All your HR in

one place

Pricing tailored to your needs that starts from 8 EUR per user per month


Core HR and Recruiting


Basic Empoyee Data

Employee Hub with data, documents, absences and time tracking.


Basic Recruiting

Hire new employees with career pages, tasks and evaluation forms.


HR, Recruting and Goal Management


Employee Hub

Employee Hub with complete employee self service and onboarding of new joiners.



Multi posting on over 4000 job boards, conversion tracking and more.


Talent Management & Goals

Set up performance reviews and give feedback. Create and track OKRs.


Complete Culture OS.


Advanced Employee Hub

Employee Hub with automatic document generation, signing and more intergrations.


Advanced Recruiting

Automatic CV parsing, email templates and powerful reports.


Advanced Talent Management & Goals

Track skills, set up custom learning paths and import OKRs into 1:1 meetings.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide implementation and customer support?

Of course, we also offer implementation and customer support. A good setup is the basis for good results. In addition, customer satisfaction is crucial for us, which is why we support you wherever we can.

Is my data safe with flair?

Yes, because your data is completely stored on your own Salesforce instance. This means that you have complete control over your data.

Can I try flair before paying?

Yes sure, we can always provide you with a demo account to try out our features. Book a free demo and we will provide you with a demo org.

How long will it take to implement flair in my company?

Usually, the implementation takes 2-3 weeks. Our team is here to assist you in the whole process.

Leading brands trust Flair for HR Management

    "Flair really focuses on the processes around HR, which really simplifies things for us and allows us to grow and scale."

    Florian Gehring

    Founder and CEO


    "Compared to the HR Software I used before flair saves us an enormous amount of time and helps us to easily manage over 100 employees in multi-locations and legislations."

    Luca Bartucca

    HR Specialist


    "We love flair because of its variety of features which helped us digitalize all our HR processes for more than 400 employees. It allows us to minimize chaos and focus on growth."

    Marcel Kubli



    "All the features of flair, but especially the absence management in combination with the Slack integration makes our lives much easier."

    Michael Kessler

    Founder and CEO

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