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Create accurate and personalized HR files using flair. Automate document generation with our Salesforce-native solution and reduce paperwork.

Use Your HR Data to Create Professional Documents

The flair Document Generator automates document creation, allowing you to easily populate templates with saved data from your HR records.

Streamline the admin process

Automatically insert HR data from your Salesforce org, saving time on manual input.

Minimize the risk of document error

Easily create professionally formatted and error-free recruiting and HR documents.

Create documents at scale

As your organization grows, increase digital document creation to meet demands.

Reduce HR costs with automation

Save on operational costs associated with manual document creation.


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Template Creation

Build Templates for Routine HR and Recruiting Files

Reduce the need for time-consuming manual data entry when it comes to HR admin. flair’s Document Generator helps users create enterprise-level documents.

  • Insert placeholder data fields into digital paperwork
  • Automatically fill these fields with specific data
Document Generation

Quickly Generate Contracts and Other Docs

Automatically import HR and recruiting data from your Salesforce org into documents. Simplify the process of creating contracts, policy files, offer letters and more using the flair Document Generator.


Send New Docs for E-Signatures

After creating a new document or contract, easily and securely initiate e-signing with flair's integrated e-signature feature. With just a few clicks, you can efficiently request and receive document signatures.


Automate HR Admin Tasks

Accelerate the creation of various documents, enhancing efficiency and consistency across all industries.


Save Time on Medical HR Administration

Create employment agreements for your healthcare workers in seconds.


Accelerate Contract Creation in Consultancies

Reduce the time it takes to hire consultants with automated offer letters and contract creation.


Cut Out Admin Errors in Important Tech Docs

Reduce the risk of inaccuracies with automated data entry with flair’s Salesforce solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is document generation software?

Document generation software, also known as document generators, is all about document automation. They automatically create documents for you based on templates.

Placeholders or merge tags in the document template can be automatically filled in by the document generator. The result is a document that looks as though it has been drawn up specifically for the recipient, with accurate and personalized information.

In HR, document generation software can be used to create a variety of documents, including offer letters, employment contracts, employee handbooks, onboarding documents, performance reviews, and other employment agreements.

Document generators reduce manual processes in creating documents, traditional workflows reliant on human data entry, and the cumbersome task of individually crafting each document. There are a number of document-generation tools on the market including Jotform, PandaDoc, Airslate, and HotDocs.

Such automation tools have made the creation of PDFs and other types of business documents easier and more efficient by streamlining the process. Document generators enable the generation of dynamic documents, which can adapt to different contexts or input data. They are particularly useful for generating HR communication and sometimes legal documents, where accuracy and compliance are critical.

Document generators are often integrated with other document management functions, such as electronic signatures (digital signature solutions like Yousign or DocuSign), document storage, and file sharing.

What is the difference between HR document management and document generation?

HR document management is a broad term that refers to all document-related processes in human resources. These include document storage, organization, sharing, and access control.

Document generation, on the other hand, refers to the automated creation of documents.

Starting with a template, document generation software fills dynamic fields with information sourced from other systems to produce new documents that are personalized. The document creation process is often integrated into a document management system, making it easier for companies to manage digital paperwork.

What are the benefits of document generation in HR?

HR departments deal with a considerable amount of paperwork and digital documents. Many of these documents, including work contracts, offer letters, employee references, and onboarding documents, are standardized, meaning the process can be quite repetitive.

By automating document generation, HR teams save time, improve consistency, and reduce the risk of errors when creating personalized employee documents. As dynamic data is filled from the HCM or HR system, managers can be sure that the information is consistent with the company’s records.

Reducing the time spent on these repetitive tasks allows HR managers to focus their attention on more strategic areas rather than constantly editing Word documents or reviewing Excel files. With a lower risk of human error, automatically generated documents help teams avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes in their documentation. The result is a clean professional document with consistent formatting and up-to-date employee data.

How does flair’s Document Generator work?

flair offers a user-friendly software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, designed to enhance the HR experience from end to end. You can use flair to create easy HR documents using our document generation tool in Salesforce. The first step is to create a document template using a word processor like Microsoft Word. In the template, replace any dynamic data, such as employee names, office locations, or salary amounts, with a merge tag. A merge tag is a dynamic placeholder enclosed within square brackets. They can reduce the need for extensive HTML coding, especially in scenarios where dynamic content insertion is required.

For instance, [Employee First Name] serves as a variable that can be employed to personalize a document for a particular individual. After uploading your template to flair, you simply select an employee for whom you wish to create a document and the Document Generator will automatically fill in any dynamic fields with data from your company’s records in Salesforce. If you need to manually update one of these fields, the changes will be applied to your Salesforce records too, ensuring a single source of truth.

This flair workflow automation allows for data that would have up until recently been stored almost exclusively in Excel spreadsheets to be seamlessly integrated into documents via Salesforce, eliminating the need for manual data entry and enhancing efficiency.

What other document tools does flair include?

flair is an all-in-one HR solution that covers many recruitment and HR processes, including talent acquisition, applicant tracking, onboarding, time and attendance, shift planning, performance reviews, and payroll. It also includes a comprehensive document management system or document automation software that helps you streamline many of the processes in the document lifecycle.

Besides the automated document generator, flair comes with a document builder. This useful document assembly tool helps HR professionals to quickly and easily create HR document templates in Salesforce.

Completed documents can also be shared with employees via our document management feature. The ability to mass upload documents such as payslips saves time for HR teams. Employees can view and download their documents via a self-service employee portal or using the flair Android and iOS mobile app. The customization of access permissions and Salesforce’s enterprise-grade data protection technology keeps personal files secure.

You can also electronically sign PDF documents using flair’s e-signature feature. This e-signature solution within flair streamlines HR admin processes, saving time for both managers, employees, and even incoming recruits.

What’s more, flair integrates with other document management systems and e-signature solutions, including DocuSign and PDF Butler. This means you can connect your familiar document processes with other HR tasks, creating a smoother and uninterrupted workflow.

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