HR Software for Startups

With comprehensive HR software, you can manage the HR processes in your start-up even without a real HR department.
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Core HR as a Foundation for your Success

Due to the fast-paced environment startups need to have solid HR support. Daily HR processes provide the foundation for sustainable growth. With flair, startups can evolve their processes as they grow.
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Simplify your Recruiting Process with the Help of flair.

Managing numerous applicants and new employees in the shortest possible time? Hardly possible next to the countless other tasks in your start-up. With flair's recruiting feature you have the ability to manage a large number of applicants clearly. No matter how long your list may be - we don't stop at endless applicant lists.
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Experience the Full Potential of Your Reporting

Reporting made easy. A manual process that is often neglected, in everyday business. This is now a thing of the past! To support sustainable growth, flair offers automated reporting where you can find all relevant information in a clear and comprehensible way.
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Optimize your Goal Management with flair.

Objective Key Results (OKRs) serve as a critical management system for modern project management. They are of fundamental importance within the start-up environment. Enabling your startup to achieve goals much easier! Consequently, this must also be accompanied by reliable software.
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Start the Next Success Journey with flair's Onboarding

When a new employee joins your team, it is crucial for the onboarding process to be as smooth as possible. With flair's onboarding workflow, your new hire will have the most pleasant welcome into your start-up!
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Track Time from Anywhere with flair!

Time is an important asset within every company, especially start-ups. Our time-tracking feature will enable your team to sync all of their working hours on the go. This way you and your team will be able to monitor performance, configure workload and calculate overtime.
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Uncomplicated Payroll View to Avoid Mistakes

Payroll Management can become a hectic task with no place to make mistakes. But with flair, your start-up won't need to worry about time and precision - we take care of that for you! With our time-efficient and seamless calculations, you will be able to export payroll slips in no time!
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Best salesforce HR management tool!

Flair's intuitive user interface and broad range of functionalities is a must have for everyone who wants to manage employees in Salesforce. Great team and exceptional customer support, definitely recommended!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Start-Ups need an HR department?

This question can not be answered by just a single yes or no. There is often no HR management in the early stages of many Start-Ups or other comparable small- or medium businesses (SMBs)department. Missing HR managers or standardised HR processes may not be a problem at the very beginning. As the company grows, what seems not compulsory in the early state, becomes an increasingly important topic - Human ResourceManagement for Start-Ups!

In the initial phase, the CEO or founder regularly wears the hat of the typical HR manager-role. However, several other employees share the responsibilities of HR tasks. Whether it is the hiring process, running payroll, onboarding, performance management, or other HR processes - someone has to address these issues. Otherwise, the ship that has just been started its journey, will early start to sink.

Here is a simple example that will illustrate why Start-Ups should not neglect HR management. During rapid growth, there are tasks so far the eyes can see. Business needs range from production, marketing, finance, and many more - up to the HR processes mentioned above. In the daily hustle,HR needs are sometimes forgotten, and payments to employees may not be made on time.

The impact of this carelessness can be devastating for a small business. Employee engagement and motivation drop. Workflows stall because of missing HR management and without HR professionals who would take care of this neglected tasks. However, if there were an HR manageror HR department to manage this running payroll, this mishap would regularly not occur.

Other departments reluctantly take over especially administrative HR processes. Other departments reluctantly take over especially administrative HR processes. In addition to the above mentioned payroll processing, this also includes administering employee records or management of employee databases. Nowadays, digital solutions support many companies in these routine tasks. How an HR solution with automating support function can look like? You will find in the following questions.

At flair, we are generally of the opinion that Start-Ups, and other SMBs, should think about implementing an HR department. People Management with associated HR tools and professional HR processes add value for your whole company. It is better to think about it earlier to avoid stumble over a missing HR management at a later point in time.

How HR Software can help Start-ups?

Should Start-Ups take the implementation of an HR department into consideration? Definitely yes! But: What is much more important and widespread nowadays is the use of HR software in the Start-Up environment. An HR software solution that is comprehensive and user-friendly can bring numerous HR processes to a new level. Of course, the software must fit the Start-Up's business needs and objectives. An HR Start-Up will look for different uses than Start-Ups from the health care sector or HR tech Start-Ups.

Before we show you different uses for HR software solutions like flair, we want to clarify that even the best HR software will never replace a professional HR department. While HR solutions mainly deal with automating HR tools, modern HR management has an increasingly strategic focus. HR professionals are strategic consultants for people management and optimizing company-wide workflows.

For Start-Ups or other small businesses, implementing a Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) may be more than worth spending a thought. Especially if there is not yet a large HR department in a company, SaaS-based HR software can be an upgrade and contribute to the company's success in the short- as well as in long term. The following areas and HR processes can be covered by an all-in-one HR platform like

Workforce planning, recruiting and onboarding

flair supports you with an Applicant Tracking System in real-time, so the recruiting process in your company can be simplified enormously. The efficiency with which candidates are observed, evaluated, and compared leads to faster and cost-saving process optimizations. Workforce planning made easy, like never before. Our Saas-based HR software can also be used purposefully in onboarding or offboarding. User-friendly HR operations and a Self-Service portal facilitate the daily tasks of a human resource department. This allows Start-Ups to focus on their core business.

Employee management, employee information and time tracking

Administrative HR tasks can easily be supported by an HR system. flair allows Start-Ups to manage their employee data time efficiently all in one place. With features in employee self-service manner, employees are authorized to view their own employee file. With our Time Tracking feature and the associated Timesheets, employees are able to track their working hours, while at the same time it can be used as an overview for the management.

