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Looking for the best alternative to Personio? Discover how flair and Personio differ in features and usability to find the ideal HR management solution for your organization.


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flair vs. Personio: HR Features

Take a look at how flair measures up against Personio to find the right solution for your needs.

Time and Attendance
Shift Planning
Employee Recognition
Payslip Generator

Build a Culture That Gets Results

reduction in time to prepare and complete performance reviews.

decrease in the time needed to fill vacancies.

fewer emails thanks to collaborative in-product features.

acceleration in comprehensive employee onboarding.

Better Candidate Experience

Create careers pages in minutes, with more customization options than Personio. Segment pages for specific teams or entities, and tailor application forms to individual roles.

  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: Choose from a range of editable, pre-built sections to quickly create appealing careers pages.

  • Multiple Careers Portals: Create separate career portals for different company entities, locations, or departments to refine your talent search.

  • AI-Powered Candidate Screening: Quickly follow up on the most promising applications with AI-powered candidate recommendations.

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Greater Flexibility

flair is more customizable than Personio, adapting to your company’s way of working. It can be adapted to local standards and regulations, making it the ideal HR solution for organizations operating in multiple countries.

Create regional absence policies
Integrate country-specific payroll solutions
Customize processes in Salesforce based on local requirements
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Enhanced Collaboration

Collaboration is a key success factor in HR. That’s why flair includes many built-in features, such as comments and video attachments, to improve interactions between team members.

Compare feedback in candidate and employee evaluations
Share comments on absences, onboarding tasks, and more
Send colleagues notifications via Slack

Intuitive Shift Planning

flair includes skills management and shift-planning features that help you assign employees to tasks where they will thrive. The skills matrix helps you make better hiring and training decisions.

Location- and skills-based shift planning
Requests for shift swaps
Comments and tagging to keep employees informed of shifts
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“flair helps us streamline and automate processes related to employee management. It covers a wide range of use cases where we previously had to deal with workarounds when using Personio.”
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Alexander Weltzsch


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The Number 1 HR App on Salesforce

Robust Data Security

With flair, your data is stored on Salesforce servers, protected by some of the most advanced security technology available.

More Insightful Reports

flair is built on Salesforce, enabling you to draw insights a wider range of business data sources than Personio.

Easier Customization

flair’s Salesforce integration offers a level of customization that sets it apart from Personio, so you can adapt processes to any requirement.

flair Offers a Better Range of Integrations

flair Shines in Customer Reviews

Users rate flair very highly on review platforms like G2. We have a higher average rating than Personio in categories such as ease of setup, quality of support, and meeting requirements.

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flair vs. Personio: An In-Depth Comparison

6 reasons why companies are switching to flair

Common pain points and solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between Personio and flair?

Personio and flair are both cloud-based solutions for human resources teams. Both flair and Personio offer the full range of core HR functionality, including recruiting, applicant tracking, onboarding, time tracking, document management, and payroll management.

One major difference between Personio and flair is that flair is built on Salesforce. This means that, with flair, your data is protected by Salesforce’s robust security features. If your organization already uses Salesforce, you will also benefit from connecting your HR processes with your CRM and being able to use your existing data, processes, and workflows in Salesforce.

However, even if do not use Salesforce, you can still use flair and benefit from the power of Salesforce. We will set up a Salesforce instance for you so you can use our apps.

flair is also more customizable than Personio. You can adapt processes to your working style and local standards and regulations. This makes flair the better choice for companies operating in multiple countries.

What does flair offer that Personio does not?

Unlike flair, Personio does not have an integrated shift planning tool or a skills management feature. In addition, flair offers more employee engagement features, including the Cheers feature for employee recognition, and built-in collaboration features like commenting and video integration.

Why should I choose flair over Personio?

flair is designed for companies operating in multiple countries. Out of the box, our HR solution supports multiple currencies and can be integrated with local payroll providers. All processes can be adjusted to meet local employment laws, regulations, and standards.

Our customer success team is on hand to quickly respond to your questions and enquiries. On review platforms such as G2, we score higher than Personio on quality of support.

flair also ranks higher than Personio in terms of usability, scoring higher in the ease of setup, ease of use, and ease of admin categories on G2.

What kind of businesses are flair and Personio most suited to?

Personio describes itself as HR software for “companies from 10 – 2,000 employees”. Its customers come from a wide variety of industries, including retail, software, and manufacturing.

Similarly, flair is suitable for a wide range of companies – but particularly companies with between 200 and 5,000 employees. Our customers are based in many different countries and include retail stores, consultancies, healthcare companies, tech companies, NGOs, and more.

flair is also an effective HR solution for companies operating in multiple countries or who plan to do so. While you don’t have to be using Salesforce already to make the switch to flair, the solution is ideal for Salesforce users who want to shift their HR data to the CRM platform.

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