Ticketing Software

Upgrade Your HR Support Processes

Streamline internal HR requests and issue resolution. Enjoy fast communication and efficient problem-solving with our ticketing software.

Provide Swift Solutions to HR Requests

Centralize HR requests and improve staff communication for faster resolutions and enhanced satisfaction.

Centralized internal HR queries

Store all internal HR queries and responses on a single platform.

Improved tracking and reporting

Track the status of each request and use reports to spot trends.

Consistency and compliance

Ensure employees receive helpful and HR-compliant answers.

Scalable HR ticketing system

Use flair’s Salesforce framework to scale your HR help desk.


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“With flair, we have much more transparency in our HR. It organizes processes, makes them faster, and we always have access to the data we need – no matter whether you’re in the office or not.”

HR HelpDesk

Efficiently Handle HR Requests

With our ticketing software, companies can establish an HR support channel, enabling seamless and organized communication of support tickets.

  • Prioritize help requests and record responses
  • Delegate problem-solving to appropriate teams
  • Track ticket progress and notify employees about resolutions
Query Management

Categorize HR Questions

Instantly categorize topics to quickly assign queries to the relevant HR personnel or teams. Utilize categorization in analytical reports to identify pinch points or topics that need addressing.

Manage Compliance

Apply Whistleblower Protection Settings

Comply with employment law, like the EU Whistleblower Directive. Create a secure channel for whistleblowers to anonymously report harmful or illegal activity.


Simplify and Streamline HR Support

Transform HR assistance with advanced ticketing software, enabling smooth support workflows and efficient problem-solving.


Structure Support Procedures for Medical HR

Ensure that management and employees can communicate and track urgent HR requests.


Prioritize Support Cases and Task Completion

Queue requests and allow HR support teams to plan responses based on consultancy needs.


Document and Analyze Your Help Desk Data

NGOs combine flair’s ticketing data with Salesforce to build insightful reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ticketing software?

Ticketing software is a digital tool that enables organizations to efficiently manage and track requests, inquiries, issues, and tasks submitted by customers, employees, or other stakeholders. These requests are typically organized into tickets by a help desk ticketing system for easier monitoring and resolution.

Ticketing software can help organizations create a virtual service desk for employee or customer support. It can also assist with ticket management by documenting ticket volume and response time, categorizing support requests, providing information on ticket status, as well as reporting on performance metrics.

flair’s ticketing feature works by storing and categorizing incoming requests into a centralized system also known as the HR Help Desk. Each request is assigned a unique ticket number, and it includes details like the requester's information, the nature of the request, its priority, and any relevant notes.

Through flair’s ticketing feature, companies have a self-service portal where employees can submit HR requests. Our ticketing solution organizes these requests into categories, helping HR support agents plan their tasks according to the priority of incoming tickets.

Examples of ticketing software on the market include Freshdesk, HappyFox, Zoho Desk, and Zendesk. These ticketing system software mainly focus on customer requests, enhancing service level agreements, and the overall customer experience of businesses. flair’s support channel focuses on internal ticket assignments. It is designed for in-house HR support rather than external incident management, customer tickets, or customer communication.

How does integrated ticketing software benefit HR teams?

Integrated ticketing software simplifies internal HR task management, improves communication, and enhances overall efficiency. With flair, HR professionals can prioritize and delegate problem-solving tasks, track progress, and maintain a detailed record of employee interactions and requests.

flair’s ticketing feature, the HR Help Desk, is designed to make it easier for employees, managers, and HR to collaborate on HR-related problems in small businesses as well as medium or large enterprises.

Using custom fields, staff can input information about the topic they need assistance with, such as HR or IT support, using custom fields. Then the flair solution will communicate that to your HR or service team via a shared inbox.

What types of requests can be managed using flair’s HR Help Desk ticketing?

You can manage a wide range of HR-related requests using flair’s HR Help Desk ticket system. These include but are not limited to payroll inquiries, benefits questions, onboarding support, performance reviews, and employee complaints or concerns.

The HR Help Desk enables HR, employees, and managers to discuss HR-related issues in one place, without leaving the flair platform. It streams the support dynamic within any organization allowing HR professionals to focus on requests, human resources SLAs, and overall team performance.

Is flair’s ticketing software user-friendly for both employees and HR personnel?

Certainly! flair operates as a software as a service (SaaS) company, and our HR ticketing feature is designed to offer a user-friendly experience. As a paid-for add-on, the flair HR Help Desk acts as an intuitive portal for staff members to submit requests. Its dashboard allows HR personnel or managers to manage and resolve these requests efficiently. The flair HR Help Desk is all about the management of human resource requests rather than external customer issues.

Users can utilize this support channel or portal to document responses, track resolution time, and build up an HR support knowledge base. To comply with EU regulations, flair’s ticketing software also includes whistleblower protection tools that allow end users to anonymize certain requests and messages.

Can employees track the status of their requests using flair’s HR Help Desk?

Yes, employees can track the status of their requests in real time using flair. flair’s smart ticketing feature can be configured so that staff receive Employee Hub updates and email notifications. The HR Help Desk enables individuals to check the progress of their requests, which overall can enhance transparency and employee satisfaction. This feature is part of a suite of HR management tools designed to improve the HR and recruitment workflow.

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