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In the retail industry, there is a high potential to automate HR processes. flair helps you to think HR holistically - as well as in depth.
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Employee turnover in the retail sector is higher than in other industries. Special requirements demand simple solutions. With features like CV-parsing and job multi-posting, flair helps you to search for suitable talents. Because it is important to us that all employees and candidates feel special!
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New co-worker again?! The retail sector is known for regular hiring of new employees. A reliable onboarding system takes a lot of work off your shoulders. Automated processes and digital checklists of new hires can be easily managed via lucid dashboards. flair creates transparency - for you and your newbies!
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Shift Planner

In retail, the focus is on the employees on site. To ensure they get the most out of their work, shifts must be managed precisely. flair's all-in-one solution offers lucid absence management and transparent shift schedules - for the employer as well as for the entire staff.
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Time Tracking

On a hectic workday in the retail sector, employees may forget about their time. To prevent this from becoming a downfall, flair equips you with an easy-to-use app. This way, working hours become regulated and trackable. So you don’t lose a single second. And thus have more time for your customers.
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Many different work and employment models often cause headaches in the retail sector when it comes to payroll. flair provides a remedy! You can easily define templates for payouts, which you then use to automatically calculate the correct amounts. Easy to export and of course compatible with any relevant payroll and accounting software.
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Flair's intuitive user interface and broad range of functionalities is a must have for everyone who wants to manage employees in Salesforce. Great team and exceptional customer support, definitely recommended!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need HR-Software in Retail?

Retail is probably one of the oldest industries. For many years, business people have been offering their goods directly to end customers in stores. This shows that, in principle, it can be done without software. However, it is now impossible to work as efficiently and in accordance with regulations without the usage of HR-Software.

In addition to classic budget systems and inventory management software, many technical aids now make life easier for many retailers. In this way, it is possible to concentrate again on what retailing is really all about: advice and sales.

To what extent software in human resources is really necessary depends, of course, on the size of the business. If you are a single business owner with a small business around the corner and no employees, you don't need an HRIS. However, as soon as employees are added, HR software becomes more and more useful and, above a certain size, is actually a must.

Time and attendance management, payroll processing, sick leave and so on. These are all potential stumbling blocks where you need to be very precise in order to comply with the law. The right software solution takes care of this and not only saves you time but also saves you restless nights worrying that some mistake in payroll will lead to bigger problems or something similar.

But payroll software isn't the only time and night saver. With the right cloud solution, you always have access to the right data and analyses, wherever you are. This way, you can perfectly support your employees and always help them in their development in the best possible way.

And not only that, the employee experience daily work is improved. Through cloud-based software with a mobile app, they can easily request their next vacation leave or even change their shift.

Thus, it is only recommended to every retailer with employees to get the right HR software. The invested money will pay off quickly through the saved time and the better performance of all employees.

What are the most relevant features in Retail?

Not every retail business is the same, yet there are functionalities that are relevant to most companies and have the greatest impact.

The classic features are the time clock and payroll. With those two features, you can make sure that the employees always receive the correct amount and save you a lot of time doing that.

Especially when the number of employees grows, these functionalities are immediately profitable, since the cost of the software would certainly be less than the salary cost of a person who would be hired just for this purpose. Yet that's not everything that the best HR software solves in retail.

Digital document management helps to ensure that all employee data and documents are always easy to find and access, but only the people who should be allowed insights have access to them. In connection with the employee self-service, not just the employee but also the HR department have less draining work to do.

Everything around classic HR management is also a lever that has a big impact on the success of an organization.

First, applicant management and talent management make finding new employees as easy as possible. Then, e-learning helps integrate the new hires into the business in the best possible way and teaches them how to work.

Once new employees have been found and have gone through their onboarding, shift planning in workforce scheduling helps to make the best use of the workforce and to identify when additional positions need to be filled to ensure smooth operations.

With digitally supported performance management, all employees are supported in the best way and you can be sure that you can keep a good eye on everyone's development.

How does HR-Software help in Retail?

Software in HCM (Human Capital Management) supports retail in many ways.

For example, artificial intelligence in workforce management helps ensure that the workforce is deployed in the best possible way. Fed with the right data, no human can plan better than good HR software.

But it's not just in short-term shift planning that software helps. It also assists in longer-term staffing and predicts in the best possible way where there might be a shortage of manpower in the future.

It is in filling precisely this gap that an HRMS comes into play again. With applicant management, support in publishing job postings, automation of follow-up emails and much more, it not only simplifies the process for applicants but also for the workforce in HR, so that the top talent can advise and sell for you.

But these talents only really pay off if they've been properly trained. That's where the e-learning software solution comes in. Without large personnel expenditure, completely flexibly and gladly also playfully new entrants are introduced into the work and prepared in the best possible way for the work ahead.

