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Boost employee satisfaction with a personalized onboarding journey that makes a positive and lasting impression.

Transform Fresh Talent into Brand Enthusiasts

A great onboarding journey not only prepares new hires for the job. It immerses staff in your company culture and encourages them to be their best.

Personalized – Create custom onboarding workflows for different teams and roles

Engaging – Attach helpful onboarding documents and videos to boost engagement

Complete – Customize every pre-onboarding, onboarding, and offboarding flow

Accelerate Onboarding With Custom Templates

Help new hires settle in quickly with templates tailored to different teams, locations, and roles.


Always Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Maintain smooth operations with automatic reminders via email, Slack, or app when tasks are due.


Boost Efficiency on Any Recurring Task

Onboarding, training, offboarding – recreate any regular process using our workflows feature for greater consistency.

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“With flair, we have much more transparency in our HR. It organizes processes, makes them faster, and we always have access to the data we need – no matter whether you’re in the office or not.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are typical onboarding tasks?

With flair, you can give new staff a smooth company introduction through the Employee Hub – a self-service employee portal. The Employee Hub is where the onboarding journey begins with user-friendly workflows and tasks to help people navigate their first steps in a new job.

A typical onboarding task within the Employee Hub is to provide information. For example, a new hire might be asked to fill out the My Data section with important employee data such as payment details and contact information. Other common tasks include reading company handbooks, watching presentations, sending a Slack greeting message to the team, or meeting new colleagues.

Any onboarding task you create in flair can be assigned to anyone within the company. For example, you might assign a member of the IT team to provide account access rights or equipment such as laptops and monitors to new hires. This ensures that everyone plays an active role in helping new joiners to settle in and avoids confusion in the early stages.

Why is the onboarding process so important?

Effective onboarding is paramount since it provides a person with their first impression of a new job and gets them up to speed on what is expected. It’s also the first chance to introduce a new employee to the company culture.

When done correctly, it prepares people for success in their job and helps them acclimatize to a new working environment. These early stages are vital in forming relationships between a new starter and their colleagues – and they can have a significant impact on employee retention in the long run.

By presenting new team members with a practical and easy-to-understand onboarding process, employers can ensure the stage is set from day one for a positive and productive work relationship.

Can you create multiple onboarding templates in flair?

Of course. We recognize that one size does not fit all when it comes to the onboarding experience. The onboarding process may not be uniform across company locations, departments, or even job roles. Not every staff member will work the same or require the same first-day employee training.

That’s why flair onboarding templates are fully customizable to your needs. For example, you can tailor a template to meet a country’s employee data requirements or create collaborative workflows across different departments. With multiple onboarding options, companies can build an interactive system to onboard new hires.

What kinds of tasks do flair onboarding workflows support?

flair onboarding workflows are completely flexible, meaning that you can replicate virtually any task. Using a selection of workflow items, you can ask employees to carry out a certain task, provide information or a specific file, or conduct a review.

You can provide a description of the task and upload a video or another kind of file to help the assignee carry out the task.

flair also supports the pre-onboarding phase, when a new recruit has not yet had their first day at your organization. In this case, you can provide the upcoming employee with limited access to the Employee Hub. This allows them to complete certain tasks ahead of day one, such as providing information necessary for payroll or sending in signed contracts and other documents. Not only does this save you time, but it also helps make sure that the first few days run smoothly.

Can I use flair for offboarding employees?

Yes, flair also supports offboarding. In the same way that you set up an onboarding workflow, you can assign offboarding tasks to employees who have handed in their notice. Examples include returning company equipment, handing over work and responsibilities to other team members, and taking part in an exit interview.

In fact, you can use flair workflows for any recurring processes, including staff training, event preparation, or candidate interviews. Once you’ve set up the tasks and assigned the people responsible, you can duplicate the workflow and re-use it whenever it’s needed. This helps you improve consistency in your HR processes.

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