Timely Workflow Reminders and More

31 January 2023


Head of Product Marketing at flair

Timely Workflow Reminders and More

Timely Reminders and More

Three new improvements that make workflow processes smoother and absence requests more structured are now live.

Handy Workflow Reminders

Now you can automate deadline reminders. Projects come with deadlines and you can set the parameters using flair in Salesforce. When a deadline is approaching, an employee will receive a reminder on a date that works for the project. As an HR manager, this feature allows you to complete workflows in time and with ease.

Get Absence Requests in Time

It’s important to outline your absence request policy and make it easy for employees to give notice of leave. Your absence request policy can be customized through the Absence Settings on the flair HR app. By adding a minimum time notice for absences you avoid short notice absence requests while making the request process smoother.

Requests for More Days Off

Employees sometimes need to seek special dispensation and request to take off more days than is outlined in your company’s absence policies, like in the event of a family emergency, accident, or special occasion. In these exceptional cases, employers will want to work with the employee to find an appropriate solution.

If this situation occurs, employees are now asked to add a document in addition to the request. The notification appears when an employee wants to request time off in the Employee Hub. A document could be a medical letter or any other relevant information.

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