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It's the year 2022, and global digitalization has long since changed the way people work. Depending on the industry, company, or profession you work in, everyone feels this change in one way or another. However, one thing remains clear: the digitization of our working world is just beginning. HR departments worldwide are also affected by this shift in our way of working.


Nico Lind

Human Resources Specialist

Nico ist als Human Resources Specialist bei flair für jegliche HR-spezifische Themen zuständig. Als leidenschaftlicher Writer, ist er für unseren deutschsprachigen Blog verantwortlich. Er ist MBA-Student in Leadership und Talent Management und beschäftigt sich ebenfalls auf universitärer Ebene mit den aktuellsten Trends im Personalwesen.

Mina Düzdemir

Marketing Working Student

As Human Resources Specialist at flair, Nico is responsible for all HR-related topics. As a passionate writer, he is responsible for our German blog section. Nico is an MBA student in Leadership and Talent Management and therefore also studies the latest trends in HR at university level.

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