JOIN Integration

Improve the reach of your job ads and reduce time to hire with flair's JOIN integration.

Use Cases

Collaborate Freely and Enhance Productivity

Create Job Postings in a Few Easy Steps

Fill in the relevant details to create a clear and attractive job listing.


Post Ads on Top Job Boards

Share your job posting on more than 10 popular free job boards in just one click.


Evaluate and Hire Job Applicants

Job candidates are saved in your flair app so you can track their progress.

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“Thanks to flair’s seamless integration with JOIN, we’ve unlocked an unparalleled pipeline of candidates for our vacancies. Leveraging JOIN’s extensive reach with flair’s effortless automation has redefined recruiting simplicity for us.”
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Harald Mayer

CPO & Co-Founder

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Find and Hire the Ideal Candidates

Power Up Your Recruiting With flair and JOIN


Frequently Asked Questions

What is JOIN?

JOIN is a free recruiting software solution that helps companies to expand the reach of their job postings. By setting up a JOIN account, users can create and publish job advertisements on more than ten popular free job boards. There is also the option to upgrade to a premium multiposting account to gain access to over 100 job search sites.

Besides creating and promoting job ads, JOIN also includes an applicant tracking system to help companies manage job applications and communicate with top candidates.

How can I benefit from flair’s JOIN integration?

Integrating flair with JOIN is an effective way to extend the reach of your job ads and find top candidates faster. Thanks to JOIN’s multiposting feature, you can publish your job postings on more than ten free job boards in just one click, saving you time.

With the JOIN integration, you reap the benefits of accessing JOIN’s network of job search sites, while managing all of your job posts, ads, and candidates in flair. When someone applies for a job, their candidate details are saved in flair’s applicant tracking system, allowing you to manage candidates from all application sources centrally in Salesforce.

Which job boards can I share job postings on using the JOIN integration?

The free version of JOIN allows you to post on over ten job boards. These include, LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook, Google, and Glassdoor.

With JOIN Premium, you gain access to over 100 job boards, including specialized and niche job search sites for finding top candidates in specific roles.

How do I integrate flair with JOIN?

You can integration flair with JOIN for free in just a few minutes. Simply enable the integration in your flair app, add the API token from, and map your locations.

For a more detailed description of the setup, visit our Help Center.

How does flair’s applicant tracking system work?

flair’s Recruiting app includes all the functionality of a modern applicant tracking system and more. Built on Salesforce, flair Recruiting allows you to store, track, and evaluate all your job candidates centrally. When you make a hire, the person will be instantly added as an employee in your flair app on Salesforce.

With flair Recruiting, you can also build engaging career pages in minutes via a drag-and-drop tool. When someone applies for a job on your flair career site, their details are instantly added to the applicant tracking system. You can then screen these candidates using customizable evaluation templates and progress them through a fully configurable candidate funnel.

This results in a simplified, fair, and consistent recruiting process and a better candidate experience.

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