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Optimize Your Onboarding

Improve employee retention and engagement in the crucial early stages. flair helps you quickly and efficiently integrate new hires into your team.

Create Clear and Personalized Onboarding Journeys

Easily design onboarding workflows that motivate, educate, and captivate new joiners, no matter whether they’re in the office or working remotely.

Customizable templates

Set up clear onboarding workflows and assign colleagues to ensure everyone is in the loop.

Time-saving task automation

Send out tasks and reminders automatically, and save time on manual follow-ups.

Role-based personalization

Make the first weeks more productive with tasks tailored to specific teams and locations.

Easy-to-access support documents

Give new starters the support they need with attached files and video messages.


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“We use flair to move candidates through the recruitment process and progress new hires to onboarding. And that is a seamless, well-implemented process.”

Onboarding Templates

Accelerate Onboarding With Customizable Templates

Ensure a smooth start for new hires with clearly defined tasks tailored to their role, department, or work location.

  • Request information, schedule training sessions, and provide work equipment to new starters
  • Help new employees settle in fast with personalized tasks and support

Lay the Foundations for a Perfect First Day

The flair Candidate Hub provides an intuitive self-service portal for incoming new starters.

  • Convert candidates to employees in a single click
  • Gather basic information before day one to save time
  • Provide onboarding resources and assign equipment ahead of time for a smooth start
Automatic Task Reminders

Align Everyone Involved in Onboarding

Keep things running smoothly with automatic reminders via email, Slack, or app when tasks are due. Assign colleagues to clarify responsibilities during the onboarding process.

Streamlined Recurring Workflows

Boost Efficiency on Any Recurring Task

Beyond onboarding, you can use flair workflows to structure any recurring process and improve consistency.

  • Create simple workflows for regular training, weekly tasks, and offboarding
  • Add videos and files to facilitate task completion
  • Comment and tag colleagues to ask for assistance

Provide a Smooth Introduction to Any Job

No matter which industry you work in, you can adjust our flexible onboarding workflows to quickly integrate new hires.


Compliant Onboarding for Healthcare Staff

Ensure that new employees are informed of all legal requirements and have completed any necessary training.

Staffing and Recruiting

Compliant Onboarding for Healthcare Staff

Ensure that new employees are informed of all legal requirements and have completed any necessary training.


Retain Top Tech Talent Through Onboarding

Make your onboarding process stand out. Immerse new joiners into your culture to improve productivity and employee retention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the onboarding process so important?

Effective onboarding is paramount since it provides a person with their first impression of a new job and gets them up to speed on what is expected. It’s also the first chance to introduce a new employee to your company culture.

Typically led by the human resources team, onboarding involves other colleagues and managers from the new hire’s team. The aim is to help new joiners acclimatize to their new working environment, form relationships with colleagues, and understand their daily tasks. In some roles and industries, there may be a compliance aspect. After candidates have successfully passed background checks, they may be required to complete additional training and certification as part of the onboarding process.

Onboarding is also when HR teams will gather necessary information from new joiners, such as bank details and tax information so that wages can be paid on time.

By presenting new team members with a practical and easy-to-understand onboarding process, employers can ensure the stage is set from day one for a positive and productive work relationship.

How does the candidate-to-employee process work in flair?

flair provides all the features HR teams and hiring managers need to ensure a smooth and efficient start to an employee’s new job. Our cloud-based HR software includes an applicant tracking system based on Salesforce. After evaluating candidates, you can use our document generator to automatically create documents such as offer letters and work contracts. You can then request a digital signature from the candidate using our e-signature feature.

Once you have obtained any required electronic signatures, you can convert successful candidates to employees in just one click. This eliminates the need to re-enter the candidate’s information.

Now you can start pre-onboarding. The incoming hire will receive limited access to our self-service employee portall. Here, they can access relevant onboarding documents, such as employee handbooks and contracts, while the HR team can request any important employee data, such as bank account details. This pre-onboarding stage takes care of the admin ahead of day one, meaning that hiring managers and new hires can focus on the employee experience.

What does a flair onboarding workflow look like?

We understand that every employee onboarding process is company-specific. But one thing that small businesses and large enterprises have in common is that they want to offer a personalized onboarding experience that increases employee engagement from the very start. That’s why our onboarding feature comes with many customization options so you can create an onboarding program that matches your company culture and fits any job role.

With flair, you can create as many digital onboarding templates as you need, tailoring them to specific roles, teams, and office locations. You can add a range of different tasks to create a paperless onboarding checklist. Examples of tasks include filling in employee data, uploading employee files such as certification, or completing to-do items, such as sending a message to new colleagues on Slack or reading the employee handbook.

Onboarding tasks can be assigned to anyone within the company. For example, you might assign a member of the IT team to provide account access rights or equipment such as laptops and monitors to new hires. This ensures that everyone plays an active role in helping new joiners to settle in.

How does flair compare to other onboarding tools?

Having a structured process to onboard new hires is crucial. That’s why many SaaS HR platforms include new hire onboarding features. With an all-in-one HCM solution like flair, HR onboarding tasks are connected to other people-related processes, such as performance management, time tracking, and document management.

The best employee onboarding software solutions provide a seamless transition from the hiring process to the new hire’s first weeks of work. This is exactly what flair does. With flair, you can automate many onboarding tasks and set reminders when tasks are due, streamlining the onboarding process for HR teams and employees alike.

Unlike standalone onboarding platforms, flair connects the onboarding process with other important HRIS functionality. This means fewer tools for your team to manage, a single source of truth for employee data, and an enhanced user experience.

Similar to solutions like BambooHR, flair supports the entire employee lifecycle, from talent acquisition to offboarding. One important advantage flair has over other HR solutions, however, is that it is natively built on Salesforce. This means you benefit from enterprise-grade data security, performance, and scalability. With all employee data stored on Salesforce, you can easily integrate it with other solutions and business processes, creating a streamlined workflow for your HR professionals.

Can I use flair for offboarding employees?

Yes, flair also supports offboarding. In the same way that you set up an onboarding workflow, you can assign offboarding tasks to employees who have handed in their notice. Examples include returning company equipment, handing over work and responsibilities to other team members, and taking part in an exit interview.

You can also use flair workflows for any recurring processes, including staff training, event preparation, or candidate interviews. Once you’ve set up the tasks and assigned the people responsible, you can duplicate the workflow and re-use it whenever it’s needed. This helps you improve consistency in your HR processes.

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