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Our world is facing a lot of issues, but thankfully there are thousands of organizations trying to resolve those issues. We highly appreciate that, and therefore want to support non-governmental and nonprofit organizations make an impact.

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Issues we focus on supporting:

Flair supporting: Environmental Sustainability NGOs

Environmental Sustainability

Global warming and climate change issue has been growing exponentially, and therefore we would be honoured to support organisations that are fighting to solve this issue on our planet.

Flair supporting:  Human Rights NGOs

Human Rights

We believe in equality and that everyone should be treated fairly, no matter their gender, race, sexuality, income or any other factor.

Flair supporting: Underrepresentation in Tech NGOs

Underrepresentation in Tech

Everyone should have the same chance to succeed, and we’re happy to support your efforts to increase representation from historically marginalized groups.

Sounds like you?

If your organization advocates for one or more of these issues as part of your core mission, flair would like to offer you a 50% discount. This discount is limited to nonprofits and certified public benefit corporations, and it requires a brief application process to get started.

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