DATEV Integration

Synchronize your payroll data with DATEV – the leading tax and payroll software in Germany.

Use Cases

Simplify Your Payroll Accounting and Save Time

Get Started in Seconds

All you need to connect flair to DATEV is your consultant and client IDs and your DATEV login details.


Update Employee Details

Securely send up-to-date employee data to DATEV in just one click.


Submit Payroll Data

Effortlessly sync payroll data with DATEV to ensure accurate financial reporting.

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DATEV Flexibility

Compatible With Multiple DATEV Versions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is DATEV and how does it integrate with flair?

DATEV is a software solution designed to automate and streamline payroll tasks, including payroll accounting, wage and salary statements, and social security contributions.

The flair integration allows you to sync employee data and payroll information between the two systems, providing a seamless and streamlined approach to HR and payroll management. Export payroll data from flair to DATEV with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

What are the benefits of integrating DATEV with HR systems like flair?

Integrating DATEV with HR software like flair can offer a range of benefits. These benefits include streamlined HR and payroll processes, improved accuracy, increased efficiency, enhanced data security, better reporting capabilities, and compliance with regulations related to tax and data protection.

Automating and streamlining HR and payroll tasks reduces the need for manual data entry, minimizes the risk of errors, and saves time. Consolidating HR and payroll data in one place can also allow for more detailed analysis and reporting.

What are the requirements for using flair with DATEV?

Integrating DATEV with flair is simple. Since flair is compatible with multiple DATEV versions, all you need a valid user account for each system.

How long does it take to set up the integration between DATEV flair?

Connecting flair to DATEV is quick and easy. Simply provide your consultant and client IDs along with your DATEV login details, and you can get started in seconds.

How is data security ensured when integrating DATEV with flair?

Data security is a top priority for flair and we employ a range of security features, as well as compliance with relevant data privacy and security regulations. Additionally, as flair is built on Salesforce, it incorporates Salesforce's data security features for further assurance. You can trust that your data is secure and protected when using flair to integrate with DATEV.

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