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Harness AI for Efficient Hiring

Achieve fast and precise hiring outcomes with flair's AI-enhanced recruitment. Speed up time-to-hire and boost accuracy in candidate evaluation.

Recruit Your Next Wave of Talent

Our Salesforce-native solution simplifies and speeds up recruitment, resulting in faster hires and a better candidate journey.

Build eye-catching career pages

Create no-code career pages that reflect company culture and attract talent.

Supercharge job listings

Advertise job openings on more than 2,500 career boards and track success.

Streamline your hiring funnel

Manage applicants at every step of the hiring process for an improved candidate experience.

Pinpoint recruitment wins

Use recruiting dashboards and reports for data-driven hiring strategies.


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Founded in 2018


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“It’s pretty amazing that, given our small team, flair means we are able to manage recruitment, onboarding, performance reviews, and more. It’s super easy to use and it’s all in one place.”

Career Page Builder

Showcase Your Amazing Company Culture

The flair Career Portal Builder allows users to effortlessly craft enterprise-standard career pages that attract top talent and plug into our applicant tracking software.

  • Create multiple tailored pages for company locations
  • Use drag-and-drop to build modern landing pages
  • Activate mobile-optimized designs
Candidate Tracking

Instantly Secure and Organize Applicant Details

Centralize recruitment and stay compliant. Manage applicant details, schedule interviews, evaluate skills, and transition successful candidates to onboarding.

  • Keep candidates’ details secure on Salesforce
  • Apply custom evaluation templates to candidates
  • Guide applicants through screening, interview, and hiring stages
AI Assistance

Automate Repetitive Recruiting Tasks

Use flair AI to generate engaging and enterprise-level job descriptions. Our large language model AI can also assist with candidate scoring.

Recruiting Reports

Analyze Recruitment Results

Analyze recruitment data to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Utilize Salesforce-powered dashboards for enhanced reporting and decision-making.


Adapt to the Evolving Skills Demands of Your Industry

Recruitment priorities can shift quickly. Effectively solve talent needs with flexible, end-to-end recruiting tools.


Manage Due Diligence and Hire Vetted Staff

Build detail-orientated evaluations that match job specs and hire the best people.


Create Collaborative Workflows for Recruiting

Communicate between diverse teams in-platform to meet consultancy hiring needs.


Tailor Job Listings for Greater Compatibility

Share company values with job seekers, emphasizing cultural fit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is recruitment so important?

Recruitment is often said to be one of the most important business strategies. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, having the best talent is essential for staying competitive.

Ensuring that job openings are filled with qualified candidates sets companies up for long-term success.

By taking recruitment seriously, businesses can reap massive rewards with a carefully curated team of dedicated employees working towards shared objectives. A well-run recruitment process not only satisfies skills requirements but can add to the overall value of a business or organization.

Effective recruiting can also lower staff turnover rates and boost an organization’s reputation among job seekers. Everyone remembers a poor interview experience or a rude application response. However, a well-structured hiring process that takes into account the candidate's experience can significantly enhance their journey from application to onboarding and beyond.

When companies conduct the right level of research and complete candidate evaluations correctly, they can repeatedly uncover top talent primed to make enduring contributions to a company's success.

By prioritizing recruitment efforts and even embracing innovative tools like recruiting software solutions, and cloud-based applicant tracking systems (ATS), businesses position themselves to source candidates, retain employees, and harness the potential of exceptional talent, thereby solidifying their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

How can recruitment software help?

Recruitment is a duty that every small business or large company will encounter at some stage. So creating a rewarding and results-oriented recruitment process is essential.

The successful onboarding of new staff members is paramount to an organization's future success, yet it's a task fraught with challenges. A great recruitment system identifies potential candidates and helps manage applicants and the talent pool. It should also facilitate scheduling interviews and enhance candidate engagement.

You may need to find the correct channels to distribute job postings. Interviews will need to be carried out to find the right candidate. Perhaps multiple staff will need to communicate with applicants.

When done haphazardly, the recruitment process can not only impact the success of a company but can also leave candidates or new hires with a poor view of an employer. However, the right recruitment software or recruitment CRM can make finding your perfect hire quick and easy.

Recruitment software streamlines the hiring process for talent acquisition teams. It can automate tasks such as job descriptions, resume screening, and interview scheduling, thereby saving time and enhancing efficiency.

In addition to streamlining hiring processes, recruitment software integrated with an applicant tracking system (ATS) can efficiently manage candidate databases and track crucial metrics like time-to-hire, employee referrals, and cost-per-hire, while generating comprehensive reports for insightful analysis.

