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Smart and Simple Payroll Processing

Payroll management made easy – organize all your payment data in one place, run payroll, remain compliant, and ensure employees get paid correctly and on time.

Efficient Payroll for Punctual Payments

flair simplifies pay management, allowing HR teams to organize employee data, generate payroll documents, and integrate with finance apps for reliable payments.

Unified company payroll data

Use our centralized HR solution to organize all the employee data needed to create payroll runs.

Repetitive payroll tasks automated

Save time running payroll by creating reusable templates and automating payslip delivery.

Connected with time tracking

Sync payroll with time tracking and cost centers for more enhanced budget management.

Customized payroll for compliance

Fine-tune your payroll system to align with legal standards and ensure you meet all obligations.


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Payroll Run Management

Securely Store Payroll Data

Connect document management with payroll to track important data and payment details and ensure accurate payroll processing.

  • Collate data to efficiently pay employees
  • Generate payroll runs for accounting management
  • Export payroll data and documents for seamless final payments
Regulation Compliance

Plan Payroll by Region

Create distinct payroll groups that correspond to different offices or geographical regions. Within each territory, configure payroll to adhere to local laws.

  • Define payroll territories for greater compliance
  • Align payroll with local laws and public holidays
  • Export essential files for payroll in specific territories
Payroll Integration

Integrate With Smart Accounting Apps

Effortlessly connect to your preferred accounting app through our network of Salesforce and non-Salesforce partner apps and services. Smoothly integrate your payroll data with the know-how of financial experts.

Employee Self-Service

Distribute Payslips to Employee Portal

Automate the delivery of paychecks. Allow employees to safely access their payroll info, including salary slips, tax forms, and other details using their personal work portal.


Make Payday a Breeze for Everyone

Structure your payroll system to ensure everyone enjoys a positive payday experience.


Self-Service Paychecks for Busy Medical Staff

With our self-service employee portal, healthcare staff can check their payroll info and review the status of paychecks.


Easily Divide Projects into Cost Centers

Consultancies use flair payroll and cost centers to understand budgets, enabling better financial management.


Maintain Compliance for Global Tech Teams

Stay on top of compliance and create payroll functions that take into account different labor laws and regulations.

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Integrations To Elevate Your HR

Frequently Asked Questions

How can flair help with payroll?

flair's payroll features empower HR teams to efficiently manage and streamline the compensation process for their employees. Thanks to flair’s partnership with Salesforce, our platform excels in its ability to seamlessly collect and centralize all essential pay-related data.

This encompasses time-tracking records, absence records, and staff information, all of which play a crucial role in facilitating the smooth execution of payroll runs.

With the flair HR app, HR teams can safely store employee information, create unlimited payroll runs, manage pay across regions, and generate payroll documents for direct deposit transactions or tax payments. It means HR staff save time in planning and with accurate data can prevent any unfortunate payroll mishaps.

Through our self-service employee portal, the Employee Hub, staff can also manage and keep tabs on their personal employment information like paychecks, as well as bank account and health insurance details. flair’s HCM software also supports the generation of documents like year-end payroll reports and integration with international payroll providers. So whether you’re a nonprofit, small business owner, or a global enterprise brand, flair has you covered for basic payroll management.

What are payroll territories?

This is a form of payroll template within flair’s payroll software. Creating payroll territories is a way to manage different payment or employment categories.

Your company and employees may work across several countries and therefore require different payroll needs. For example, local taxes are typically administered depending on individual states or territories. So, companies operating across borders need to be able to customize their payroll and benefits administration options. flair HR software facilitates this.

Our in-app Payroll Territories page helps you select employees for each payment jurisdiction and configure documents accurately for payroll runs.

What is the overall benefit of an HR solution with payroll features?

An HR solution with payroll features, such as flair, delivers a streamlined approach to workforce management. By consolidating payroll features within a centralized HR solution, organizations can efficiently handle in-house payroll data and ensure on time payment for employees. This integrated approach – where HR tools sync with payroll data – not only enhances overall payroll run efficiency but also contributes to greater compliance and record keeping.

For example, flair's document management capabilities enable the collation of important information for payroll. Meanwhile our payroll run templates reduce the risk of errors, with the automation of payslip delivery on Salesforce enabling HR professionals to reduce their workload. Overall, combining HR tools and payroll features in a single platform simplifies administrative tasks and can help streamline resources. It also allows for more cohesive management of employee data and payroll processes.

What security measures are in place to protect sensitive payroll data?

At flair, the security of sensitive payroll data is of paramount importance, and we benefit from robust measures to ensure its protection, including encryption and threat detection. As a Salesforce-native solution, flair runs on Salesforce's top-tier security infrastructure to bolster the protection of your payroll data and other core HR processes.

For example, Salesforce’s Shield Platform Encryption enhances the security of your data by introducing an additional layer of protection, all while maintaining essential platform capabilities. With this feature, you can encrypt sensitive data even when it's stored, not solely during transmission. This ensures that your organization can confidently meet privacy policies, regulatory mandates, and contractual commitments.

What support and training options are available with flair's payroll software?

At flair, we prioritize your success by offering a range of support and training options. Our online Help Center provides 24/7 access to a wealth of resources, including written guides, video demos, and FAQs. You can visit our payroll guide to assist you in onboarding new hires to your payroll and in other tasks like setting up a payroll run and territory.

For more assistance, our dedicated Customer Support Team is readily available to help with implementation and guidance for no additional fees. We believe in maintaining strong partnerships, which is why we offer regular check-ins to understand your evolving needs and ensure you get the most out of the flair HR solution and its free add-ons like the mobile app.

Can flair complete financial transactions?

flair is a cloud-based human resource management solution. Therefore it is designed to streamline processes related to payroll data gathering, template creation, and document generation for staff payments, specifically payroll runs. It is not possible to choose payment methods or complete transactions and tax filing through flair.

However, our Salesforce-native solution does offer software integration capabilities with full-service payroll apps and financial partners such as DATEV, Sage, and AFAS, which specialize in tax and payroll accounting. Organize all your HR tasks and payroll data with flair, and then easily finalize payment through one of our payroll integrations.

How can employees access their payroll information?

With flair’s advanced document management features and the Employee Hub self-service portal, staff are empowered to manage their personal information. Through the self-service capabilities of the Employee Hub, employees can access and update a variety of payroll-related information and immediately receive payslips via our automated payroll feature. In the Documents section on the Employee Hub, staff can see their pay stubs, tax forms, and payroll tax details. The platform ensures that employees can also conveniently see and PTO (paid time off) info and retrieve payroll data or documents on the same day it is made available through the browser or on mobile.

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