Performance Management and Management System

HR software solutions are of course not only relevant for the employees, but also for the management of Start-Ups and SMBs. The advantages of management software range from control possibilities to managing employee data and performance reviews. Using the data and information for employee interviews, personnel development, and remuneration. Measuring the Performance Management includes the benefits management as well to keep the engagement and satisfaction of the workforce high.

What are the most relevant features for Start-Ups?

In many SMBs, HR management is the responsibility of everyone. The lack of HR professionals can be compensated with a comprehensive Human Resource Information System (HRIS). HR processes in a Start-Ups can be managed without an actual HR department. An HRIS, therefore, covers important HR needs and HR tools to let you focus on your day-to-day business. An intuitive HR Software like flair include the following features on the SaaS platform:

Core HR

The rapid growth of Start-Ups needs reliable support in Core HR. Day-to-day HR operations are the foundation for sustainable growth for every company. The ability to change automated HR processes flexibly 'on-the-go', making adjustments in HR workflows in "real-time" when your company's requirements change again during the growth phase - all this is covered by an all-encompassing HR software like

Hiring process and Recruiting

Managing numerous applicants and new hires in a short period of time is exhausting and time-consuming. When at the same time you could spend your time so much more wisely on other tasks in your Start-Up. The feature of our automated Applicant Tracking System flair offers you the possibility to manage a large number of applicants all in one place. No matter how long the applicant list may be - with our SaaS-based HR software solution every hiring process becomes more pleasurable.

Making reporting as easy and user-friendly as possible is another desire of many Start-Ups. It's a tedious activity that is often neglected in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day business in SMBs. To support sustainable growth, flair offers a Reporting feature where you can find all relevant information in a clear and comprehensible way. From employee data to personnel files, Timesheets, as well as onboarding and offboarding - flair makes the streamline of holistic HR processes easy and convenient.

Objective Key Results (OKRs)

Objectives and key results are considered a crucial management system for modern employee management. Objective Key Results (OKRs) are of fundamental importance to cover business needs in the Start-Up environment. With the support of an HRMS, business owners must not fear inconsistent and chaotic data. Consequently, this must also be accompanied by reliable management software. With flair's integrated Performance Management System the HR department will be relieved.

Why do Start-Ups need HR software?

Do Start-Ups need HR Software Solutions or not? If so, to what extent does HR Software make sense? Many business owners or founders of small businesses facing these questions. When asking about the benefits, the company's objectives and strategy must be clear. There is not the one "best HR software" on the market. The fit of an HRMS always depends on the business needs and goals of a company.

Depending on the size and scope of the HR tools needed, a decision can be made for a certain HR software. An intuitive HR platform should mutually benefit both: the management and the employees of a company. The automation of various HR processes, mentioned before, will increase employee engagement as well as the companies performance sustainably. In practice, there often is a responsible person who compares several software solutions and weighs their pricing, their benefits, and other aspects to find the perfect solution for their own company.

The lack of a proper HR team can be compensated with comprehensive HR Software. Thus, HR processes are covered by the software in a user-friendly way and cover various Core-HR tasks in real-time. In order to be able to work time-efficient and resource-saving, more and more Start-Ups rely on the support of SaaS-based HR Software like

Not only for fast-growing Start-Ups, but the implementation of an HRMS is also useful. Before you will recognize it, important employee data will already be lost and you can go and look for the needle in a haystack. With the help of HR Software, administrative and routine tasks of the HR department are supported in a comprehensible way in real-time - so that every employee has transparent insight into different process steps.

Nowadays it is hard to imagine successful companies without sales support or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Salesforce. So why not have a database for your own employees in addition to prospects, leads, and customers? Transparency, clarity, and flexibility are attributes that, with the implementation of an HR software solution, will meet approval by many business owners. Not only as management software but also for employees and the external environment of a company.

Without user-friendly HR Software, Start-Ups and other small businesses quickly face their limits when it comes to time-efficient HR processes. In order to guarantee employee engagement and keep employee satisfaction at a high level in the long term, it is also advisable to facilitate everyday work for them. This will be achieved by allowing them to focus on their core activities and letting Human Resources Management Systems support them in tedious routine tasks.

How is HR Software integrated into your Start-Up?

An HR Software solution as flair is available for web-based access as well as for download via a mobile app on IOS or Android. With simple features and transfer capabilities, integrations from old employee spreadsheets, processes, and other employee data into the new HR software in are done within a few minutes. Once integrated, you'll be surprised how easy it is to manage even large amounts of data, all in one place.

In many Start-Ups, employee information and files are all over the place. With flair's "Wizard" feature you can easily import this loose data into our HR software via .csv and Excel files. You will receive customer support from our implementation- and support team, which will gladly help you in setting up the setup and integrating the already existing information into the newly set up software solution.

Subsequently, responsible and trained employees will teach the rest of the staff how to use the HRIS. flair offers a Self-Service-Portal where information about relevant HR operations and employee data is stored. There are numerous ways to bring the familiar and secure use of a new integrated HR software to your colleagues. The focus is on the benefits of the software, which should make their everyday work easier.

In order to take full advantage of these benefits, you need to get to grips with the software you are implementing and learn to understand it. Even if dashboards are designed to be convenient to understand and user-friendly these days, employees still will have follow-up questions. Having a point of contact for these questions or an external support team introduces a common understanding of how to use the HR software.

Basically, there are two ways to integrate an HRMS into your company. A step-by-step introduction, where one HR tool is introduced after the other, or a "big bang" where all uses are integrated at the same time. The decision is company-specific and depends on factors such as resources, permissions, know-how, and employee availability.

To support the Human Resources in your Start-Up, an HRMS facilitates the implementation via our customer support. Once implemented and in use, a software like is an integral part of your Start-Up's daily work. The change to using a new tool or software are processes that often meet with opposition. But answering the five questions in this entry even the loudest critical voices should be silenced.

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