The best recruiting software on the market should automate and optimize many tasks associated with the hiring process. From promoting vacant jobs to resume parsing and evaluating candidate profiles, a smart solution can reduce the time and money spent on recruitment without compromising the quality of the process.

flair's all-in-one HR software combines smart recruiting tools, ATS software, and artificial intelligence to streamline hiring, saving time and resources for HR while enhancing candidate experiences and improving outcomes. As an HR and hiring platform, flair makes it easier to discover your next wave of top talent.

What is the flair Recruiting app?

The flair Recruiting app, integrated with Salesforce, serves as a centralized recruiting platform for all your hiring needs. It consolidates recruitment tasks into a user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless integration with your HR database for secure data control and streamlined human resource management.

The flair Recruiting app offers unparalleled customization options, allowing organizations to tailor the recruitment process to their unique requirements.

Create corporate career pages for showcasing job openings, enhance the visibility of job listings across top platforms, manage candidates effectively, assess applicant qualifications, and collaborate with HR teammates in real-time.

flair provides recruiters and HR personnel with the opportunity to streamline recruitment and save time and money when searching for team members. With our recruiting software, companies are transforming top candidates into stand-out employees.

What are the main benefits of flair being Salesforce native?

The primary advantage is that users benefit from a 360-degree HR and recruitment management solution. All three apps that make up flair are linked to Salesforce. Thanks to flair’s Salesforce-native design, companies can do all their hiring, candidate relationship management, and HR tasks in one place. With everything in one place, it's simpler to streamline, manage complex tasks, and make decisions. Thanks to our official partnership with Salesforce, our complete HR solution is also highly customizable, secure, and integrates with more than 100 other Salesforce tools.

If your company is already harnessing the power of Salesforce to manage customer leads and pipelines, using flair for HR and hiring decisions is a fantastic next step. And if you're not already using Salesforce, don't worry – we've got you covered! Our customer success team can set you up with your very own Salesforce instance, granting you access to the same scalability and security that approximately 150,000 companies worldwide are benefiting from. This means you can confidently streamline your HR and employee sourcing processes knowing your data is in trusted hands.

What advantages does a jobs page provide?

An organization’s job page, also known as a careers page or career site, serves as a centralized hub for job seekers to explore available opportunities. They typically act as landing pages where candidates can complete their applications. Additionally, hiring teams often use these pages to provide insights into their company’s employer brand and values to attract the best candidates.

In modern recruiting, a discoverable and eye-catching company job page serves as the first point of contact for potential candidates, offering them a way to engage with the organization and provide their details. When a career page is linked to the right ATS, this first interaction not only streamlines the application process but also acts as a gateway for candidates to learn about the company's values, culture, and available opportunities.

flair allows users to kick off the recruiting process with their own career portal or career site and as many career pages as they wish. With a touch of finesse, recruiters and HR teams can create their no-code job pages using flair’s lightning-fast Career Portal Builder – it takes just minutes.

We've designed it so that companies can customize and put their unique personality on the page. As a result, recruiting teams can captivate potential applicants and boost their job listings across diverse platforms, resulting in a surge of fresh talent.

There’s no need for external recruitment agencies. Through the Career Portal Builder, users can effortlessly advertise job openings on over 2,500 job boards, as well as recruitment websites and prominent social media platforms like LinkedIn. Once you've set up your career page, you have the flexibility to specify the candidate information you'd like to collect during the application process and move forward with the best applicants.

Can I assign a manager to oversee specific recruitment tasks?

Certainly, it is possible to assign the responsibility of recruiting for a specific job to either a recruiter, HR manager or another staff member. The flair Recruiting app allows you to designate a hiring manager to oversee a job that has been advertised. Utilizing the skills of a knowledgeable hiring manager is important to anchor the recruitment process and overall candidate management.

They can work in tandem with the tools provided by flair to guide candidates through each stage of the proceedings. An effective hiring manager plays a critical role in bridging the gap between organizations and job applicants.

Using flair, they can outline specifications for a position at a company, view resumes, organize interview scheduling, and then help build evaluation templates for an assessment of candidate suitability. flair’s recruitment features can assist hiring managers or support teams with every step of the talent acquisition process. From the initial application stage, through candidate information management, the interview phase, and into the final decision-making moments.

What AI recruitment features does flair have?

flair is working on an array of AI recruitment functionalities aimed at optimizing the hiring journey for recruiters and applicants. At the moment, flair AI simplifies the process of creating high-quality job descriptions. Simply input prompts into the Create Job wizard in the flair Recruiting app. Then allow AI to generate engaging and error-free descriptions for recruitment purposes.

flair AI job descriptions include a summary of the job role, the responsibilities, candidate requirements, as well as the job benefits. All AI generations are customizable and designed to enhance the work experience of recruiters.

Recruiters can also utilize artificial intelligence in candidate screening to speed up the hiring process. flair AI can score a candidate's resume and cover letter on a scale of 0 to 100, comparing them directly to the job requirements. Think of our AI as an additional pair of eyes that helps identify candidates who meet key requirements.

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