Streamlined HR Document Management

Don’t get bogged down in HR paperwork. flair gives you all the tools you need to securely store and efficiently manage employee documents.

How To Keep HR Documents Organized

Digitize your paper documents and manage a secure source for your employee records.

Automate Document Generation

Quickly generate documents like payslips and employment contracts.

Share Files With Employees

Instantly provide employees with the documents they need and store them in the Employee Hub.

Receive Signed Docs

Assign workflows to employees where action is needed and enable employees to upload their own signed documents and certification.

User-Friendly Document Management Software

Single Source of Truth

Centralize your HR documents, employee records, and certificates.

Efficient Workflows

Reduce the time it takes to receive important documents, signatures, and approvals.

Robust Security

Keep your documents safe and control access with Salesforce security features.

Manage HR Documents With Ease


    Make it easy for new hires to find all the information they need and submit their personal documents during onboarding.


    Save time by automatically generating payroll documents and sending them out to employees.


    Allow employees to upload and save their certification and make it easier to find certified employees when needed.


Easy Integration With Your Favorite Tools

Document management involves many teams and tools. That's why flair integrates with Slack, Google Calendar, DocuSign, and more.

Integrate Document Management Systems and E-Signature Tools

Use flair’s API for Custom Needs

HR Document Management for Teams of All Sizes

Whether you're just getting started or are already a big name, our solution scales to your needs.


    Healthcare Companies Use flair for Document Management

    Swiss dental specialist bestsmile enables its employees to view important employment documents in the flair Employee hub.


    flair Provides a Single Source of Truth for Knowledge Workers

    Thanks to flair, Salesforce consultants working at Salesfive now have a central system for data storage.


    Tech Companies Benefit From flair’s Centralized Data

    Growing tech companies like HERO Software use flair to centralize their HR data and provide employees with payslips.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a document management system?

A document management system (DMS) is software designed to help users store, organize, access, and share electronic documents. By digitizing paper files and storing the copies in a document management system, companies can avoid piles of paperwork and speed up admin tasks.

Document management systems are also more secure. By assigning permissions to certain people within your organization, you can control who can access, move, or edit digital files. Users require adequate permissions to share documents and can only share them with people who have the necessary access rights.

A cloud-based DMS can be especially useful for companies with distributed workforces. In addition to being paperless, it allows employees to access files from any location. This can streamline collaborative processes and simplify admin work.

What is HR document management software used for?

HR document management software is a DMS specifically designed for HR professionals. This is similar to a human resources management system (HRIS) in that it provides the HR department with a central location for all the documents it needs. Cloud-based HR software is becoming the norm as it provides better security and scalability than paper-based employee records.

Having a document management solution can be a big benefit to human resources teams. Typically, the HR department has to deal with a substantial amount of paperwork throughout the employee lifecycle. By implementing HR document management software, HR professionals no longer need to search through filing cabinets but instead can easily find and organize their digital documents.

For example, a document management solution can help the human resources department to share and organize onboarding documents such as employment contracts, resumés, employee handbooks, and other helpful resources for new hires.

What are the benefits of digitizing HR paperwork?

The most important HR processes rely on quick access to employee data. Keeping documents and files in paper form is inefficient and can lead to unnecessary time spent searching for specific information.

At the same time, candidates and new hires no longer want to receive huge piles of paper during the application and onboarding processes. Digitizing paper files can speed up the application process, simplify onboarding, and improve the candidate and employee experience. Electronic signatures eliminate the need to print and sign contracts and agreements, further speeding up admin tasks.

In many countries, there are certain minimum and maximum retention periods for application and employee documents. Having an HR document management system helps you keep track of these retention periods and erase records when required.

Are my employee files safe in flair’s document management software?

It is vital that employee records are kept 100% secure and are only shared with relevant stakeholders. With flair, you can assign permissions to ensure that access is granted only to managers and employees who require it. You can also assign admin privileges based on location – for example, so that UK-based HR managers can only access the records of UK staff.

What’s more, all your employee data is stored in Salesforce. This means you benefit from the same robust security standards that over 150,000 Salesforce customers enjoy.

What key features does flair offer for document management?

flair offers a range of document management features to support your human resources department.

Using flair, you can automatically generate documents, such as work contracts and payslips, based on templates. You can then share these documents with specific employees in the Employee Hub. Our document generator is available in our Enterprise and Culture plans – visit our pricing page for more details.

Other HR files, such as onboarding documents, sick notes, certification, and documents related to background checks, can also be uploaded using the Employee Hub.

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