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Frequently Asked Questions

How can flair help me find the best candidates?

The flair Recruiting app provides a range of powerful tools to help you find the best candidates for your organization. With customizable job postings, resume parsing, candidate tracking, interview scheduling, and more, flair streamlines your recruitment processes and helps you identify top talent quickly and efficiently.

Plus, flair integrates with popular job boards and social media platforms, so you can reach a wider audience and attract the best candidates from around the world. With flair's analytics and reporting, you can gain valuable insights into your recruitment performance and make data-driven decisions that drive business success.

Can I customize my job postings with flair's recruiting software?

Yes, flair's Career Portal Builder allows you to create job postings that reflect your organization's values and culture, with customizable templates that make it easy to create a professional career portal quickly and efficiently.

You can add your organization's logo, choose from a variety of fonts and colors, and include links to your company's website and social media profiles. By using flair to publish job postings, you can attract top talent with ease and create a positive candidate experience that sets your organization apart.

Does flair include an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

Yes, flair includes an ATS which provides valuable insights and reporting that help you make the best hiring decisions. With flair's ATS, you can track and manage candidate information, resumes, and job applications in one centralized platform.

The ATS also allows you to create customizable workflows that reflect your organization's unique recruitment processes, streamlining your hiring procedures and saving you time and resources.

With flair's analytics and reporting, you can gain valuable insights into your recruitment performance, including metrics like time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and candidate sources. This data empowers you to make great hiring decisions and helps you identify areas for improvement and optimize your recruitment processes over time.

Does flair integrate with other job boards and social media platforms?

Yes, flair's integrates with over 4,000 tools, including popular job boards and social media platforms. With our integrations, you can post your job openings to multiple job boards with just a few clicks, reaching a wider audience and attracting top talent from around the world.

flair also integrates with social media platforms like LinkedIn, making it easy to share job postings with your network and attract passive candidates. flair allows you to track and manage candidate applications from these various sources on one centralized platform, streamlining your recruitment processes and saving you time and resources.

How does flair promote better communication and collaboration between recruiting teams and hiring managers?

flair provides integrated communication tools, such as messaging and video recording, that enable recruiters and hiring managers to communicate with each other and with candidates in real time, from anywhere in the world. This allows for more efficient and effective communication, ensuring that everyone is on the same page throughout the recruitment process.

flair also allows recruiters and hiring managers to share feedback and notes on candidates, creating a centralized repository of information that can be accessed by the entire team. This promotes transparency and accountability, ensuring that everyone has access to the same information and is able to make informed decisions.

Finally, flair's customizable workflows and automated notifications keep everyone informed and up-to-date on the status of each candidate, ensuring that recruitment tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. This reduces the likelihood of miscommunication or delays, and helps to promote a collaborative and productive recruitment process.

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