Boost Engagement With Employee Surveys

What’s the easiest way to find out how your employees are feeling? Just ask them! Using flair’s survey tools, you can get valuable feedback that helps you improve the employee experience.

Measure Employee Satisfaction

Create and customize surveys, automatically send them out to a selection of employees, and monitor the results.

Create a Survey

Choose a survey type, enter your questions, and define whether or not the survey is compulsory. Enter the survey duration and select how often it should be repeated.

Choose Survey Recipients

Add survey recipients manually or speed things up by selecting employees by location, department, or team.

Analyze Responses

Track survey results in charts and list views to see how your scores develop over time and get actionable insights.

Monitor and Improve Employee Satisfaction

Actionable Insights

Employee surveys help you identify areas for improvement and measure the success of your workplace initiatives.

Enhanced Employee Experience

Give your employees the chance to suggest improvements anonymously and help create a better employee experience.

Higher Employee Retention

Identify potential sources of dissatisfaction and act early to increase your retention rates and reduce recruitment costs.

Give Your Employees a Voice

    eNPS Surveys

    Employee net promoter score (eNPS) surveys show how satisfied your employees are and how likely they are to recommend you as a place to work.

    Smiley Check-Ins

    Smiley check-ins are an easy way to gauge the mood of your workforce with simple questionnaires.

    Engagement Surveys

    Using employee engagement surveys, you can ask a number of questions to unlock talent and find out if staff and company goals align.


Easy Integration With Your Favorite Tools

Employee engagement spans across teams and tools. That’s why flair integrates with Slack, Google Calendar, and more.

Visualize Survey Responses in Salesforce

Use flair’s API for Custom Needs

Employee Feedback Is Vital in Any Industry

Whether you're just getting started or are already a big name, our solution scales to your needs.


    Medical Companies Boost Employee Satisfaction With flair

    Healthcare companies like bestsmile use flair to check in with their employees and increase workforce satisfaction.


    flair Helps Consultancies Keep Employees Engaged

    Using flair, consultancies like Salesfive are introducing employee engagement initiatives and producing better results.


    Tech Companies Benefit From flair’s Intuitive HR Tools

    HERO Software boosts employee engagement by automating HR processes with flair.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is it important to gather employee feedback?

Employees can be an excellent source of input to guide your human resources initiatives. By giving your employees a say in your business, you make them feel appreciated. But you can also gain some valuable insights to shape your HR action plans.

Regularly gathering employee feedback allows you to identify sources of discontent before they become a problem. This can help you reduce employee turnover.

Embracing a company culture that values employee feedback makes your place of business a more attractive work environment. It can also improve engagement, reduce attrition, and help you retain top talent.

What are the benefits of employee survey software?

Employee survey software enables you to automatically send out custom surveys at regular intervals. You can choose which departments, teams, and locations should receive the surveys. You can also easily adjust survey questions for different recipients.

Survey platforms also give you a digital record of survey responses and can track how key metrics develop over time. HR teams can use real-time insights to improve the work environment.

Which employee survey formats does flair support?

flair provides you with several employee engagement tools, including multiple survey templates.

For example, you can create eNPS surveys to find out how likely it is that employees would recommend your company as a place to work. The results give you an employee net promoter score that indicates how happy your workforce is.

You can also send out smiley check-in surveys that gauge employee satisfaction with a topic of your choice. These simple one-question surveys only require one click from your employees, which encourages participation and gives you a more accurate picture of employee satisfaction.

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