Mobile HR App

The flair Mobile App

Track time, request absences, and view your documents on the go – with the flair mobile app for iOS and Android.

Keep Up-to-Date No Matter Where You Work

Take care of simple tasks and access the information you need, wherever you are.

Work Flexibly

At an off-site meeting or working on the train? No problem. The flair mobile app gives you access to core HR functions on the go.

Stay Connected

Check which colleagues are absent, book time off, and view upcoming employee birthdays whenever you need to.

Get Informed

View your documents on the go and get notified about important updates – with the flair mobile app, you’ll never miss a thing.

Core HR in the Palm of Your Hand

The flair mobile app simplifies the workday for employees and managers alike.

Live Activities

With iOS 16, you can view your time tracker from the lock screen.

Upcoming Birthdays

Never forget a colleague’s special day with upcoming birthdays.

Upload Documents

Securely store important files for convenient mobile access.

Current Absences

Instantly see which colleagues are absent and when they return.

Book Time Off

Quickly request an absence if you are sick or planning a vacation.

Clock in Anytime

View your logged time, take a break, or clock out whenever needed.

flair mobile app

Track Time on the Go

The flair mobile app helps employees record their working hours, no matter where they are working. Charts show the tracked time per day, as well as any deficits or overtime.

Reliable Time Tracking

Verify that employees are working fair hours and taking enough breaks.

Compliant With Labor Laws

Keep a reliable record of working hours in line with local regulations.


Streamline Absence Requests

App-based absence management simplifies planning and improves the employee experience. View remaining absence days and upcoming time off anytime you need to.


Receive absence requests as soon as they are submitted in the app.

Clearer Process

Eliminate confusion around absence allowances and paid time off.


Access Documents Anytime

Share important documents like payslips and contracts with employees, and receive up-to-date personal information whenever an employee’s details change.

Robust Security

Securely store work documents in your Salesforce instance.

Accurate Records

Allow employees to update personal details at any time.


Mobilize Your Workforce With the flair Mobile App

Download the free app for iOS and Android.