30 March 2023

Salesfive Centralizes Its HR Data With flair



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Salesfive: A Fast-Growing Specialist in Digital Business

More than 150,000 companies around the world use Salesforce to manage their business. There’s no doubt about it: the CRM platform is a powerful tool for companies of all kinds. However, to get the most out of such a comprehensive solution, it’s essential to have access to experts with specialized skills and a deep understanding of digital business processes.

That’s exactly where Salesfive comes into play. The Munich-based consultancy supports many big-name clients with Salesforce implementation, digitization strategies, system integration, custom development, training, and support. These services help Salesfive clients digitize their business and smoothly transition to the world’s leading CRM platform.

Salesfive Co-Founder Florian Gehring explains, “It’s super important to us to help clients modernize and digitize their processes. It’s not only about implementing Salesforce but about helping our clients rethink and optimize their core business processes.”

Since starting out in 2016, Salesfive has been on a steep growth trajectory, now employing over 250 people in eight locations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In such a fast-growing business, it’s even more important to have efficient HR processes in place. That’s one of the reasons that Salesfive teamed up with flair to bring its HR data to Salesforce.

Before we started working with flair, our company was pretty small. We did a lot of the recruiting via email. What we really needed was a tool that would handle all of our recruiting and HR processes centrally.

Alexandra Rauscher

HR Manager & Recruiter

Bringing Core HR Processes to Salesforce

As a company that specializes in Salesforce, it makes perfect sense for Salesfive to manage its daily operations using the cloud-based CRM solution. But as the company grew, managing new locations and communicating between teams became more complex.

“Our main challenge was that employee data was stored in different places and we didn’t have one central system where our data was stored,” says HR Manager Alexandra Rauscher. “We wanted to be more efficient in HR – to focus more on analytics, reporting, and generally automate our processes.”

Working with flair, Salesfive brought its HR data into Salesforce, giving it an intuitive HR solution that can be customized to respond to users’ requirements. The company’s core HR processes now run on flair, including:

  • Recruiting Funnels: Hiring managers now have a detailed overview of which stage each candidate is in and can easily share their candidate evaluations.
  • Onboarding Workflows: New hires at Salesfive receive a list of onboarding tasks to complete in the Employee Hub, helping them to quickly settle into their new role.
  • Absence Management: It’s now much easier to approve absences, see how many people are off sick, and forecast staff availability.
  • Employee Data: flair helped Salesfive to centralize its employee data, saving time and improving cross-team collaboration.
  • Career Development: Salesfive stores every feedback session in flair, making it easier to track an employee’s development.

My personal highlight is that everything is in one place. I can just open Salesforce and don’t need to switch between tools. We can assign different permission sets for people with different roles, which is really convenient.

Alexandra Rauscher

HR Manager & Recruiter

A More Transparent Way to Manage HR

Having one solution for its HR has improved efficiency at Salesfive. But it’s not only the HR managers who benefit; flair also improves the employee experience. “The Employee Hub is a really convenient place to store your employee documents and request vacation,” says Managing Director Florian Gehring. “I approve a lot of vacations directly via Slack, which makes the employees happy as they know within five minutes whether their vacation is approved or not.”

By saving time in these core processes, Salesfive’s HR team can focus on continuing to grow the company at an impressive rate.

With flair, we have much more transparency in our HR. It organizes processes, makes them faster, and we always have access to the data we need – no matter whether you’re in the office or not.

Florian Gehring

Cofounder & Managing Director

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