Performance Review Software

Appraise and Develop Top Talent

Plan and conduct constructive performance reviews with flair. Structure your feedback and goal-setting processes to improve employee productivity.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Workforce

With clear performance evaluations, personal goals, and action plans, you can optimize team performance.

Customizable review cycles

Plan regular performance appraisals tailored to your company’s objectives.

Clear and trackable goal-setting

Set individual, team, and company goals to measure performance and progress.

Complete view of performance data

Store performance records in one system to monitor development over time.

Collaborative review processes

Compare self-evaluations with manager feedback to create an effective action plan.


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“It’s pretty amazing that, given our small team, flair means we are able to manage absences, goals, recruitment, onboarding, performance reviews, and more. It’s super easy to use and it’s all in one place!”


Define Targets at Any Level

Using flair, you can set measurable goals and OKRs on an individual, team, or company level. Set clear, understandable objectives for every employee.

  • Assign responsibilities to increase accountability
  • Monitor progress to stay on track
  • Lay the foundations for fair and objective feedback
Performance Management

Structure Your Staff Appraisals

Create consistent and well-planned review cycles with flair. Tailor review processes to specific roles, teams, and locations for more productive appraisals.

  • Set review deadlines and feedback visibility
  • Request approvals and e-signatures
  • Allow employees to share feedback on the process
Employee Evaluation

Streamline Performance Evaluations

flair helps you save time in performance reviews with easy-to-complete assessment forms. Choose from a range of questions types, including ratings, scoreboards, multiple-choice answers, and free text responses to get a detailed view of performance.

Collaborative Feedback

Gain Constructive, 360-Degree Feedback

Compare employee self-assessments with peer reviews and manager feedback to see evaluate performance from multiple perspectives. Follow up with development plans to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Gather peer feedback for a more complete picture
  • Plan meetings to discuss outcomes and next steps

Develop an Outstanding Team in Your Industry

Track employee performance and create targeted development plans to hone valuable skills in any field.


Craft Career Paths That Keep Staff Engaged

Train and develop industry-leading healthcare specialists. flair performance reviews help you fill key positions internally.


Nurture Consultant Skills and Develop Potential

Identify the most promising staff, assign and rate skills, and fill talent gaps. With flair, you can shape a team of consulting specialists.


Improve Your Tech Team With Clear-Cut OKRs

Refine your team’s talents and keep your company on track for success with well-defined objectives and measurable KPIs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are performance reviews important?

Performance reviews are one of the most important HR processes. Taking stock of past successes, challenges faced during the workday, and areas for growth allows employers and managers to gauge how team members measure up against goals. It also helps inform future workplace strategies and decisions.

HR teams plan regular employee performance reviews to staff and team leaders to reflect on how things are going, track an employee’s progress, and create employee training and development plans to build on previous achievements. This can help employees to understand steps they can take to improve, while enabling managers to identify potentials skill gaps.

Regular check-ins also give employees the chance to point out challenges and discuss what they need to succeed. This can feed into goal-setting and learning management, creating an environment where employees are motivated to bring their A game.

By discussing strengths and weaknesses, managers are able to inform their succession planning strategy and make project-based improvements. Not only that but performance reviews also strengthen employee engagement as they help to establish a culture of continuous feedback with improved communication between colleagues.

How does performance management software help?

In the past, the performance review process was largely based on paper. Managers and HR professionals would fill in questionnaires to assess an employee’s development over a specific period. While many companies have since digitized the process, many small businesses and larger enterprises still have inefficient employee review processes, with data spread across multiple performance management tools or hidden away in Excel spreadsheets.

With a more comprehensive performance management system, human resources (HR) teams can create a consistent, goals-driven review process and maintain a centralized record of employee evaluations. Smart employee performance management platforms enable organizations to identify their best employees, give support where its needed, and generate performance reports that highlight trends over time.

Ideally, employee performance review software should be seamlessly linked to other key HR areas, such as goals and OKRs, recruitment, skills and learning management, and onboarding.

How do flair’s performance management features help?

flair performance reviews are fully customizable, meaning you can tailor them to suit your performance management processes. Choose from a range of question types, define timelines, choose whether feedback is submitted simultaneously or sequentially, and arrange followup meetings to discuss outcomes.

Once you have set up a review cycle, you can assign all the involved employees and managers. They can complete the assessment forms in our user-friendly, self-service portal and compare the results. This forms a solid foundation for meaningful discussions about performance and helps managers and employees to determine the right course of action.

Compared to some performance management solutions, such as PerformYard and Trakstar, flair comes with a wider range of HR functions beyond talent management. These include recruitment and applicant tracking, cloud-based HRIS, onboarding, time and attendance, payroll, and much more. This allows you to connect performance data with other key metrics to form a bigger picture, as well as automate many vital HR workflows.

Another major difference between flair and other HR software solutions such as Lattice and BambooHR is that flair is natively built on Salesforce. This means you benefit from enterprise-grade data security, unlimited customization and scalability, and advanced analytics.

What customization options do flair performance reviews offer?

With the flair HR app on Salesforce, you can create review cycles that fit your needs. Establish whether the performance review timeline is simultaneous or sequential, configure question visibility, enable employee self-assessments, and request electronic signatures to finalize the review.

You can link review cycles to goal tracking, giving users a more objective view of whether or not an employee is hitting targets. This data-driven approach can help remove unconscious bias from the review process, ensuring that performance is assessed fairly and consistently.

In addition, flair also helps you identify how you can optimize the review process itself. In any review cycle, you can give employees the option to submit anonymous feedback on the appraisal process. You can also send out engagement surveys to ask targeted questions about how satisfied employees feel with their career path and employee development opportunities.

How can managers complete the employee evaluation process in flair?

While managers and HR staff set up review cycles in Salesforce, the evaluation itself takes place in the Employee Hub. In this cloud-based, self-service portal, managers can view employee data, share documents, review time and attendance, and much more. It also features a goal management page, to help managers track the status of company, team, and employee goals.

In the Employee Hub, managers and employees can fill out evaluations questionnaires in a matter of minutes. Scorecards, multiple-choice answers, rating sliders, and free text answers give both sides the opportunity to dive into the performance of a particular employee. If using 360-degree feedback, the evaluation can be shared with multiple peers to gain a more comprehensive insight into staff performance.

The manager and employee can then arrange a followup meeting to discuss the results of the review personally and define the next steps. All answers and outcomes are synchronized with Salesforce in real-time, ensuring a complete and up-to-date record of employee performance.

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