Time tracking

Increase your company success by tracking attendance, productivity and efficiency with a simple time-tracker!

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Fast Time Tracking – all data is synced online!

Start, pause, and stop your time-tracking as you are working. Additionally, your team is able to leave a note on every time-track to keep you up to date with their progress. With flair, you can track your time from anywhere

Fast Time Tracking with flair
  • Website - great overview of your progress

  • Desktop - control your time while working on your things

  • Mobile app - enabling location based tracking

Time Requests – Stay Precise!

With flair, your team will be able to reach full time efficiency! Employees can request changes in the time they started or finished. Whereas managers are able to accept or decline those requests.

Requests change of time tracking with flair
  • Multiple graphs for planned and worked hours

  • Multiple graphs for planned and worked hours

  • See your week with holidays and vacations together with your tracked time

Monitoring Performance – get rid of chaotic paperwork and capture everything in one report

This feature automatically generates reports on your employees’ working hours for you to export and use for payroll. Employees and managers can access timesheets at any time.

Monitoring time performance with flair
  • Approval logic for requests

  • Time sheet – weekly or monthly record which combines all time entries, holidays and vacations

  • Bigger picture for your C-Level

Fast and Efficient Overtime & Workload Configuration!

Overtime laws vary depending on countries, resulting in countless payroll calculations and compliance headaches. Our software spares your time with built-in overtime and workload configurations, to keep your numbers spotless.

Fast and Efficient Overtime & Workload Configuration with flair
  • Work and break regulations

  • Different overtime rules based on legislation

  • Automatic compensatory time calculation

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