Simplify End-to-End Payroll Management

Payroll management made easy – organize all your payment data in one place, create clear payroll runs, and ensure employees get paid correctly and on time.

How To Manage Payroll

Create payroll templates and manage documents according to employee, department, team, or country.

Organize Payroll Run

Collect and track all the information you need to create a payroll run or make an employee payment.

Configure Payroll Territories

Customize payroll templates for certain time periods, departments, or even employees in different jurisdictions.

Process Employee Pay

Export payroll run information to relevant department or accountant and complete payment process using data collated on flair.

Plan Payday Correctly

Structure and Manage Payroll Records

Organize employee data and generate all the documents needed to calculate and make timely payments.

Promote Employee Data Empowerment

Empower employees to oversee their personal data and ensure a smooth, paperless payment transaction.

Reduce Payroll Management Costs

Streamline the entire payroll process and minimize associated HR expenditure.

Run Payroll in Any Region or Industry

    Payroll Data Tracking

    Flawlessly manage employee information across different departments or even countries and ensure efficient payroll procedures.

    Compensation Management

    Establish compensation policies and smoothly administer salary, benefits, and reimbursements to employees.

    Payroll Accounting

    Collate all the necessary payroll information into neat and easy-to-understand accounting reports.


Manage Payroll With Your Favorite Programs

Organize your payroll with multiple tools – flair integrates with Slack, DocuSign, Calendly, and more.

Personalize Your HR Processes

Use Flair’s API for Custom Needs

Valuable Payroll Solutions For Every Workplace

Whether you're just getting started or are already a big name, our solution scales to your needs.


    Medical Enterprises Pay Staff Efficiently Using flair

    HAIR&SKIN, Bestsmile, and many more health tech companies efficiently manage payroll with flair.


    Top Consultancies Trust flair Payroll Support

    flair helps leading Salesforce consultancies like Salesfive to perfect payment procedures.


    flair Payroll Solutions Support Company Growth

    Hannover-based HERO Software use flair tools to meet their developing HR needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is payroll management software?

Payroll software helps automate the process of compensating staff for their work. It involves documenting earnings, time tracking, calculating reimbursements and deductions, generating accounting reports, and delivering payments.

flair is a smart HR solution that does just that and more. With the flair app, businesses can manage their entire human resources operations end to end. We also provide customer support and intuitive user guides to get you set up.

The flair payroll management software allows payment providers to safely store employee information, create unlimited payroll runs, manage pay across regions, and generate payroll documents for direct deposit transactions or tax payments. No more time-consuming payroll duties or payment mishaps with new hires.

Through our employee portal, the Employee Hub, flair clients empower their staff to manage and keep tabs on their own personal employment information. We also support the generation of documents like year-end payroll reports.

What is a payroll run?

Creating a payroll run is necessary to pay employees who receive a salary. Monthly payroll runs will involve individual employees receiving 12 paychecks per year. A company issuing weekly payments will typically need to create 52 payroll runs per staff member.

It’s a collection of all the information you need to run payroll or complete payroll processing. For example, this information could include data on individual earnings, bank account details, time tracking, employee benefits, health insurance, and tax status.

To complete a payment, you will need to sync this information and document it in a clear way. flair allows companies of all sizes to organize their payroll system.

Our features help employers efficiently gather the necessary payroll data required to streamline payroll runs and ensure a hassle-free payday.

What are payroll territories?

This is a form of payroll template. Creating Payroll territories is a way to manage different payment or employment categories.

Your company and employees may work across a number of countries and therefore require different payroll needs. For example, local taxes are typically administered depending on individual states or territories. So, companies operating across borders need to be able to customize their payroll options. flair HR software facilitates this.

Our in-app Payroll Territories page helps you to select employees for each payment jurisdiction and configure documents during payroll runs.

What is the Learning Hub?

The Learning Hub is an online resource to help you get the most out of flair. Curated by the expert UX designers and developers that brought you flair, the Learning Hub is where you'll find step-by-step user guides.

From taking your first steps on the flair Employee Hub homepage to setting up HR management processes on Salesforce, the Learning Hub has educational HR content that is continuously evolving with our products.

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