HR Document Management

Store and Share Files Securely

Our Salesforce-native solution helps you securely store, manage, and share files. Keep HR documents safe and easily retrievable with our cloud storage.

Well-Ordered Workforce Documentation

Use flair to digitize paper files, automate document generation, securely manage employee records and e-signing, and enhance admin communication.

Win back time with automation

Speed up admin and generate documents like offer emails, contracts, and policy files.

Stay in sync with easy file sharing

Instantly transfer documents from Salesforce to the employee portal for quick access.

Salesforce-secured documents

Achieve top-notch document security through flair's partnership with Salesforce.

Control access to documents

Ensure that only authorized personnel can view, edit, or delete sensitive documents.


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"With flair, we have much more transparency in our HR. It organizes processes, makes them faster, and we always have access to the data we need – no matter whether you’re in the office or not."

Document Creation

Auto-Create Documents and Employee Contracts

Streamline the creation of documents like employment contracts, offer letters, company policies, and more using the flair Document Generator on Salesforce.

  • Accelerate document personalization using dynamic fields
  • Instantly generate polished documents
  • Automatically link new documents to employee profiles
Categorize Documents

Arrange Documents and Records by Type

Centralize file storage and categorize documents by type for improved accessibility. Use the Employee Hub for easy admin communication, and separate confidential employee files from corporate documents.


Finalize and Send Digital Documents Fast

flair’s paperless e-signing eliminates the process of printing files for manual signing, significantly reducing the time it takes to finalize deals and documents.

Mobile Management

Access Documents on the Go

Enable managers and employees to conveniently handle their personal files on the move by accessing their employee portal on both Android and iOS devices.

  • Securely upload any documents
  • View and download payslips or contracts

Smart Document Management for Any Team

Organizing HR documents helps streamline admin and ensure compliance with industry standards.


Healthcare Companies Use flair to Stay Organized

flair enables medical companies to stay on top of employee contracts and certifications.


A Single Source of Truth for Knowledge Workers

Consultancies use flair to manage and maintain a central system for employee data storage.


Enhance Efficiency With Digitized Filing

Growing tech companies use flair to modernize filing and categorize their data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a document management system?

A document management system (DMS) is software that stores, organizes, accesses, and shares electronic documents. Digitizing paper files and storing them in a DMS reduces paperwork and speeds up admin tasks. A DMS is secure as permissions can be assigned to control access, movement, and editing of digital files. Only users with the necessary access rights can share documents. A cloud-based DMS is particularly useful for companies with distributed workforces as it allows team members to access files from any location, streamlining collaborative processes and simplifying admin work.

flair is an all-in-one HR solution that provides users with all the tools needed to secure and manage workforce documents in a user-friendly way. Our software allows for version control and archiving, ensuring transparency in document revisions and efficient storage of historical records. With advanced Salesforce-supported security for handling sensitive information, flair enables HR professionals to confidently manage various file formats while staying compliant with regulatory standards.

How does flair streamline document management and enhance collaboration?

Document management software can play a crucial role in enhancing collaboration within an organization by providing a centralized platform for storing, accessing, and sharing documents among team members. The best document management software should offer a range of collaboration tools and speed up the process of managing files.

One key feature of any great document management software is real-time collaboration capabilities. flair’s in-platform commenting features eliminate the need for cumbersome email threads, as team members can collaborate on documents with revisions visible to all parties through previous version history.

Additionally, as a Salesforce-native platform flair enables users to share documents with internal and external stakeholders. Managers are able to customize document access permissions. With features like access controls and audit trails, administrators can ensure that sensitive documents are only accessible to authorized individuals, reducing the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access.

flair’s document management features also include workflow automation tools to speed up the creation of important documents. Using the Document Generator, document creation workflows can be automated, freeing up time for employees to focus on more strategic tasks.

flair can also connect to many partner integration systems and applications, such as DocuSign and PDF Butler. These integrations ensure that companies can not only benefit from flair’s secure document storage but can also safely send and sign files when required.

How does flair differ from traditional file storage systems?

flair distinguishes itself from traditional file storage systems through its modern approach to document management, HR, and business processes. Unlike traditional methods reliant on physical paper or basic digital file storage, flair operates in a paperless environment, enabling organizations to embrace digital transformation fully.

flair’s cloud-based storage allows organizations to scale their storage needs easily as their document volume grows, without the need for additional, on-premise physical infrastructure. flair's emphasis on modern document management practices includes features such as version control, access control, and workflow automation.

Being a Salesforce native HR solution also provides advantages over non-Salesforce HR solutions. flair seamlessly integrates with the broader Salesforce ecosystem, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. This integration allows for greater collaboration and data sharing across departments, leading to improved organizational efficiency and productivity.

The flair solution offers a user-friendly interface designed for intuitive navigation and the customization of different file types, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise. The platform also includes a document generator, a drag-and-drop automated tool that simplifies the process of generating docs such as employment contracts, legal documents, policies, or other HR-related materials.

What are the benefits of digitizing HR paperwork?

Digitizing HR paperwork with a document management solution brings big improvements to how businesses manage their people. There are many forms of document management tools on the market such as Microsoft Office and Dropbox Business, alongside platforms such as M-Files and DocuWare. These tools have replaced paper document storage with digital files, making it easy to save in cloud-based platforms such as Google Drive. flair brings all the benefits of modern document storage and combines them with HR and recruiting management capabilities.

Switching to digital document management has a wide range of benefits. It can make the recruiting process less convoluted and reduces the workload on HR departments. Without mountains of paper forms, things become simpler, more customizable, and quicker. Features like electronic signatures and easy document sharing make processes like hiring and signing contracts much smoother. Plus, solutions like flair can help keep everything organized and secure, following rules and protecting sensitive information.

Going digital doesn't just make things easier – it saves money and helps the environment too. By cutting down on paper, businesses spend less on printing and storing documents. It's also better for the planet, reducing waste and saving trees. So whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, modernizing paperwork can bring multiple business-boosting positives and more.

Are my employee files safe with flair?

Keeping employee records secure and accessible only to relevant stakeholders is crucial. As certified Salesforce partners, we follow the same high-security standards as Salesforce itself. Salesforce has strong measures in place to protect data, meeting rules like GDPR and SOC 2. We help you follow data protection laws easily.

With flair, you can assign permissions to ensure that access is granted only to managers and employees who require it. Admin privileges can also be assigned based on location, providing an additional layer of security. For example, using flair’s document control UK-based HR managers may only access the records of UK staff.

Furthermore, all employee data is stored in Salesforce, which means that you benefit from the same robust security features that more than 150,000 Salesforce customers enjoy. This includes top-notch data encryption, access controls, compliance with relevant data privacy and security regulations, data backups, monitoring of all data activity, and audit trails to provide a record of all data activity. With flair, you can trust that your employee data is secure and protected at all times.

Can flair’s document management features be accessed remotely?

Yes, flair offers cloud-based or web-based access, allowing users to securely access, manage, and collaborate on documents from anywhere with an internet connection. We are enterprise content management, records management, and an HR solution rolled into one. Whether you're using a Windows PC, a Mac computer, or an Android mobile device, you can access your documents effortlessly.

With the flair mobile app’s smart user interface, accessing your documents on the go becomes seamless and convenient. Whether you're traveling, in a meeting, or simply away from your desk, you can stay connected and informed about important updates. The mobile app ensures that you never miss a beat, allowing you to view, manage, and collaborate on documents from the palm of your hand.

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