Employee Engagement Software

More Engagement, Better Retention

Strengthen the sense of belonging among employees with flair’s employee engagement features. Create a working culture where employees are informed, involved, and motivated.

Assess Employee Sentiment

Send out customizable surveys, such as eNPS and smiley check-ins to measure and track engagement. Employees can share feedback in just a few clicks, so your organization can respond and improve.


Recognize Top Performers

Using the flair Cheers feature, employees and managers can send messages and videos of support, acknowledging colleagues for their extended service or exceptional efforts.


Enhance Collaboration

In flair, you can share comments and tag colleagues on almost any feature. This helps to put queries and feedback in the right context, saving time and reducing the need to switch to other apps.


Keep Employees Up to Date

Send out company announcements to keep employees informed of important news, wherever they are based. With flair, all key updates are in one place.

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“We’re a remote-first company, so it’s especially important that we appreciate great work. We can now simply send a Cheer in flair to recognize employee milestones and achievements.”
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Dennis Hilger

COO & Co-Founder, Dealcode

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is employee engagement software?

Employee engagement software aims to enhance engagement levels and elevate the overall employee experience within an organization. It encompasses a variety of tools and features aimed at collecting employee feedback, enabling real-time performance management, optimizing onboarding processes, and cultivating a positive company culture.

This software often includes functionalities such as customizable pulse surveys, employee recognition programs, and regular performance reviews to gather insights into employee satisfaction, sentiments, and performance metrics.

Leading employee engagement platforms typically offer a mobile app, integration with collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and the ability to streamline workflows. These tools also provide templates for surveys and action plans, enabling HR teams to benchmark their initiatives and set goals for continuous improvement.

When evaluating employee engagement tools, it’s important to choose a solution that covers the entire employee lifecycle.

What are the benefits of employee engagement?

Higher employee engagement results in a variety of benefits that significantly impact business success. One of the primary advantages is seen in improved employee retention rates. By fostering a positive work environment and addressing employee needs through initiatives like well-being programs and continuous feedback, organizations can enhance their ability to retain their top employees.

Real-time performance management tools play a crucial role in boosting employee performance. With features such as goal-setting and actionable insights in the form of metrics and analytics, organizations can ensure that employees are aligned with organizational objectives, contributing to increased efficiency and productivity.

Cultivating a positive company culture is another key benefit of employee engagement efforts. Employee engagement software facilitates the establishment and reinforcement of a healthy workplace culture through peer recognition, collaboration tools, and features that allow employees to share feedback. This not only improves morale but also strengthens the sense of belonging within the organization.

Efficient onboarding processes contribute to a positive employee lifecycle. Employee engagement software streamlines onboarding through automated workflows, ensuring a smoother transition for new hires. This initial positive experience sets the tone for long-term engagement and commitment.

Employee engagement software also facilitates effective internal communication with features like instant messaging, notifications, and intranet integration. This ensures that team members are well-connected and informed, promoting collaboration and a sense of togetherness within the organization.

Strategic insights and benchmarking tools provide organizations with the means to continually refine their engagement strategy. Through people analytics, companies gain valuable insights into engagement levels, allowing for informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

The best employee engagement software is highly customizable, allowing organizations to tailor solutions to their unique needs. This adaptability ensures that engagement initiatives align with specific workplace cultures and dynamics, maximizing their effectiveness.

Finally, engaged employees are often high-performing and committed to organizational goals. This increased dedication leads to improved employee productivity, enhancing the profitability of the company.

What employee engagement features are included in flair?

There are three key features in flair that can help organizations boost employee engagement. Firstly, our survey tool allows you to create, customize, and send surveys to your workforce. You can create eNPS (employee net promoter score) surveys, employee engagement surveys, and simple smiley check-ins to gauge the mood of your employees. The responses are saved in your Salesforce org, allowing you to evaluate the results, monitor progress in real time, and take action to improve.

flair also includes an employee recognition tool named Cheers. In flair, a Cheer is a short message and image that employees can send to other colleagues and teams to thank them for going the extra mile. They can also be used to celebrate important milestones, such as birthdays and work anniversaries. You can even record video messages to make the Cheer more personal. This helps to improve motivation and employee morale, even among remote teams.

Furthermore, comments are integrated throughout the flair HR software, meaning employees can react to updates, ask questions, and participate. This facilitates collaboration as comments are shared directly within context, meaning there’s less need to switch to other apps for communication and less chance of confusion.

Combined, these features make flair an effective employee engagement solution for human resources teams in many different kinds of organization.

How else can flair contribute to higher employee engagement?

flair can help support your employee engagement strategy in many other ways. For example, our self-service Employee Hub simplifies everyday HR tasks and interactions, such as time-off requests, time tracking, document management, and shift planning. Making these tasks as streamlined as possible improves the employee experience and allows teams to focus on more valuable tasks.

You can also use flair for goal-setting, OKRs, and performance reviews. Performance plays a key role in many employee engagement programs, and having a structured performance and goals strategy in place gives employees an incentive to go the extra mile and achieve more.

Recruitment is another important factor in employee engagement. Hiring the right employees who are a cultural fit for your organization is crucial. flair can help here too. With customizable career portals, you can promote your organization as a top employer, including descriptions of your working culture and any benefits and perks that you offer. Using collaborative candidate evaluations, you can get feedback from hiring managers and team members to help ensure that you make the right hire.

After completing a hire, you can use flair to configure personalized onboarding workflows that boost engagement from day one. You can create workflow templates to automate onboarding task assignment and attach files and videos to give new hires a smooth start to their new job.

What are the advantages of employee engagement software built on Salesforce?

Although it is best known for its CRM capabilities, Salesforce can also be a powerful platform for HR and recruitment. Storing performance reviews, employee survey results, and other engagement-related data in Salesforce allows you to benefit from the platform’s advanced reporting capabilities. With personalized engagement reports and people analytics dashboards, you can see the bigger picture when it comes to engagement in your organization.

You can also connect your people data with other areas of business, such as sales and customer support, to gain more actionable insights about the impact of your employee engagement program.

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