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Manage Time Off More Efficiently

Improve capacity planning with a clear overview of all employee absences in Salesforce. Save time with simplified leave requests and approvals.

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Comprehensive and Compliant Leave Management

flair comes with all the tools you need to streamline your absence management process – from simple vacation requests and approval workflows to detailed attendance tracking and reporting.

Tailored to local requirements

Easily configure accrual and leave policies to comply with applicable employment laws.

Time-saving approval workflows

Request and respond to time-off requests efficiently, without interrupting your flow of work.

Centralized view of all absences

Gain the full view of all scheduled leave, remaining allowances, and absence trends in Salesforce.

Full time-off transparency

Quickly check which employees are absent, working remotely, or out of office in the calendar view.


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“flair definitely helped us save an awful lot of time and make the whole process much more user-friendly for everybody, both employees and managers, across the whole company.”

Custom Leave Policies

Automatically Grant Time Off

Define absence policies for any kind of paid time off (PTO) to adhere to local standards and employment laws. Automatically grant leave entitlement to save time and ensure consistency.

    You can also customize your policies to offer additional time off after a specific amount of overtime or years of service.

Smooth Approval Workflows

Process Absences Requests in Less Time

Receive, review, and respond to all time-off requests in one place, and receive timely notifications via email or Slack. Check remaining vacation allowances and view additional information in comments and attachments.

Absence Calendar

Efficiently Track All Absences

Coordinate planned absences better with a clear calendar overview and quickly arrange cover for absent employees.

  • See who is out of office
  • Identify overlapping time off
  • Check when colleagues are returning
Detailed Absence Reports

Analyze Absence Trends and Attendance

Create reports using Salesforce to monitor attendance and understand absence trends, helping you optimize your workforce management.


Add Structure and Clarity to Your Absence Processes

flair can help companies in any industry save time on manual absence management processes while facilitating compliance.


Arrange Cover for Healthcare Employees

Ensure you always have the qualified staff you need with transparent absence management and skill-based shift planning.


Plan the Availability of Consultants

Use flair’s absence management features to streamline time-off approval processes and forecast the availability of consultants.


Handle Absence Requests in the Flow of Work

Integrate flair with messaging and calendar apps to receive timely notifications and respond to absence requests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is absence management?

Absence management is the strategy used to handle and respond to staff absences and holiday requests. It involves developing leave policies and procedures that determine how much paid time off (PTO) employees are entitled to, how they submit their requests for time off, and who should cover their work during their absence. It is one of the core administrative tasks of any human resources team.

Absence management aims to ensure that workplace disruption is minimized and productivity is maintained while staff members are absent from work. An effective absence strategy can safeguard the running of a business, improve employee well-being, reduce absenteeism, and decrease associated costs.

Absence policies must also comply with local regulations. These typically set the minimum number of vacation days employees are entitled to take, as well as other types of leave, such as sick leave and parental leave. Examples include the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) in the United States, which grants employees protected leave if they have a child or a serious health condition.

Why is it important to use an absence management solution?

Without an absence management system, HR professionals can lose valuable time on processing and filing absence requests. Based on our experience, we estimate that manual absence management processes can lead to an average of 300 hours of lost productivity per year for a company with 100 employees. Not only does this result in disorganized processes and unsatisfied employees, but companies can also run the risk of fines if they fail to comply with labor laws concerning statutory leave.

Absence management software, such as flair, helps automate company procedures and improves how employee leave is communicated, responded to, calculated, tracked, and assessed. This can save considerable time on admin while helping companies to comply with labor laws.

As an all-in-one HR management system, flair integrates absence management features such as employee attendance tracking and absence calendars with other relevant information, including timesheets, talent management, and shift planning. This provides a holistic management tool that gives you all the data you need in one place.

Replacing spreadsheets and siloed solutions with an integrated leave management system makes your life easier and improves the employee experience. You can oversee absences with ease using our user-friendly Mac app, or our mobile app for iOS and Android. For employees, it’s easy to submit absence requests via our self-service Employee Hub.

How can employees request a leave of absence using flair?

Using flair, requesting a vacation, sick leave, or any other type of absence is very simple. By logging into the Employee Hub, our cloud-based employee self-service platform, users can submit all the information required by your company’s absence request policy. This includes defining which employees will cover the work, uploading sick notes or other absence documents, and leaving comments for additional information.

Employees and managers can view the remaining leave balance before submitting or approving a request. Once a request is sent, managers can also receive absence notifications in real time via email, Slack, or in the Employee Hub, allowing them to arrange cover and reschedule shifts as necessary.

Besides a full record of past and upcoming absences, the Employee Hub contains many other features essential in people management. Managers can view employee information, share onboarding tasks with new employees, get an overview of tracked employee time, and much more. The result is a comprehensive self-service software solution.

In addition, our Slack integration provides another user-friendly option for time-off management. Employees can quickly submit absence requests directly from Slack. Their manager will be notified in the messaging app and can respond to the request with just one click, without disrupting their workflow.

What types of absence can I manage using flair?

flair’s leave tracking system is compatible with any type of absence, paid or unpaid. You can easily create your own absence categories and accrual policies and assign them to different roles, teams, and locations.

Besides sick leave and paid vacation, you can add work-from-home allowances, family leave, employee wellness days, and additional leave for special occasions or bereavement. This allows you to offer any kind of leave you can think of, facilitating regulatory compliance and helping you attract and retain valuable talent.

You can also configure accrual policies to grant additional leave after an employee has worked at your company for a certain number of years. And if you need to, you can automatically grant employees compensatory leave if they have worked overtime.

Can flair help me comply with laws concerning employee absences?

flair is a leave management system based on Salesforce, giving you a greater number of options to customize your leave policies to the local requirements of the countries you operate in. Our absence settings include options tailored to a large number of country-specific standards.

For instance, you can choose whether time off is accrued yearly, monthly, or weekly, and configure when accrued absence days expire. For employees who join or leave your company during the year, our proration settings allow you to grant the correct amount of leave. You can also define how accrued absence days are rounded, allowing you to ensure that employees always receive the correct absence entitlement.

Does flair support workers on part-time and flexible contracts?

Yes. By setting up a flexible workload, you can ensure that employees who work part-time or have flexible hours also accrue the appropriate amount of time off.

What is an accrual policy?

An accrual policy sets out how absence entitlement is calculated. It determines how and when staff members accrue days like vacation leave.

For example, a company may provide its staff with 28 paid holidays over the course of one year. By setting out an accrual policy, employees know exactly where they stand on entitlements like sick leave and holiday requests.

Meanwhile, companies can effectively keep on top of absences, work hours, and employee leave eligibility.

Does flair come with any other attendance-related features?

Absolutely. flair has a built-in time tracker, so you can keep a reliable record of each employee’s working hours. Whenever time off is approved, the employee’s target hours are automatically reduced by the corresponding amount, giving you an accurate view of actual working time.

You can also use flair for shift planning. Our shift planner gives you an intuitive calendar view of shifts. Define the requirements for each shift, assign them to employees, or share open shifts that employees can voluntarily take. When combined with absence management, these features enable you to assign staff and resources much more efficiently.

Our integrated document management feature is another useful function for absence requests. Employees can upload sick notes and other absence-related documents when they need time off. It’s all in the same system, helping you keep track of every absence.

flair goes beyond conventional leave management software, also providing a range of powerful tools for core HR, recruitment, and employee engagement.

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