Improved Hub Dashboard and Comments

1 June 2023


Head of Product Marketing at flair

Improved Hub Dashboard and Comments

We’ve redesigned the Employee Hub Dashboard – the first screen you see when you log into the Hub. Additionally, we’ve improved our comments feature. Find out more in this post.

New Dashboard Design

When you log in to the Hub, you may have noticed that we’ve spruced up the home page. For example, on your new Dashboard, we’ve added a Latest Updates box. This gives you a quick overview of updates you may be interested in, such as recent new hires, company announcements, and public Cheers from your colleagues.

We’ve also moved the Modify Avatar button, which used to appear next to your photo on the Dashboard page. If you want to change your avatar, you can now find this button by clicking the three dots next to your name in the top-left of the Hub.

Customize Your Home Screen

Another addition to the Dashboard page is the customizable slider. This shows some quick stats, such as your vacation days and logged time for the current week. By clicking Customize, you can choose which of these tiles appear and change their order – allowing you to keep an eye on the data that is important to you.

Enhanced Comments

In addition to the Dashboard, we’ve been improving the commenting feature in the Employee Hub. You can now paste images into comments and preview image attachments. What’s more, we’ve made links in comments clickable so you can open them more quickly. We hope that these improvements make your Hub experience even more enjoyable.

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