Plan Shifts and Enhance Productivity

Achieve productivity goals and boost employee well-being with a straightforward and effective shift planner.

How To Plan Shifts

Quickly and efficiently organize schedules, manage departments, request shifts, and more.

Smart Shift Planner

The flair Shift Planner allows employers to oversee the complete work schedule of their workforce. Plan shifts easily based on location and skills.

Personal Schedule Calendar

Using the Employee Hub calendar, staff can manage their schedule and request shift swaps or additional hours.

Custom Shift Notes

Keep employees in the loop on what is expected and explain tasks using the New Predefined Shift feature.

Straightforward Shift Scheduling

Reduce Time Spent on Planning

Improve management capabilities and consolidate all your scheduling tasks with one time-saving HR solution.

Promote Employee Engagement

Give employees the tools to make informed decisions about their work schedule. The Employee Hub opens up communication.

Manage Workforce Labor Costs

Plan schedules based on the skillset of your workforce and avoid double booking employees or other costly timetable mishaps.

Schedule the Right People at the Right Time


    Schedule shifts based on skills, teams, or location. Generate timetables and print if necessary.

    Approve Requests

    Communicate across teams and locations. Stay notified on any shift requests or react to gaps in the schedule.

    Priority Scheduling

    Add some flair to the timetable and color code your work shifts based on location or importance.


Easy Integration With Your Favorite Tools

Shift planning happens across teams and tools. That's why flair integrates with Slack, Google Calendar, and more.

Integrate Your Calendars

Use flair’s API for Custom Needs

A Shift Planner for Every Workplace

Whether you're just getting started or are already a big name, our solution scales to your needs.


    Medical Companies Consolidate Scheduling Tasks

    Swiss dental consultants bestsmile uses flair to automate timesheet management and complete all scheduling tasks.


    flair Simplifies Shift Planning for Consultancies

    Consultancies use flair’s time-tracking and shift planner tools to maintain productivity and keep employees informed.


    Tech Staff Manage Work Shifts With flair

    HERO Software employees manage their work schedules with ease using flair's Employee Hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is shift scheduling important?

Shift scheduling is essential for the smooth running of a workforce. Whether a small, medium, or large-sized company, it is important to make sure your shift coverage is sufficient and productivity levels are met.

The key to avoiding common mistakes like scheduling conflicts, overstaffing, or unnecessary overtime is implementing proper shift planning and team communication.

Efficient shift planning should successfully rotate staff, maintain workforce well-being, control labor costs, and enhance employee productivity.

The HR tools by flair enable users to achieve their workforce goals and improve the employee experience.

Through flair’s Employee Hub and Salesforce apps, you can make your employee scheduling orderly and successful to meet business needs.

Enjoy intuitive shift boards, time-tracking, and workflow template creation tools. Meanwhile, integrate your work calendars to ensure you have the right staff available at the right time.

What is the flair Shift Planner?

The Shift Planner is a user-friendly tool available on flair’s HR app within Salesforce.

The Shift Planner allows employers and managers to oversee employee attendance, define duties, organize company-wide work schedules, and forecast what skills are needed for tasks in the future.

Handy-to-use features include the real-time shift calendar and the ability to organize employees based on skillsets or location.

Repeat schedules can be easily copied to save time while the Shift Planner allows users to generate printable timesheets for staff if necessary.

What are predefined shifts?

The New Predefined Shifts feature is available on flair’s HR app on Salesforce.

It is a shift management function that allows employers or managers to outline special types of shifts and tasks.

Using this feature, custom shift notes can be communicated to team members, color-coded by importance, and assigned across multiple locations.

What is the Learning Hub?

The Learning Hub is an online resource to help you get the most out of flair’s HR features.

Curated by the expert UX designers and developers that brought you flair, the Learning Hub is where you'll find step-by-step user-friendly guides.

From explaining how to take your first steps on the flair Employee Hub homepage or mobile app to shift planning on Salesforce, the Learning Hub has educational content that enables ease of use and continuously evolves with our HR tools.

What is the Employee Hub?

The Employee Hub is a cloud-based flair app that allows managers and other staff to organize processes and data that inform their time at work.

A tool for HR professionals and employees alike, the Employee Hub is a place where shift schedules and work calendars can be viewed or organized.

With additional shift planning functions such as workflow management, absence notifications, time tracking, staff directories, and time off request features, employees and managers can easily navigate their responsibilities.

From communicating open shifts to gauging employee availability, the Employee Hub is how HR managers can ensure they are on top of scheduling needs.

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