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Simplify HR Tasks in Retail

Transform your HR management with flair's unified solution built on Salesforce. Simplify core HR processes for retail and manage other tasks like payroll more easily.

Fast-Track Retail Hiring

Streamline your retail recruitment by creating a branded career portal that makes it easy for candidates to apply. Guide applicants from the interview stage through to hiring using the flair recruitment funnel on Salesforce. It makes communication easier and recruitment faster.


Automate Repetitive Admin Tasks

Reclaim time and costs with flair’s automated features. Our Document Generator speeds up the creation of company policy handbooks, offer letters, and more. Use flair’s document management functions to automate payslip communication.


Boost Employee Retention and Growth

Increase employee retention and development with timely performance reviews. Define clear career goals and assess employees with customizable performance review templates.


Generate Data-Driven Reports

Efficiently assess trends, recruitment needs, and skill gaps by securely consolidating all company data in a unified platform. Use flair’s data dashboard to generate pre-built reports or customize your own using Salesforce. Gain insights from employee turnover statistics and other metrics.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can flair assist with HR management in the retail industry?

Absolutely. flair can handle the complexities of managing a diverse and often part-time workforce. Our solution meets the unique needs of the retail sector, providing shift planning calendars that accommodate varying positions and schedules. The flair Employee Hub portal also enables staff to log in remotely and check upcoming work times or interact with HR managers and department leads about topics such as leave.

Part-time employment often comes with specific compliance considerations. flair addresses these intricacies through the HR app on Salesforce. Its features help retail businesses tailor their HR management to local labor laws. This includes the easy tracking of working hours and the creation of flexible workload templates. For example, hourly-based workload templates allow for better control and organization of tasks in a workplace where working hours may vary.

flair also enables HR teams and management to categorize different types of leave for part-time staff, while the platform’s self-service document management features are perfect for distributing paperless payslips.

How does flair promote collaboration among retail recruiting teams?

The flair HR solution features a centralized candidate database, promoting seamless management and collaboration across retail recruitment teams. Recruiters can easily access and manage candidate information with the flair Recruiting app on Salesforce.

Using flair’s recruitment funnel, retail interviewers can work together, leaving candidate assessment notes for one another before approving a prospective new hire for the next stage of the recruitment process. This results in a more efficient and consistent candidate evaluation process for retail companies, leading to better-quality hires in a shorter time frame.

How does flair help with employee engagement in a retail setting?

Our end-to-end HR solution includes a number of employee engagement tools, recognition features, and feedback mechanisms that can boost morale and help reduce employee turnover. In the fast-paced retail environment, it can be difficult to make time for check-ins between managers and staff. With flair, managers can customize performance reviews or check-ins using the flair HR app and then schedule an employee’s participation via the Employee Hub.

flair also facilitates greater interaction between colleagues. Create multiple types of employee surveys, from short pulse surveys to more detailed questionnaires and get actionable feedback. Or why not send colleagues a video or image-based thanks through our Loom-integrated Cheers function?

What analytics and reporting features does your HR solution offer?

Our HR solution, built on Salesforce, offers a sophisticated suite of analytics and reporting tools tailored to meet the needs of retail businesses. By tapping into flair data dashboards, companies can dig into what's happening behind the scenes. For example, gain insights on staff turnover, calculate how many staff are in their probation period, or find out the number of personnel leaving at any given time.

With integration into Salesforce, flair aligns HR data with sales performance metrics. For example, seamlessly integrate flair’s HR analytics with other Salesforce modules like Tableau or Sales Cloud. This interconnected approach ensures that HR insights contribute directly to overall business strategies and operational efficiency.

What is the process for implementing the flair HR solution?

Incorporating flair into your retail business is a smooth and straightforward process. Connect with our sales team to arrange a demonstration and explore how flair can be customized to address your unique HR requirements.

After gaining a comprehensive understanding of the advantages flair brings, our Customer Success team will lead you through the implementation steps. This ensures that the solution seamlessly integrates with your retail operations. Explore how flair can enhance efficiency and cut costs for your company by scheduling a complimentary demo today.

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