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Frequently Asked Questions

What is flair?

flair is an all-in-one HR software that makes managing your work life easier. With features like shift scheduling, time tracking, and leave management, you can stay on top of your HR tasks and focus on your work. flair's user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy for you to navigate the platform and complete your tasks quickly. Plus, with real-time analytics and reporting, you can stay informed about your workforce and make informed decisions. Take control of your work life with flair.

How can I communicate with my manager and colleagues through flair?

You can easily leave comments and tag your managers and colleagues in the Employee Hub which makes it easy to stay connected and collaborate on projects. What’s more, flair’s Slack integration will notify your teammates of upcoming absences and let your manager know as soon as you’ve requested time off.

How does flair help with my career development?

flair's performance management feature allows you and your managers to set goals and track progress over time. This helps you identify areas for improvement and develop the skills you need to advance in their career. flair also offers training and development resources to help you grow and develop their skills.

Can I view my pay and benefits information through flair?

Yes, flair's payroll and benefits management features allow you to view your pay slips, benefits information, and other important HR-related documents.

Is my personal information secure in flair?

Rest assured, your personal information is safe and secure with flair. We take data security seriously and use industry-standard encryption to protect your information. Plus, as a Salesforce-based platform, we leverage their top-notch security features to ensure your data is always protected.

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