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Attract the Ideal Candidates

Create eye-catching career portals in minutes, with no code required. flair helps you attract promising candidates and evaluate them in Salesforce.

Attract and Recruit the Best Candidates

flair’s intuitive career portal builder makes it easy for you to publish job openings on your website, so you can fill key positions in less time.

Career portals that stand out

Find suitable candidates in less time with career pages that attract interest.

Integrated applicant tracking

Store all applications in Salesforce and use AI screening to prioritize candidates.

Better candidate experience

Simplify the application process and efficiently follow up with candidates.

Ideal for multi-location businesses

Create multiple career pages tailored to hiring needs in different locations and teams.


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CEO & Co-Founder

Founded in 2018


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“We benefit tremendously from having all our HR data in Salesforce. This allows us to onboard employees faster and run our job recruitment in a standardized way with just a few clicks!”

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder

Showcase Your Job Openings

Design compelling career pages in minutes, with no code needed. Simply drag and drop prebuilt, customizable modules to create a career page that fits your brand.

  • Present your company culture and values
  • Define requirements to improve candidate quality
  • Store applications in a centralized system
Segmented Career Portals

Refine Your Recruiting Strategy

Direct your recruitment efforts to specific locations and personas. With flair, you can set up multiple career portals for different company divisions, subsidiaries, and branches, displaying only the most relevant jobs.

Job Board Integration

Boost the Reach of Your Job Openings

flair helps you fill key positions faster. Choose from around 2,500 online job portals to promote your job vacancies.

  • Post on multiple job boards in one click
  • Manage job ad budgets and payment within flair
  • Monitor ad performance centrally
Optimized Recruitment Funnel

Analyze and Improve Your Hiring Process

Increase recruitment efficiency with analytics and AI-powered candidate screening. Automatically respond to candidates, schedule interviews, and progress successful applications to onboarding.


Stand Out in Your Industry With a Branded Career Site

Use our career portal builder to position your organization as a great employer and fill vacancies faster.


Win the Race for Healthcare Staff

Improve your visibility as a healthcare employer to fill vacancies in less time.


Promote Your Consultancy’s Culture

Entice talented consultants by giving your company culture the exposure it deserves.


Source Top Tech Talent

flair career portals help you succeed in the competitive tech recruiting environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is employer branding?

Employer branding is a strategy that HR teams use to show potential job applicants that their organization is a great place to work. The employer brand will be similar to a company’s overall brand – the main difference is that it focuses on communicating the company culture and employee experience.

Some of the main components of an employer branding strategy include an employee value proposition, a branded career page, employee testimonials, an attractive perks and benefits program, and social media campaigns. Using these methods, employers can attract great candidates and give them a positive first impression of the company.

What are the benefits of a branded career portal?

A career portal, also known as a company careers page or career site, is one of the first points of contact a potential job applicant will have with your company during their job search. The first impression it makes can decide whether a job seeker submits an application or looks elsewhere.

The career portal acts as a landing page for recruitment efforts; roles advertized on external job boards and social media typically link to the career page. It's a great opportunity to showcase why job seekers should consider joining your team. At the same time, it helps identify candidates who are a good fit for the company culture.

A branded career portal makes it possible to share open positions, list job descriptions, communicate employee benefits, and strengthen any employer brand. A well-made career page with user-friendly application forms can increase the quality and quantity of job applications you receive, making it easier to find top talent in less time.

How do I make an effective career page?

First and foremost, a good career page should include a clear, searchable list of open roles with easily understandable job descriptions. Applicants should be able to see the required experience and qualifications at a glance. Other vital elements include SEO (search engine optimization) to help the page be found by more candidates, an easy-to-use contact form, and a search bar so that jobseekers can quickly search for jobs.

The page should also introduce potential applicants to your organization, giving them a taste of what they can expect. You may want to include your company’s values, perks, and benefits. Employee testimonials and photos can add a personal touch while conveying what it’s like to work at your company.

It’s crucial that the application process is as quick and easy as possible. This helps you prevent promising applicants from dropping out at the last moment.

Companies can use a career site builder to design pages more easily. Some tools simplify the user experience with drag-and-drop functionality, eliminating the need for HTML or CSS coding knowledge.

How can I improve the candidate experience?

The candidate experience describes all the interactions between an organization and a job applicant from the moment they find a job opening, right through to the final hiring decision and starting the new job.

To create a great candidate experience, communication is key. One example is to include well-written descriptions in job listings to give candidates an accurate impression of your expectations. Your job application forms need to be easy to fill in, but detailed enough to give the hiring team the information they need. It’s also important to keep candidates informed about the status of their applications during the hiring process.

Creating a career page can consolidate your open jobs in one place, making it easier for qualified candidates to find a suitable role. Combining this with an applicant tracking system (ATS) enables you to monitor candidates throughout the application process and provide a smooth candidate experience.

What features does flair’s recruiting software offer?

Our career page builder is just one of many features included in the flair Recruiting app. flair Recruiting has all the functionality of a modern applicant tracking solution, combined with the customizability and scalability that Salesforce offers. Once a candidate has submitted their application, their details are immediately saved in the app. There, you can review their application, arrange interviews, and track their progress through every stage of the hiring process.

You can also advertise job postings on multiple job boards at once using our multiposting feature. This allows you to post jobs on over 2,500 job boards, including LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster – all without ever leaving the flair Recruiting app. This can be a huge time-saver in your talent acquisition efforts.

We also offer customizable candidate evaluation templates to make your application process fairer and more efficient. And when you’ve made a decision, you can send out customizable email templates to keep your candidates informed.

Can I create multiple career portals with flair?

Yes, of course. The advantage of having multiple career portals is that you can tailor the landing page to a specific division, subsidiary, or location of your company.

For example, if your company operates in North America as well as Europe, you may want to create two separate career pages showing jobs relevant to that region. You could also advertise different perks and benefits for each region as well as configure which information you require from applicants.

Jobs that you create in flair can be published on multiple career portals at once if needed. You can then analyze the source of each application to find out which recruitment channels are working the best for you.

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