We released an all-new way to work with your payrolls. We know how hard it is to be organized and accurate when it comes to financially sensitive data: you don’t want to make any mistakes. That’s why we added filters, we highlight changes, and you can mark every row as reviewed or in need of attention.

                                                    Our payroll preparation now is not just another table: it is a collaboration tool: add notes, attach files and send for approval.

                                                    Whenever you are ready with your changes, you can now export all data in different formats, included PDF and XLS. Moreover, you can configure special exports for new hires and leaving employees.

                                                    We also did not forget about hourly waged workers: now we collect all-time tracking information for the given timeframe and include it in the payroll.

                                                    • Filters on payroll page

                                                    • Notes per record

                                                    • Mark lines as reviewed

                                                    • Export information about children

                                                    • One-time payments

                                                    • Absence configuration

                                                    • Collecting hours for hourly payment employees

                                                    • Export changes for related objects

                                                    • Data changes as XLS format

                                                    • Simple cost center support

                                                    • New hires and leaving employees export

                                                    Changed: Recruiting

                                                    There are various improvements to our recruiting module. From now on, we support multiple file inputs on the external career page: you can ask your candidate for any additional documents.

                                                    If you want better visibility of your job postings, you can benefit from a special Google format we added recently.

                                                    We also improved our developer tools: added a new API, support iframe version, and ability to track your job postings origin.

                                                    • Several file inputs on career page

                                                    • Track origin on career page

                                                    • Anonymization button

                                                    • Google format for jobs

                                                    • iframe version

                                                    New: Performance Reviews and Goals

                                                    Screenshot with Performance Review in Employee HUB

                                                    We completely redesigned the whole process for performance reviews and 1:1 meetings. We added support for a new type of questions, and all evaluations now, including the talk itself, are on Employee HUB.

                                                    We also released personal goals, which you can review at any time.

                                                    Every manager can leave personal encrypted notes about their subordinates, which can be used in their next 1:1 meetings.

                                                    • Evaluation forms in the Employee HUB

                                                    • Scheduling a feedback talk

                                                    • Manage private notes

                                                    • Set personal goals after the performance review

                                                    • Write resolutions

                                                    Improvements: HR Management

                                                    There are important backend updates in our Salesforce package: we automatically recalculate all absences and timesheets whenever you edit workloads or add a new holiday: no more manual work.

                                                    Our notification system also got something new: you can receive all data change notifications to your email inbox, and employees get notified if there is a new document for them.

                                                    • Automatic recalculation of all absences and workloads

                                                    • Copy candidate documents to Employee

                                                    • Data change request notification

                                                    • New document notifications

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