HR Document Management

Save and Send Files Securely

flair provides all the tools you need to securely store and efficiently manage employee documents.

Centralized and Secure Document Management

A secure source for all your employee records.

EfficientAutomate emails with Document Builder templates

Secure – A single source of truth for employee documents

AccessibleAccess documents anywhere, any time via browser, desktop app, or mobile app

Keep HR Documents Organized and Secure

Digitize paper documents, automate document generation, and securely manage employee records.


Win Back Time with Automated Documents

Quickly generate documents like payslips and employment contracts for faster, more efficient admin work.


Simple File Sharing To Keep Your Team in Sync

Instantly provide employees with the documents they need and store them in the Employee Hub.

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"With flair, we have much more transparency in our HR. It organizes processes, makes them faster, and we always have access to the data we need – no matter whether you’re in the office or not."
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Florian Gehring

Co-Founder & Managing Director

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a document management system?

A document management system (DMS) is software that stores, organizes, accesses, and shares electronic documents. Digitizing paper files and storing them in a DMS reduces paperwork and speeds up admin tasks. A DMS is also more secure as permissions can be assigned to control access, movement, and editing of digital files. Only users with the necessary access rights can share documents. A cloud-based DMS is particularly useful for companies with distributed workforces as it allows employees to access files from any location, streamlining collaborative processes and simplifying admin work.

What is HR document management software used for?

HR document management software is designed specifically for HR professionals to provide a central location for all necessary documents. Cloud-based software is preferred for its security and scalability. Implementing a document management solution can simplify the HR department's workload by eliminating the need to search through filing cabinets and allowing for easy organization of digital documents. This solution can also assist with sharing and organizing onboarding documents such as employment contracts, resumés, employee handbooks, and other resources for new hires.

What are the benefits of digitizing HR paperwork?

HR processes require quick access to employee data. Digitizing files speeds up applications, simplifies onboarding, and improves the candidate and employee experience. Electronic signatures eliminate the need for printing and signing contracts, speeding up admin tasks. An HR document management system can also track retention periods and erase records when required.

Are my employee files safe in flair’s document management software?

Keeping employee records secure and accessible only to relevant stakeholders is crucial. With flair, you can assign permissions to ensure that access is granted only to managers and employees who require it. Admin privileges can also be assigned based on location, providing an additional layer of security. For example, UK-based HR managers can only access the records of UK staff.

Furthermore, all employee data is stored in Salesforce, which means that you benefit from the same robust security standards that over 150,000 Salesforce customers enjoy. This includes top-notch data encryption, access controls, compliance with relevant data privacy and security regulations, data backups, monitoring of all data activity, and audit trails to provide a record of all data activity. With flair, you can trust that your employee data is secure and protected at all times.

What key features does flair offer for document management?

flair provides a comprehensive document management solution for HR departments. With flair, you can generate HR documents, like work contracts and payslips, based on customizable templates. You can easily share these documents with specific employees through our Employee Hub. Our document generator is available in our Enterprise and Culture plans.

flair also allows you to upload and manage other HR files, like onboarding documents, sick notes, certifications, and background checks, using the Employee Hub. This centralizes all HR documents in one secure location, making it easy to manage and share employee information.

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