Assign Cost Centers to Working Hours

15 December 2023


HR & Partnership Manager at flair

Assign Cost Centers to Working Hours

We're excited to announce a new update that will help sharpen your financial tracking – you can now assign cost centers to time-tracking entries.

Project and Task Cost Centers

When time tracking in the Employee Hub, simply choose your project, and then select the cost center it falls under. This feature ensures that every minute of work is accounted for in the right budget stream.

Enhanced Controls for Managers

Managers can now edit and create new entries with associated cost centers, giving them greater control over budget allocations and better financial oversight. If you don't want to use cost centers, the option can be removed.

Use Cases for Cost Centers

  • HR and IT Departments: Monitor the time spent on projects and ensure it aligns with your departmental budgets.
  • Project Managers: Allocate employee time to specific projects and track these against your project financials for accurate billing and budgeting.
  • Financial Analysts: Utilize the detailed data from time tracking for in-depth financial analysis and reporting.
  • Client Billing: Accurately bill clients for the time spent on projects by associating work with the correct cost centers.

We welcome your feedback and are eager to hear how this update enhances your experience with flair.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and improve our platform, and thank you for choosing flair.

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