Improved Inventory and New HR Helpdesk

30 October 2023

We’re excited to bring you some powerful new tools to help you with employee inventory management and a brand-new HR Helpdesk where your team can request help and support.

Enhanced Inventory Management

We're thrilled to unveil our upgraded inventory management feature. With intuitive features like employee device tracking, item assignment and unassignment, and the ability to attach supporting documents, you'll have better visibility over your assets than ever before. In the future, you'll be able to manage even more accessories and applications – it truly doesn't get any easier to stay organized!

New HR Helpdesk

Introducing our brand new HR helpdesk functionality. This invaluable tool is designed to streamline communication between HR and employees. Employees can now request help or support anonymously if needed.

Compliance With EU Whistleblower Law

The anonymous reporting abilities ensure compliance with the EU Whistleblower Directive, now mandatory in Germany. Your HR team can configure the system so that reporting is always anonymous by default, or you can leave it up to the employees to choose.

Integrated Service Cloud Capabilities

Your HR team can manage help requests within flair, or there’s the option to integrate through Service Cloud for maximum flexibility. Discussion sections allow for open collaboration, and files can be attached when needed.

Continued Enhancements

We'll continue optimizing this helpful new tool. Expect even greater things as we move forward!

Share Your Feedback

Don’t forget to provide your input so we can keep improving flair. Check our roadmap to see upcoming features and submit your requests.

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