Personal data and Employee HUB

Even if the data stays on Salesforce, your employees won't need an extra Salesforce license. Our Employee HUB provides all the information you need external from Salesforce.

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Simpler User Interface for smart Employee Experience!

With user-friendly approach, Employee HUB allows anyone in your team to access the data that has been managed by the HR through Salesforce.

Flair's simple user interface for smart employee experience
  • Document Management

    (personal & company documents)

  • Dashboard

    (home page with birthdays, announcements, new hires)

  • Shift & Absences Planner

  • Time Tracking

  • Performance Review

  • Request to change your data

Manager Dashboard – align the whole team!

Manager dashboard is perfect for managers and team leaders. With this feature managers can maximise their time-efficiency and gather useful information in no time.

Flair's Manager Dashboard – align the whole team!
  • Manage current time-tracking of employees

  • Absence Approval

  • Timesheet Approval

  • Feedback for Performance Review

Fast & Easy Access – setting up your data base has never been easier!

To set up employee accounts on our Employee HUB all you will need to do is just fill in the basic information on Salesforce account and send an invite to the newly recruited employee with a click of a button. The employee will just need to click on the link to create their account and fill in the remaining information.

Fast & Easy Access to flair

    Immediate Slack Integration

    Do you use Slack as your collaboration tool at work?

    Flair Integration with Slack

    With flair, you won't have to leave Slack to request any kind of absence - you can open the form directly from Slack. As the manager, you also have the possibility to approve or reject requests from Slack.

    Flair integrated with Slack
    • Absence Category Selection

    • Date & Period Selection

    • Availability to Additional Comment

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