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Our vision is to boost employee engagement in the digital world. We help companies precisely design, adapt, and scale their HR and employee experience at every stage.


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flair Values Shape Our Culture

Creating a thriving workplace culture requires more than just efficient processes. It requires a deep commitment to our values and the people who embody them. Join us in fostering an exceptional workplace.


We like to bring beauty to our product, design, brand, and company identity. Through our UX principles – emphasizing visual appeal with intuitive design – our aim is to provide an exceptional user experience for everyone.


We think it’s really useful to reflect on the pathway to success. Our weekly Reflection Day gives employees time to clear their minds, make suggestions, and think about upcoming tasks without any disruptions.


We're building a culture of excellence where individuals and teams can deliver their best work. At flair, everyone is working together towards a common goal: building a great HR solution for our clients while enhancing the employee experience.


We trust and empower staff to make decisions. Our open and respectful communication ethos helps ensure everyone's ideas are heard and that the best solutions are found.

As a project manager at flair, it’s exciting to be part of a team driving positive change within the HR industry. flair provides solutions to standard as well as tricky HR management tasks and at the same time is very people-focused.

flair also has a very people-focused work culture. Individuals are regularly presented with chances to acquire fresh skills, network with new people, and cultivate a balanced approach to their work and personal life.

Working with our team brings me a lot of joy!


Project Manager

I love that flair is a company that leads by doing, exemplifying its own principles. As part of the marketing team, I’ve been given a chance to spread the word about amazing new flair developments that are transforming human resource management.

flair employees are entrusted with sharing their valuable input and insights to help the company craft the most efficient HR solution possible. We, therefore, also benefit from the same workplace-enhancing features that all flair users do.

It's a great place to work.


Content Manager

It has been a really refreshing experience to help develop an HR solution that empowers businesses and employees to enhance their workplace experiences.

As a software engineer at flair, I've had the chance to expand my skill set on rewarding projects. We’re always looking for new ways to make our users’ HR tasks smoother. The flair workplace is all about collaboration and knowledge-sharing, so I'm also constantly learning from my colleagues.

I'm really enjoying my time here.


Software Engineer
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Perks and Benefits

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Asynchronous Work Pattern

A healthy work-life balance is so important. That’s why flair staff work hours that suit them.

Remote Work Assistance

We give staff the resources, tools and support they need wherever they chose to work.

Personal Development

Found a study course that can boost your job capabilities? Let us know. We value new knowledge and growth.

Global Conference Experience

Prepare to expand your horizons as part of our team, with the exciting chance to attend prominent world conferences.

Fun Work Culture

With regular team-building events and meet-ups, we make remote work collaborative and fun.

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    Chief Revenue Officer

    flair is an exciting company to work for. Our product adapts to the rapidly evolving workplace.

    We have a fantastic team that brings an ambitious and hardworking attitude to every project.

    Plus, we benefit from the HR solutions we create, which contribute to an easy-going and productive environment.

    HR & Event Manager

    At flair, I feel valued and empowered through the trust and responsibility given to me. Our team is not only incredibly driven but also enthusiastic about sharing ideas and actively participating.

    I particularly enjoy that we embrace a hands-on approach that adds excitement to our work. Our asynchronous communication fosters a flexible schedule and promotes an excellent work-life balance.

    We truly have a supportive and dynamic team here at flair.

    Head of Product

    I really enjoy the challenge of creating a great user experience for modern HR teams.

    With a focus on people, the flair company culture empowers me to explore new horizons, tackle complex problems, and deliver exceptional results.

    Our team of amazing people, brimming with talent, kindness, and passion, fuels my enthusiasm every day.

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