HR Analytics Software

Gain Valuable Workforce Insights

Identify strategic HR improvements and enhance your decision making with pre-built and customizable dashboards powered by Salesforce.

Refine Your HR Strategy With Advanced Analytics

Make HR the strategic backbone of your organization with real-time insights into your workforce that help you make the right people decisions.

Single source of truth for HR data

Get crucial insights in less time with all your people data stored on Salesforce.

Live data tracking and analysis

Form a complete picture of your workforce with real-time metrics and charts.

Custom reports and dashboards

Slice and dice HR data and tailor dashboards according to your business needs.

Fully configurable access controls

Define who can see which data using Salesforce permission sets and profiles.


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Recruitment Analytics

Deploy a Data-Driven Hiring Strategy

Dig into the data to evaluate recruitment success and optimize your hiring process.

  • Identify your most effective recruitment channels
  • Pinpoint skills gaps and understand hiring needs
  • Monitor recruiting KPIs, such as time-to-hire and offer acceptance rate
Core HR Analytics

Monitor Vital Company Metrics

Visualize all the essential HR KPIs in one place to inform your people strategy. flair comes with prebuilt reports on headcount, salaries, overtime, and much more. Dig down into stats in areas such as absence management to get the bigger picture.

Workforce Analytics

Turn Qualitative Data Into Actionable Insights

Monitor employee engagement and job satisfaction levels so you can proactively take steps to strengthen employee retention rates.

  • Reduce employee turnover by detecting risks early
  • Monitor trends in eNPS and average tenure
  • Use surveys to identify key drivers of employee engagement and satisfaction
Team Analytics

Present Clear Metrics to Team Leads

Empower leaders to make the best decisions for their teams. Our prebuilt charts and analytics help managers to keep up to speed with core metrics about their teams.


Integrations To Elevate Your HR

Frequently Asked Questions

What analytics capabilities should a HR solution have?

A comprehensive HR solution should encompass modern and user-friendly HR analytics capabilities, including real-time data analysis, data visualization, and customizable dashboards. These capabilities enable HR professionals to derive actionable insights from various data sources, such as employee data, workforce data, and people data.

Utilizing business intelligence tools and advanced analytics features, HR teams can streamline their workflows, optimize HR processes, and make data-driven decisions. HR analytics tools should also offer user-friendly interfaces and self-service options to empower HR professionals to access and analyze data effortlessly.

Additionally, the best HR analytics software should support business decisions related to talent management, performance management, workforce planning, and employee experience. This can help HR departments to take on a more strategically important role that benefits the whole organization.

What are the most important metrics in human resource management?

Like in any area of business, key metrics play a crucial role in evaluating success in HR management (also known as HCM or human capital management). It’s important to use an analytics solution to track metrics throughout the employee lifecycle, from talent acquisition to employee performance.

In recruitment, organizations should be monitoring KPIs such as time-to-hire and cost-to-hire, and also have a process in place to identify their most effective recruitment channels. With applicant tracking software, businesses can view graphs to assess which percentage of candidates reach a specific stage of the hiring process. Data analytics can also help recruiters to identify hiring needs and skills gaps, so they can target and prioritize the right candidates.

Some key HR metrics that every company should be tracking include employee turnover, retention rates, headcount, and absence rates. These figures are essential in workforce management, and help in optimizing HR processes and making strategic decisions.

Beyond core HR metrics, analytics plays a key role in employee engagement. By measuring KPIs such as job satisfaction, eNPS (employee net promoter score), and early turnover rate, companies can identify potential risks and pinpoint any problems with people management processes, such as onboarding.

HR professionals are also often called upon to report on workforce demographics, such as average age, gender balance, and ethnicity. Analytics platforms can help organizations to benchmark these metrics and comply with legal quotas.

What kinds of reports and analytics does flair offer?

With flair, you can generate almost any kind of report and customize dashboards as needed. As an all-in-one human resources information system (HRIS) built on Salesforce, you benefit from the power and performance of the world’s leading enterprise platform. While flair comes with a range of standard, pre-built reports, such as salary reports, absence rates, and employee turnover, you can report on any custom field that you have created in Salesforce.

What’s more, team managers have access to real-time charts in our cloud-based self-service portal, the Employee Hub. flair also easily integrates with other Salesforce software, such as Tableau, which features predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities.

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