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Advanced People Management

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Document Generator

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Truly Develop Culture

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Our comprehensive recruiting features help you optimize your recruitment process and hire the best candidates for the job.

  • Comprehensive applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • Job advertising and multiposting with one click
  • Collaborative candidate evaluation templates and interview processes
  • Intelligent search to match talent and job opportunities
  • Customizable candidate funnels and onboarding journeys

Career Pages

Advertise your jobs on a branded career page. Quickly create, customize, and publish career pages using our intuitive page editor.

  • Create multiple career pages
  • Customize them with a simple drag-and-drop editor
  • Add your branding and design
  • Manage different entities, countries, and organizations

Shift Planner

Plan shifts based on demand filtered by team, location, and skills – so you always have the right people working at the right time.

  • Manage shifts for different teams, locations, and cost centers
  • Assign colleagues according to required skills
  • Plan shifts and necessary resources on demand
  • Share shifts that can be booked by your employees

What Makes flair Different?

A cut above the rest. Check how flair compares to other HR platforms on the market.

All Others

All-in-one HR and recruiting platform

Different platforms needed to manage a global workforce

Built for companies operating in multiple locations from day one

Low suitability for multiple locations

Sophisticated integrations and powerful API

Usually limited integrations and automation

Dedicated customer success team

Most have email-only support

Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Try the flair Learning Hub or contact us.

Do you provide support with implementation and customer service?

We offer our customers technical setup, onboarding, and training depending on their demands. For example, we can help you tailor your processes and workflows, as well as train your Salesforce admins.

We also have a customer service team to support you with general inquiries and troubleshooting.

Is my data safe with flair?

Yes. If you already use Salesforce, all your data remains in your existing Salesforce instance. This means you benefit from the highest security standards and full GDPR compliance.

This is also true if you want to use flair without Salesforce. We will setup a Salesforce instance for you and store your HR data there.

Your data is usually stored in the country where your company’s headquarters is located. For example, if you are based in the UK, your Salesforce instance will be hosted in the UK too.

Can I try out flair for free?

We do not offer a free trial of flair. Instead, we have discovery calls with interested companies to find out their pain points, priorities, and goals. Based on the results of this call, our solution engineers prepare a demo environment tailored to these needs.

The reason for this is that we aim to be not just a tech partner, but a strategic partner and trusted advisor for your business. flair is an all-in-one solution, covering many aspects of HR and recruitment. So rather than focusing on features, we start with your actual needs and define the right course of action.

By concentrating on what is most important to you, we can show you which flair features you will most benefit from and shorten your time to value.

Book a free demo with us today.

How long will it take to implement flair in my company?

For a typical company, implementation will usually take between four and eight weeks, including technical setup, onboarding, and training. In some cases, for example if your company has many offices and entities, implementation may take longer. Our customer success managers will keep you updated throughout the process.

Do you provide free updates?

Yes, all our updates are free and we do not charge any maintenance fees.

To ensure you get the most from flair, we take on board feedback from our clients and feed these suggestions into our product development. We usually have one larger update per quarter, as well as weekly smaller updates.

You can see new features and regular updates in our changelog.

What are the benefits of using flair with Salesforce?

flair is built natively on Salesforce. This means that companies already using Salesforce benefit from flexibility, robust data security, and the ability to use existing data, processes, and workflows in Salesforce.

Using flair with Salesforce allows you to connect your HR processes with your CRM. For example, if you have commission-based sales processes in Salesforce, you can link this directly to payroll processes in flair. Or you can link time-tracking processes with specific clients and projects in Salesforce.

Do other Salesforce users have access to HR data?

With flair, you can configure your permissions and access privileges to keep your HR data secure. Other Salesforce users can only see HR data if an admin gives them access.

Each admin license also comes with certain permissions. For example, you can configure permissions so that an HR manager in a UK office can only access HR data on UK employees.

Can I use flair without Salesforce?

Yes, you can – and we even make sure you can still benefit from the power of Salesforce!

If you do not have Salesforce, we will set up a Salesforce instance for you. This means you can still access all of flair’s features (even our Salesforce apps) and you benefit from Salesforce’s robust data security.

Is it possible to use only the flair Recruiting app?

Yes, it is possible to use only one part of flair. However, to get the most out of flair, we strongly recommend that you use all parts of flair. This includes our HR app, our Recruiting app, and our Employee Hub.

With these three components, you have an all-in-one HR solution that covers the entire employee journey.

What Our Customers Are Saying


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    We love flair because of its variety of features which helped us digitize all our HR processes for more than 300 employees. It allows us to minimize chaos and focus on growth.

    Marcel Kubli





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    flair really focuses on the processes around HR, which really simplifies things for us and allows us to grow and scale.

    Florian Gehring


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