Dynamic Organizational Charts

Visualize Your Company Structure

Easily view your company's hierarchy with the flair Org Chart. Improve communication and streamline decision-making processes for better efficiency.

Generate Clear Org Charts for Company Clarity

Build understanding and transparency. The flair Org Chart automatically displays informative visuals showcasing your company structure.

Easily outline company structure

Use an interactive chart that illustrates your company hierarchy and direct reports.

Automatic org chart updates

flair org charts automatically update based on employee data within Salesforce.

Personalize charts to reflect culture

Customize employee maps and org chart info to fit with the vibe of your workplace.

Data-filled corporate diagrams

Enhance communication with searchable org charts that contain work information.


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Employee Org Chart

Support Team Synergy

flair's easy-to-navigate organizational chart feature helps businesses maintain a clear picture of their hierarchy and communication flow.

  • Understand reporting relationships
  • See how departments interact
  • Identify new leaders for succession planning
  • Keep staff reliably informed about company changes
Search Chart

Navigate Contacts With Ease

Using flair’s interactive org chart, top executives, HR personnel, managers, and employees can keep tabs on company growth and direct reports.

  • Effortlessly find staff across multiple office locations
  • Access work contact info for colleagues
  • Help new hires get to know the company structure
Custom Settings

Personalize the Company Map

Tailor the org chart to specific needs and preferences, reflecting the unique structure and dynamics of your company. Add avatars, names, positions, and departments, to make the chart visually appealing and easy to comprehend.


Org Charts for Any Industry

Understanding organizational structure is crucial for companies across all industries.


Enhance Medical Network Visibility

Effectively find and review medical personnel across diverse locations.


Organize Your Retail Network

Gain a complete overview of the teams managing a chain of retail stores.


Quickly Chart Tech Succession Plans

Tech firms use the flair Org Chart to identify leaders and enable succession management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an org chart?

An org chart, short for organizational chart, is a visual representation of a company's structure. It outlines the hierarchy of roles and responsibilities within an organization, showing the relationships and reporting lines between different positions and departments. Typically, org charts display positions from top management down to entry-level employees, illustrating how information and authority flow through the organization. In HR, org charts help employees understand a company’s structure, who they report to, and who their colleagues are across different teams or departments.

As an end-to-end HR solution, flair makes it possible to create an organization chart to help managers and employees see the big picture. Diagramming tools and org chart software can help businesses paint an easy-to-understand picture of their team's hierarchy.

So whether you’re part of the sales team, in marketing, or involved in operations, having access to clear org charts can facilitate smoother communication, collaboration, and decision-making across the entire organization.

These visual maps, not to be confused with a flowchart, are where everyone in a modern company can find their place, making the organizational landscape crystal clear. There are many organizational chart makers and tools for building org chart templates on the market. They include Microsoft Visio, Lucidchart, and SmartDraw. flair is specially designed for HR professionals and has an org chart fully integrated into the solution along with other employee and task management features.

How do flair Org Charts support team collaboration and communication?

With an intuitive and navigable org chart in flair, there are no more guessing games – just a straightforward view of the team structure and who's who. Even if a company’s team is scattered across the world, a glance at the flair Org Chart helps staff put faces to names, review work-related contact information, and visualize workflows, making it easier to reach out and collaborate.

Using the flair Org Chart, your employees and HR team members can look up specific coworkers using the intuitive search bar and filters, which can double as a directory and make it much simpler to find people in larger companies.

The customization capabilities also allow organizations to personalize their workforce charts that reflect company needs and specific preferences. Simply add avatars, names, titles, positions, and more to paint the organizational picture that suits your business.

The flair Org Chart feature may also be useful for project management, providing clarity on team structures and reporting lines. It can also aid succession management by identifying potential successors for key roles. Moreover, with flair users may establish clear reporting structures, enhancing communication within the organization. By integrating org charts into project management, succession planning, and reporting, businesses can improve transparency, communication, and agility.

How is a flair Org Chart updated, and can I manually make changes?

As a Saleforce-native solution, flair has many data import and automation capabilities. The flair Org Chart is automatically updated in real-time based on changes in your organization's structure and the employee information available within your Salesforce org.

While manual edits are possible, the flair solution ensures accuracy through seamless integration with HR and Salesforce data. With flair, you can easily explore your organization's setup by looking at positions, teams, and departments, which helps with workforce planning, generating ideas, and brainstorming new strategies.

What level of detail does a flair Org Chart provide about each employee?

flair’s Org Chart feature can display a range of details about your chain of command, from basic information such as employee names and job titles to more specific details like contact information, department, location, and reporting relationships.

Using flair’s org chart creator, companies may create a simple or comprehensive view of each employee depending on their preference.

Is the flair Org Chart accessible to all employees?

Certainly. flair offers customizable options for the Org Chart, allowing organizations to include employee information such as work contact details and position names. This customization enables users to create comprehensive visual representations of their workforce.

As such, the flair Org Chart can serve as a valuable tool for talent management and succession planning, allowing you to identify potential leaders and strategically plan for the future growth of your organization. Moreover, flair's capabilities extend beyond visual representation, offering secure storage for documents and employee data, and reducing reliance on cumbersome Excel workflows and paper-based systems.

Can the Org Chart be used for talent management and succession planning?

Yes, the Org Chart is designed for organization-wide accessibility. It is viewable for managers and employees using flair’s internal staff dashboard called the Employee Hub. As with all aspects of the flair end-to-end HR solution, permission levels can be set. Editing access can be customized using Salesforce to ensure confidentiality and compliance with privacy regulations.

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