Employee Self-Service

A Central Location for Your Daily HR

Simplify everyday HR tasks and save time with the self-service Employee Hub – a central employee portal for time tracking, absence requests, documents, employee engagement, and much more.

people working in office

An HR Platform Your Whole Team Will Love

HR doesn’t have to be complicated. The Employee Hub provides employees, managers, and HR professionals with an intuitive user experience – so everyday tasks are as easy as they should be.

Simplify Your Day

Manage time-off requests, timesheets, shifts, employee data, performance reviews, documents, and more – all in one self-service app for employees and people managers.

Boost Satisfaction

Step up your employee experience from pre-onboarding to exit interviews. Send eNPS and engagement surveys to identify potential company improvements.

Improve Collaboration

Facilitate more efficient ways of working. Assign workflow tasks, approve requests, share documents and announcements, tag colleagues, and receive notifications.

Streamline Onboarding

With the Employee Hub, you can create onboarding workflows for different teams and roles. Request data, attach files, or share videos to quickly get new hires up to speed.

Smooth Pre-Onboarding

Take care of routine admin tasks before day one by collecting necessary information and documents.

Clear Onboarding Tasks

Guide new starters through their first days with assigned tasks and integrated videos.


Track Time and Attendance

The Employee Hub lets your team submit their working hours and request absences. Approval processes are quick and easy, reducing manual admin.

Simple Time Tracking

Use a digital time clock, assign time to projects and clients, or integrate physical devices such as keycards.

Clear Overview of Leave

View remaining leave entitlement and teammates’ planned absences.


Improve Employee Engagement

The Employee Hub helps you develop your workforce, whether you work in-office, remote, or hybrid. Improve productivity and strengthen employee retention.

Employee Surveys

Evaluate employee sentiment and identify improvements with eNPS, check-in, and engagement surveys.

Performance Reviews

Structure your regular feedback talks and measure progress with collaborative performance reviews.

Access the Employee Hub on the Go

Track your hours, request time off, and view documents when you’re on the move. The flair mobile app allows you to work more flexibly.