Make Job Candidate Notes

9 February 2023


Head of Product Marketing at flair

Make Job Candidate Notes

Take notes and make identifying the right job candidate easier. 📝

Recruiter notes are integral to making well-measured decisions during the hiring process. After all, a CV or resumé tells only part of a candidate's story.

So if you're in HR or a recruiter, you'll know it's a great habit to make notes on prospective new hires during the recruitment process. That is why we have introduced Notes into the flair Recruiting app and the Employee Hub.

Recruiting App Notes

Notes is a feature located within the Candidates section on the flair Recruiting app on Salesforce.

By clicking on a job candidate, you can choose to create a note about their progress during the recruitment process. For example, make a note about the skills that impressed you during the phone screening or interview stage.

Extra Features

This flair Recruiting app feature also allows you to attach important files or documents to a note. You may also create note templates, save comments, and also filter search for keywords or specific comments. Img

Employee Hub Notes

We've also made it possible for staff involved in the recruitment process to make notes on candidates using the Employee Hub.

To do this, visit the Employee Hub. Then click on the Candidate Details page on the Recruiting tab. If you are a part of the recruitment process, you can add notes to prospective new hires.

Try out the new feature today and enhance your recruiting workflow. For more information on how flair can help you streamline and improve recruitment, visit our Learning Hub.

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