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Enhance planning and boost staff retention with our agile HR solution.

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Empower managers to seamlessly oversee, organize, and optimize shifts, unlocking a new level of productivity.


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Boost safety compliance with training workflows and instantly access safety manuals with our document management features.


Track Time and Attendance

Optimize resource allocation and control costs effectively with user-friendly time-tracking features.


Automate Your Payroll Processing

Integrate with payroll systems to automate payroll processes, ensuring accurate and timely salary payments.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can flair improve workforce management in the manufacturing industry?

In the manufacturing sector, flair redefines workforce management by seamlessly integrating with Salesforce. Through this native integration, flair empowers organizations to customize their HR processes and benefit from features such as advanced scheduling, real-time attendance tracking, labor cost management, employee engagement, and much more.

With flair, manufacturing companies can optimize workforce allocation and ensure compliance with labor regulations, all while enjoying the flexibility of a Salesforce-integrated solution.

How does flair address safety and training for manufacturing companies?

Safety and training are paramount in manufacturing, and flair can help companies elevate standards.

The platform facilitates the tracking of employee certifications, the scheduling of safety training sessions, and the maintenance of compliance records — all seamlessly integrated into the flair Employee Hub and HR app. This ensures that manufacturing companies have a 360-degree view of safety and training data, enhancing overall compliance and promoting a culture of safety.

Can flair assist in talent acquisition for businesses in the manufacturing industry?

flair streamlines talent acquisition by seamlessly integrating recruitment tasks into the Salesforce environment. The flair Recruiting app allows for AI and manual resume screening, interview scheduling, automated candidate communication, as well as contract management tools.

Employers can effortlessly spotlight their brand and entice prospective hires using the Career Portal Builder, creating attention-grabbing job ads without the necessity for coding skills. This means manufacturing companies can identify and onboard top talent faster and more efficiently.

Is flair scalable for growing manufacturing businesses?

Certainly. flair is designed to scale alongside the growth of manufacturing businesses. The platform seamlessly adapts to expanding workforces and evolving business needs while syncing all data in Salesforce.

This ensures that manufacturing companies can confidently pursue growth knowing that their HR processes are supported by a reliable solution with enterprise-grade data security.

How can I start implementing flair?

Implementing flair in your manufacturing company is a seamless process. Reach out to our dedicated support team to schedule a personalized demonstration and discussion about your specific HR needs.

Once you’re up to speed on all the benefits of flair, our Customer Success team will guide you through the implementation process, ensuring that the solution aligns seamlessly with your manufacturing operations. Discover how flair can save your company time and money with a free demo today.

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