2 October 2023

Hutte's Remote Culture Flourishes With Self-Service HR


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Within Salesforce’s extensive and diverse partner ecosystem, you can find many innovative tech companies like Hutte. Hutte is an ISV (independent software vendor) that aims to support other players in the Salesforce community with its DevOps solutions.

ISVs develop apps on the Salesforce platform, enhancing the CRM with additional functions that can range from simple calculator apps to comprehensive HR solutions. Hutte’s mission in all of this is to help companies develop and ship Salesforce products more efficiently and collaboratively.

Speaking about why he founded Hutte, Harald Mayer, the company’s CPO and co-founder, says “The Salesforce platform is absolutely great for quickly developing and delivering products. However, there are some gaps in its application lifecycle management. So getting work done can be easy, but getting it properly promoted to a testing environment, integrated, and shipped to production can be quite challenging. This is where Hutte comes to the rescue.”

Using their own experience of building products on Salesforce, Hutte’s team of specialists is dedicated to providing DevOps tools that improve product development in the Salesforce community.

Having an HR platform on Salesforce is a no-brainer to us because it allows us to leverage our Salesforce knowledge to do integrations and to enhance processes.

Harald Mayer

CPO and Co-Founder

Keeping a Remote Team Connected

While Hutte is based in Munich, its employees all work remotely. “Being remote-first was a conscious decision,” says Harald. “It’s something that we love and we live, and it’s a part of our company character.”

Having a distributed workforce brings its own set of challenges, but it has also been very beneficial to Hutte. “Remote-only work requires a lot of self-motivation and a willingness to work independently,” says Harald. “But the main advantage is definitely access to talent. By not being bound to certain hiring locations, we have a huge advantage in recruiting.”

To build a stronger sense of belonging and team spirit among employees, the Hutte team meets in person from time to time – particularly when there is a Salesforce event. Around visits to conferences, the team gets together to share ideas and express their creativity in hackathons. “Face-to-face meetings are important, of course, and the team really values them,” explains Harald. “We have a lot of discussions on the direction of our strategy, on concrete features, where every voice is heard.”

The Hutte.io team at a hackathon. In-person employee meeting.

To strengthen Hutte’s burgeoning company culture and manage daily HR tasks, Harald found flair – with its emphasis on smooth communication – to be the perfect fit for Hutte. “My expectation from HR software is that it should be highly collaborative. Every process should work without the need for face-to-face communication,” explains Harald.

Working remotely raises the bar when it comes to your expectations of usability. You rely on high-quality digital tools that are well-designed, self-explanatory, and able to transport the spirit and the culture of the company.

Harald Mayer

CPO and Co-Founder

Seamless Processes From Recruiting to Goals

Today, Hutte is using flair in its talent acquisition. The flair Recruiting app allows Hutte to create job openings in Salesforce, publish them on a dedicated careers page, and track and evaluate applicants as they progress through the candidate funnel.

Elaborating on Hutte’s recruiting process, Harald says, “We use flair through the entire recruitment lifecycle – collaboratively discussing candidates, communicating with them, moving them through the process, and eventually making a hire that can be progressed to onboarding as the next step. And that is a seamless, well-implemented process with flair.”

Besides recruitment, Hutte also performs many core HR tasks using flair. One of the key features for Hutte is the Employee Hub, which provides a user-friendly, self-service platform for employees. All team members can use the Hub to interact with HR, keep their personal details up to date, and request absences. To enhance communication and reinforce the team spirit, users can provide additional information in comments, tag colleagues, and send appreciative messages via the Cheers feature.

“flair provides a very simple user interface to the employee, with a powerful platform in the background for the people who work on HR processes,” adds Harald.

Hutte CPO and Co-Founder Harald Mayer works at laptop with employee

We use flair throughout the recruitment lifecycle – collaboratively discussing candidates, communicating with them, moving them through the process, and eventually making a hire. And that is a seamless, well-implemented process with flair.

Harald Mayer

CPO and Co-Founder

Hutte has also found flair’s Performance and Goals feature to be highly beneficial. The company uses OKRs to set goals and monitor progress on a company and individual level. Harald explains “With flair, we have everything we need to track our goals efficiently and to build out a solid process for performance reviews.”

Accompanying Hutte Every Step of the Way

Since Hutte was founded, the company has been using flair – and Harald is pleased with the results so far. “What flair produces out of the box is great. I really enjoy the welcoming nature of it. It’s a well-designed and very user-friendly HR platform that matches our objectives and our culture very well.”

Summarizing his experiences with flair, Harald believes that he has found a solution to accompany his business on its growth journey. “While flair perfectly serves our needs as a startup with relatively lean HR management, I also have full confidence that it will grow with us.”

We love working with Hutte, a company that shares our enthusiasm for Salesforce. But whether your organization uses Salesforce or not, flair can help you find HR harmony.

To find out more about Hutte, visit their website.

I would recommend flair as I think it’s a great companion from startup to enterprise. As we develop our organization, hire new employees, and grow our HR processes, flair will be here to scale with us and offer the right functionality at the right time.

Harald Mayer

CPO and Co-Founder

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