The complete recruiting solution for Salesforce

Flair will help you hire the best talents with a Salesforce package that adapts to your needs and a modern career page to show your candidates that you care.

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Build your own interview funnels.

Give your candidates an easy way to apply.

Collect valuable data from your hiring process.

Applicant Tracking

Create different interview funnels for different jobs and get an overview of which stage each candidate is at any time.

Leveraging the customization capabilities of Salesforce, Flair allows you to easily adapt the product to your own needs.

Career Page

Flair provides you with a career page where candidates can comfortably apply for jobs. Everything is completely synced with Salesforce.

The career page is configurable to match your company's branding.

Referral Program

Automatically generate referral bonus for employees, or commission to recruiters, when a candidate is hired.

You only pay bonuses when the probation period is over? No problem! You can keep track of all the bonuses that are in this stage and get notified when the time to pay comes.

Every company is unique

Combine Salesforce's customization power with a great base package to have a recruiting tool that will fit perfectly to your internal processes.

Sounds complicated? No worries, we will personally help you along the way.

Out of the box compliance

Because your data will never leave Salesforce's servers, our solution automatically complies with data protection and privacy regulations of many countries.

Always there for you

Get a personal account manager to help you with your initial setup and throughout your journey with phone and email support.

It's our mission to help companies improve their employer brand. We'll work hard to guide you there.


Growing this fast would not be the same without Flair. It was never so easy to manage a high volume of candidates. We are happy to suggest it to all our partners.

Flair made it pleasant to manage recruiting in different countries. Each location has their own customized process and our candidates can apply using their native language.

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