Metrics for Managers in the Employee Hub

5 February 2024


HR & Partnership Manager at flair

Metrics for Managers in the Employee Hub

Being in the know is key to staying ahead, which is why we're thrilled to introduce flair Analytics in the Employee Hub. We’re giving managers easy access to the metrics that matter most to them.

The Analytics page is the latest flair feature for managers. Located in the Employee Hub, it is designed to give managers a high-level visualization of key statistics.

Our analytics page currently showcases in-depth metrics and graphs about Absence Rate, Employee Turnover Rate, and Overtime, directly linked to direct reports. Managers can easily access percentages and graphical representations illustrating changes to specific metrics over the past 12 months.

Measure Absence Rate

Understand how often your employees are absent from work. See percentages and graphs that track changes in absence rate over time.

Visualize Employee Turnover

Monitor employee turnover rates for more effective recruitment or workforce planning. Use our analytical graphs to identify and respond to staffing needs.

Analyze Staff Overtime

Get an overview of the extra hours employees work and improve cost management, resource planning, and compliance with employment laws.

Use Cases and Benefits


  • Access key statistics: Get a high-level visualization of essential company metrics such as absence rate, turnover rate, and overtime.

  • Make informed decisions: Gain a comprehensive understanding of organizational performance, make informed strategic decisions, and ensure alignment with business goals.


  • Identify trends: Track employee absence rates to identify patterns and trends over time, anticipate potential staffing challenges, and proactively address underlying issues.

  • Manage workforce efficiency: Visualizing employee turnover rates allows managers to assess the effectiveness of recruitment and retention strategies, ensuring that the workforce remains stable and productive.

  • Resource allocation: By analyzing staff overtime, managers can better understand the demand for additional work hours, allowing them to allocate resources efficiently and prevent employee burnout.

HR Staff:

  • Ensure compliance: Monitor and analyze staff overtime to ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations.

  • Budget decision-making: Crunch the overtime numbers, manage resources, and assess the cost-benefits.

Explore More in Our Help Center

For more detailed guides about flair features, check out the Help Center.

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