Once the new employee has been working for a while, performance management not only provides a dashboard with clear analyses but also schedules performance reviews so that everyone is able to further develop and employee engagement and retention are increased.

In the end, however, every employee wants to be paid for his or her performance. The electronic real time time-tracking via mobile app helps to collect hours and the integration of payroll accounting ensures that everything is correct and everyone is completely satisfied.

Of course, there are also certain industry solutions that offer further specific support, such as the automated payment of bonuses when certain milestones are reached.

In which areas does HR-Software help in Retail?

HR solutions potentially help in all areas that one would assign to HR. This is classically divided into personnel administration and personnel management.

Personnel Administration

HR management includes one of the biggest challenges in retail: hiring. That is why HR systems help in this area in a big way.

With applicant management and ATS (Applicant Tracking System) you always have an overview and no applicant is forgotten. Through templates, workflows and a good user experience, the applicant has the best possible experience and you become even more attractive as an employer.

Functionalities such as multiposting make it easier to reach as many potential employees as possible with a minimum of time. All it takes is a few key pieces of information and one click for a job posting to appear on all relevant job portals as well as social media networks. This way you reach the right talent.

With personnel controlling and personnel organization, other areas are covered in which a software solution brings huge advantages.

The right HR system provides an overview of all personnel topics in the organization without much organizational effort. Analyses are automatically generated, allowing costs and benefits to be compared in the simplest way possible.

Even the application for subsidies, registration of new employees and many other formalities are largely handled by the software. The digital personnel file also keeps everything organized and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Even the calculation and payment of wages has to be set up once and then hardly any time is spent on this task.

Tasks that were originally done manually, such as employee scheduling, can now be automated. This means that they not only cost less time but are also implemented better than a human could ever do.

Personnel Management

Personnel management is more the "management" part of "human resource management". Personnel planning should ensure that the company is always prepared for the future in terms of personnel and that there are no gaps.

With easy-to-understand overviews and detailed analyses and forecasts, every HR employee's life is made easier and they can be sure that any gaps that arise can be identified and filled at an early stage.

However, personnel development is also an essential part of HR management. The right performance management system is a great help here. Feedback cycles are automatically created, in which regular discussions take place to both uncover potential and prevent problems. At these meetings, you can then work in a data-based manner thanks to good reports.

There are also opportunities for actual career planning of the workforce in the company. This way, a potential path in the company can be mapped out and clear development opportunities can be presented.

With these tools, all workers are not only satisfied but also steadily improving. HR communication can also go through the HR solution channel and thus be simplified. General messages to certain teams or departments are automated and interactions are further simplified with simple response suggestions.

Is an HR department always necessary in the retail industry?

Of course, you cannot answer this question across the board. In a company with no or few employees, a pure HR manager position is nonsensical and thus also an HR department. In large companies, on the other hand, it is unavoidable. Therefore, a strong distinction must be made here.

If you have only a few employees in your company, you do not need an independent HR department. Nevertheless, many HR processes have to be taken care of. This is where an HR system is particularly helpful. Not only can you save a lot of time, but you can also do a lot on your own without much knowledge of HR.

If you want to spend even less time and effort on HR yourself, but a specialist in the field is not yet useful, it is also possible to hire an external HR department.

If you have reached a certain size, however, the effort can no longer be managed with an external HR department. Then you need the human resources department in-house.

There will be daily issues with payroll, terminations, time-off and much more that you need professionals who are not just close to the company but also to the employees. This way, everything can be solved as quickly and appropriately as possible and all employees have their contact persons, which makes them even more satisfied.

Also, topics such as personnel planning or development cannot be handled by external service providers. However, since these topics are essential and can no longer be handled completely independently by the actual managers after a certain point, a human resources department is unavoidable at some size.

What are the biggest challenges for HR in Retail?

Human resources personnel have many challenges in the retail industry. Classically, there is a high employee turnover rate in staff. That is, many workers leave and many new workers need to be hired. This brings with it many tasks.

First, as described earlier, many new workers must be sought out and hired. To do this, it is first necessary to identify exactly which positions are lacking and which workers fit the bill.

Then exactly these potential employees must be reached through the right channels. If you are visible there as a company, you also have to be the most attractive next to all the competition.

Once someone has applied, you have to offer him or her the best possible experience so that you remain interesting as an employer.

Once you have actually managed to find and hire many new workers, they still need to be introduced to their jobs. This is what good onboarding is all about. If this is bad, it not only costs a lot of time but also wastes a lot of potentials.

But in addition to all these challenges of hiring in large numbers, there are other tasks that need to be done.

In order to avoid hiring many more employees, the existing workforce should feel as comfortable as possible. Integration and transparency serve this purpose, as do benefit programs and development opportunities.

In addition, all the formalities that come with large numbers of employees create a lot of work. For example, all the documents have to be organized properly, paid out correctly while merchandise management and time management also fit. Microsoft Excel is definitely not sufficient for that.

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