Analyze and Elevate Staff Performance

Accomplish more and create clear career paths by defining goals, encouraging feedback, and reviewing performance.

How To Review Performance

Easily monitor goals, create evaluation procedures, and establish channels for feedback.

Create a Feedback Cycle

Develop more coordinated and collaborative goals by setting up clear employee-manager feedback channels.

Outline Employee Goals

Define and track goals assigned to your company, teams, or individual employees using the flair HR app on Salesforce.

Devise Evaluation Procedures

Format self-assessment questionnaires, rate skills, and create employee engagement surveys.

Schedule Staff Reviews

Plan one-to-one review meetings with employees, compare feedback, and assess future objectives.

Advanced Performance Review Tools

Streamline Staff Reviews

Build fast, efficient performance review processes and save time – without compromising quality.

Identify Training Requirements

Pinpoint knowledge gaps by tracking performance and encouraging employee feedback.

Increase Employee Retention

Improve the employee experience and help staff define a career path within your company.

Set Goals and Boost Performance

    Rate Skills

    Define skills that can be assessed and rated during performance reviews.


    Set up self-assessments and build a company culture that encourages employee contribution.

    Manage Appraisals

    Organize the entire performance review process with flair and complete employee appraisals.


Seamlessly integrate your favorite tools

Performance reviews are managed across teams and tools. That's why flair is offering integrations to Loom, Google Calendar, and more.

Engage Through Video Messaging Software

Use flair’s API for Custom Needs

Appraise Work in Any Profession

Whether you're just getting started or are already a big name, our solution scales to your needs.


    Medical Companies Review and Reward Staff With flair

    Bestsmile and many more health tech companies use flair's performance review tools.


    flair Helps Consultancies Plan Evaluations

    Consultancies like Salesfive use flair’s HR software to manage employee evaluations.


    Tech Firms Gain Insights With flair Surveys

    HERO Software encourage engagement through smart surveys and feedback cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a performance review?

A performance review is an official workplace assessment used to measure the progress and success of a professional in their field. It’s a periodic employee evaluation or workplace check-in usually carried out by a supervisor or manager.

A performance review should involve constructive dialogue that results in the creation of forward-looking goals and opens the door for ongoing professional development.

A successful performance review process ideally should be clearly defined so that employees understand what is expected to be considered a top performer. These workplace assessments should be rewarding and look at a number of competencies.

This appraisal process can lead to a more defined career path for staff within a company, enhance productivity, and increase employee retention rates. Comprehensive reviews should include honest assessments of both strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential plans of action that could be taken to help reach any long-term goals set out by either party.

The metrics or goals included in work performance reports should be understandable, measurable, verifiable, and achievable. The process should also be open to rewarding staff who achieve their goals.

Why are performance reviews important?

Taking stock of past successes, challenges faced during the workday, and areas for growth allows employers and managers to gauge how staff measure up against goals. It also helps inform future workplace strategies and decisions.

Performance tracking and reviews are important processes for recognizing employee accomplishments and identifying areas of improvement. By engaging in such evaluations, employers can ensure that their teams remain motivated and on the right track to achieve OKRs. Additionally, regular performance assessments offer employees valuable insights into how they're progressing within a company.

Performance appraisals can highlight areas of the workflow where advancements could be made or where knowledge gaps exist. One-to-one meetings between management and employees can also offer an opportunity to engage with feedback and facilitate valuable goal-setting. It’s part of talent management and building a positive employee experience.

By discussing strengths and weaknesses, managers are able to mentor staff members by providing constructive feedback. Not only that but performance reviews also benefit businesses as they help foster a more engaged workplace culture with improved communication between colleagues.

How can flair performance review tools help?

An end-to-end HR solution, flair provides users with the ability to manage tasks related to applicant tracking, onboarding, talent management, time tracking, payroll, and much more. Performance review software can help managers transform how organizations measure, organize, and develop their employee performance. It can also automate certain tasks and open up clear channels for continuous feedback.

With features for goal tracking, facilitating feedback, identifying training needs, and recognizing top performers, flair’s performance review tools are an intuitive and user-friendly addition to the evaluation process within a modern workplace.

The outcome of continuous performance reviews can determine the requirements for additional training or recruitment. It can allow management to commence pricing of company needs. The flair HR app on Salesforce and the cloud-based Employee Hub streamline every aspect of performance reviews.

Whatever the industry or profession, flair’s HR software solution allows users to customize workflows and performance management processes that suit their needs.

What is a feedback cycle?

A feedback cycle is an important part of the management process. In the workplace, it means a pattern of communication in which constructive conversations or interactions help generate insights and shape the direction of employment or future tasks. It provides an opportunity for individuals or groups to share information about their work experiences so that adjustments or improvements can be made.

An example of a feedback cycle is a performance review that includes a self-assessment and an appraisal by a manager followed by a one-on-one meeting. This type of 360-degree feedback cycle gives employees the opportunity to contribute to the conversation while allowing managers the chance to highlight areas that could need improvement.

Managers may rate individual or team performance. In return, staff members being reviewed may also discuss ways that the company or business can help them achieve key aims or objectives. Users of the flair HR app on Salesforce can create their own feedback cycles and build self-assessment questionnaires, define goals, create templates for rating skills, and schedule one-to-one meetings.

Are employee surveys by flair customizable?

With the flair HR app on Salesforce, users can create surveys that fit their needs. Surveys are fully customizable from the name of the document and the content of the questions right down to who can respond and how. Surveys are a powerful tool for any professional working in human resources. They can be part of an effective feedback cycle.

Surveys and questionnaires help employers understand their employees and can contribute to creating positive work environments. Employee engagement surveys can provide invaluable data-driven insights, helping organizations track employee morale, prevent burnout, and monitor satisfaction with management.

Engagement surveys enable companies and businesses to tailor organizational strategies for maximum productivity, motivation, and happiness in the workplace. Managers can also increase their understanding of how to better produce high-performing teams.

Types of workplace surveys might include attitude questionnaires to assess staff emotions towards their job or the overall employee experience. They can also focus on employee development and ask staff whether they have the right training or tools to complete their tasks.

The exit survey can also be insightful and can provide valuable performance related feedback on workplace relationships, job growth opportunities, and training.

Can managers complete appraisals using the Employee Hub?

The Employee Hub is a flair app that allows managers and other staff to organize processes and data that inform their time at work.

By logging onto the Manager side of the Employee Hub, senior staff members with an evaluator or review status can carry out performance evaluations. A tool for HR professionals and employees alike, the Employee Hub provides features that assist in performance reviews, the management of employee goals, and much more.

The Employee Hub is where managers can find a space to carry out employee reviews. The cloud-based platform that also doubles as a mobile app provides managers with real-time notifications about upcoming appraisals.

The Employee Hub can then guide managers through the review process with intuitive scorecards, goal management, and other tools centered around employee data.

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