Mission-Focused HR for NGOs

Maximizing Your Impact

flair harmonizes HR for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) looking to maximize their resources, ensure compliance, and achieve mission-driven goals. With flair, NGOs thrive.

Deploy Resources Efficiently

Use the flair Shift Planner and Expenses tools to efficiently organize your workforce and plan your financial expenditure.


Build an Effective Team

Attract new hires with our Career Portal Builder. Broadcast your values and identify the right talent with evaluation templates.


Streamline Document Management

Effortlessly structure document storage and safeguard your NGO’s data with top-tier Salesforce security.


Simplify Global Payroll Management

Managing pay across international borders can be complex. flair simplifies this process, providing NGOs with the tools they need for payroll compliance.

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“We were up and running after 2-3 weeks with the major functionality we needed. It's a very dynamic and comprehensive platform so we are constantly discovering new ways to use it and new features.”
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Gaspar Rodriguez

Co-Founder and Managing Director

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can flair assist NGOs?

flair supports NGOs in their operational needs with a centralized suite of tools and features. NGOs frequently operate under resource constraints, relying on a diverse pool of volunteers and employees.

The flair Career Portal Builder enables NGOs to attract top-tier talent by creating a compelling online presence that communicates the organization's values and mission. Recruiters can create evaluation templates that streamline the recruitment process, aligning hiring decisions with strategic objectives.

flair's Shift Planner offers a helping hand, enabling NGOs to plan shifts, minimize the risk of understaffing, and ensure harmonious coordination among team members no matter the location.

NGOs often find themselves managing an array of documentation, such as grant applications and other sensitive data. flair's document management features make it easy to develop standardized templates while ensuring the security of critical data through top-tier Salesforce security measures.

Is flair useful for NGO finance management?

Financial prudence is a cornerstone for many NGOs. Our Expenses tool is a valuable resource, assisting NGOs in the management of funds. By efficiently organizing financial expenditures, NGOs can ensure that funds are channeled to where they are needed most.

NGOs with an international presence often grapple with the complexities of adhering to diverse labor laws and regulations in different countries. flair's payroll territories and location capabilities streamline HR management based on geographic regions, allowing adherence to legal regulations. flair helps NGOs navigate the intricacies of their worldwide operations, ensuring that their operations remain uninhibited by boundaries.

Does flair have experience with providing HR to NGOs?

Absolutely, flair has a proven track record of successfully serving NGOs. We are proud to collaborate with organizations such as BOMA, a U.S. nonprofit and Kenyan NGO dedicated to empowering disadvantaged women in Northern Kenya. The organization provides educational, financial, and technological support to break the cycle of poverty.

Additionally, we have a strong partnership with Blue Road Academy, formerly known as Refugee Force. Their mission is to enhance the career prospects of newcomers through Salesforce training, professional development, and facilitating direct connections with leading employers. We also work closely with Village Enterprise, an organization committed to reducing poverty in rural Africa by supporting local entrepreneurship.

At flair, we are committed to supporting NGOs in their vital work through modern and innovative HR solutions.

What support does flair provide during software implementation?

After we’ve identified your HR and recruiting needs, we’ll get to work on the implementation. Our Customer Success team will configure your solution, set up user accounts, customize your security settings and permission sets, and implement any integrations with other solutions, such as Slack.

We will provide training for your admin users so that you can get the most out of flair. Our dedicated onboarding specialists stay in regular contact with you to ensure that you’re off to a smooth start.

We also provide detailed educational resources, such as the Learning Hub and Developer Hub to help answer any questions that may come up after implementation. Our Customer Success team can also support you with more complex requests and troubleshooting.

In what way does flair differ from other HR software providers?

Being built on Salesforce means that flair is much more customizable and scalable than most other HR software solutions. We can also support businesses that operate in multiple locations.

What’s more, our HR platform covers the entire employee lifecycle, so you won’t need multiple solutions to handle your core HR and recruiting tasks.

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