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Centralized and Modern Recruiting

Reduce time to hire with customizable career pages and AI candidate screening. Enhance recruitment with analytics dashboards secured in one place.

Accelerate Your Talent Acquisition

Attract top talent with brand-showcasing jobs pages. Use the latest tech to speed up recruiting tasks. From no-code career pages and email automation to AI candidate screenings – say goodbye to hiring delays and hello to faster recruitment.


Simplify Candidate Management

Instantly store and manage centralized candidate information in flair. Eliminate duplicate efforts with cross-team candidate notes. Remove the need for multiple apps or platforms with our applicant tracking system, e-signature feature, and more.


Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Company Costs

Make cost savings with streamlined workflows. Enhance efficiency by automating repetitive admin tasks with features like the Document Generator. Gain actionable data from flair analytics dashboards to inform employee retention strategies.


Perfect Employee Onboarding

Increase employee satisfaction with personalized onboarding journeys. Integrate helpful onboarding documents and videos into the process, ensuring a positive beginning for your new recruits.


Integrations To Elevate Your HR


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can flair enhance the recruitment process?

flair streamlines talent acquisition and recruitment by seamlessly integrating recruitment tasks into the Salesforce environment. The flair Recruiting app allows for AI and manual resume screening, interview scheduling, automated candidate communication, as well as contract management.

Recruiters can also effortlessly promote their brand and attract prospective hires using the Career Portal Builder, creating attention-grabbing job ads without the necessity for coding skills. This means companies in the staffing and recruiting industry can identify and onboard top talent faster and more efficiently.

How does the flair solution enhance collaboration among recruiting teams?

The flair HR solution features a centralized candidate database, facilitating seamless management and collaboration across teams. Recruiters can easily access and manage candidate information with the flair Recruiting app.

Using flair’s recruitment funnel, interviewers can work together and leave candidate assessment notes for one another before approving a prospective new hire for the next stage of the recruitment process. This results in a more efficient and consistent candidate evaluation process, leading to better-quality hires.

Can flair contribute to cost savings in staffing and recruiting operations?

flair's efficient HR processes, organized document management, and automation save time and improve cost efficiency. Our solution optimizes recruitment workflows, with the help of automated email templates, AI candidate screening, the flair Document Generator, and more. Through our Recruitment Funnel, recruiters and HR staff can collaborate and guide candidates from the first stage right through to contract e-signing.

Our features promote efficiency and minimize time lost to manual tasks, thereby improving overall cost-effectiveness in your operations.

Simultaneously, our flexible functionality ensures companies maintain compliance with local and international laws. This means organizations can safely navigate their legal requirements across different jurisdictions and prevent costly fines or penalties.

Is flair scalable for growing businesses?

Certainly. flair is designed to scale alongside the growth of staffing and recruiting businesses. The platform seamlessly adapts to expanding workforces and evolving business needs while syncing all data in Salesforce.

This ensures that your company can confidently pursue growth knowing that their HR processes are supported by a reliable solution with enterprise-grade data security.

How can I start implementing flair?

Implementing flair in your staffing and recruiting company is a seamless process. First, reach out to our dedicated support team to schedule a personalized demonstration and discussion about your specific HR needs.

Once you’re up to speed on all the benefits of flair, our Customer Success team will guide you through the implementation process, ensuring that the solution aligns seamlessly with your operations. Discover how flair can save your company time and money with a free demo today.

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