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flair vs. Workday HCM: Feature Comparison

Check our side-by-side comparison to see what sets flair apart from Workday.

Talent Acquisition
Time and Attendance
Performance Management
Easy Setup
Salesforce Platform

Native to Salesforce

Unlike Workday HCM, flair is built natively on Salesforce. This means you benefit from the power of the world’s leading CRM platform.

  • Highest levels of availability and performance
  • Robust data security
  • Fully configurable platform and workflows
User Experience

Enhanced User Experience

flair delivers a powerful Salesforce UI for managers and admins, alongside an intuitive self-service portal for employees. Workday HCM users, on the other hand, report that the solution can be difficult to navigate.

  • Customizable Employee Hub showing only the features you need
  • Easy integration with tools your team are familiar with
  • Intuitive mobile app for employees

Intuitive No-Code Customization

As flair is built on Salesforce, you can configure it as much as you need to and build custom workflows with no code required. Customizing Workday, however, can be challenging and time-consuming.

  • Adapt processes to local standards and regulations
  • Integrate with country-specific solutions
  • Easily scale up as your company grows

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“What I like most is how flair takes the advantages of a huge, powerful solution like Salesforce and brings it into a user-friendly view for employees.”

The Number 1 HR App on Salesforce

Leading Data Security

With flair, your data is stored on Salesforce servers, protected by some of the most advanced security technology available.

Reliable Enterprise Platform

flair’s underlying Salesforce platform is fast, reliable, and extensible, allowing you to slice and dice your HR data and build reports to enhance decision-making.

Easier Customization

Get started with standard processes and templates or tailor processes to local requirements and standards – flair is ideal for multi-country organizations.

Enhance flair With Powerful Integrations

flair Shines in Customer Reviews

Our users rate flair highly on review platforms like G2 and Capterra. We score higher than Workday HCM in categories such as ease of setup, ease of use, and ease of admin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between Workday HCM and flair?

Workday is a comprehensive cloud-based financial planning and HR solution. Originally starting out as a human capital management (HCM) system, it has expanded to financial and operational planning and other areas. Its HR-related solution is called Workday HCM and covers all key functions from talent acquisition to payroll and benefits.

Similarly, flair is a cloud-based HR and recruiting platform that covers the full range of core HR functions. flair includes an applicant tracking system, an app for all key HR processes, and a user-friendly self-service portal for employees.

A major difference between the two solutions is that flair is built on the Salesforce platform. This means that HR data stored in flair is protected by Salesforce’s robust data protection technology and can be integrated with other data stored in Salesforce for more advanced reporting.

The Salesforce platform is also highly customizable, allowing business users to customize flair to match their organization’s way of working.

flair and Workday are both subscription-based. Workday can, however, result in higher costs and frequently requires an implementation partner to guide the set-up.

What are the benefits of HR software built on Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM platform, used by over 150,000 companies worldwide. It is a highly secure, powerful, and reliable platform that can be integrated with a wide range of software solutions.

These benefits are what makes Salesforce the ideal platform for an HR solution. HR data is one of the most critical kinds of business data, and having it stored on a central platform like Salesforce makes it more organized and easier to use.

Thanks to Salesforce’s permission sets, you can control which users have access to certain functions and data, keeping your important HR information secure but accessible to those who are authorized to use it.

What kind of businesses are flair and Workday HCM most suited to?

flair and Workday HCM are both best suited to medium to large-sized companies. However, Workday’s relatively high setup costs may make it inaccessible to some smaller midsized businesses.

flair is ideal for companies that are already using Salesforce. However, even companies that have not implemented Salesforce can still use flair without any limitations to its functionality. In this case, we will set up a Salesforce instance that the customer can use to access flair.

Both flair and Workday can be a good fit for companies operating in multiple countries.

Why should I choose flair over Workday HCM?

When it comes to HR solutions, Workday HCM is at the higher end of the price range. In addition to subscription costs, the implementation can be complex and time-consuming, often requiring specialised implementation partners.

Admin costs can also be high, as businesses often invest in full-time consultants to maintain the system. Additionally, the learning curve is steep and extensive training may be required to get the most out of Workday HCM.

In comparison, flair offers a faster, easier implementation at a lower cost. On review platforms such as Capterra and G2, flair outperforms Workday HCM in ease of setup, ease of admin, and ease of use.

Companies already using Salesforce will reap the benefits of flair even faster. But for customers who are new to Salesforce or do not use it at all, we will provide training and support.

While Workday offers a very extensive range of features, it can also be quite complex, meaning that some users may find the system challenging to navigate. flair, on the other hand, has an intuitive and modern user interface that helps employees and managers to complete their tasks in less time.

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