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Time tracking shouldn’t be time-consuming. flair helps you improve employee time management, track projects, and keep an accurate record of working hours in Salesforce.

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Simple Time Tracking for More Efficient Teams

Whether in the office, on the move, or working from home, our time tracker makes sure your employees’ hours are logged reliably and efficiently.

User-friendly time clock

Clock in, clock out, and take breaks at the touch of a button, and add notes to time entries.

Compliant with employment law

Set rules and limits on breaks and overtime in line with company policy and local law.

Easy overview and approval

Get a quick and clear overview of working time and approve with just one click.

Linked with payroll and absences

Ensure accurate compensation and absence accruals with an integrated system.


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“In previous experiences, I found time tracking to be very manual. The appeal of flair is that everything is handled in one system and it’s just a click away!”

Digital Time Clock

Efficiently Track Working Time

Free yourself from time-consuming manual timesheets. flair’s user-friendly time clock improves timesheet accuracy and saves time on manually consolidating working hours. Employees can log their hours:

  • Via browser or desktop app
  • On a mobile app
  • Automatically using a key fob
Project Time Tracking

Keep Track of Billable Hours

Track time spent on specific projects and clients with our simple project-based time tracker. flair helps you ensure accurate invoicing by categorizing work hours.

  • Enhance resource planning and project budgeting
  • Quickly identify potential delays and overspend
  • Track billable time for accurate project costs
Smooth Approval Workflows

Simple Approvals for Edited Time Entries

With flair you can easily review and approve manually added and edited time entries, ensuring that your time reports are accurate and complete. Employees can use comments to provide additional info about anomalies. You can even directly approve timesheets via Slack.

Detailed Time Reports

Review All Timesheets in One Place

Centralize all of your time data and attendance records in insightful reports and dashboards on Salesforce. This gives you a better overview of accumulated overtime and allows for better resource planning.


Our Time Tracker Is at Home in Any Company

Time tracking is for everyone. No matter your industry, our time-tracking software can improve productivity and facilitate compliance with employment standards.


Achieve Timesheets Compliance

Keeping accurate digital records of hours worked and breaks taken is essential for healthcare companies to stay compliant.


Keep Control of Project Budgets

Consultancies use our time-tracking tools to record billable hours spent on specific projects and clients for more accurate invoicing.


Increase Focus and Productivity

We work with tech scale-ups to analyze and optimize employee working habits using time tracking.


Automatically Track Time With Physical Terminals

Employees clock in using a key fob or fingerprint

We’ll help you set up your terminals

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is time-tracking software?

Time-tracking software makes it possible to easily keep a record of employees’ work hours. It is an effective tool for managers and employees to track their work time, while helping ensure that they take enough breaks and are fairly compensated for overtime.

In some countries and regions, employers are required to keep a record of hours worked to ensure compliance with labor laws. Using an employee time tracker, companies can save timesheets to demonstrate compliance. You can define rules for breaks and overtime using flair, and set automatic notifications to remind employees when it’s time to take a break.

Time-tracking software replaces time-consuming manual methods, such as recording working hours on paper or in Excel spreadsheets. It automates and simplifies the process.

Who can benefit from using a time tracker?

From freelancers and small businesses to large enterprises, digital time trackers are useful for almost any kind of company. Time-tracking tools are especially beneficial for remote teams and companies with flexible hours. They help employees and managers demonstrate that they have completed their scheduled hours in a workday.

Time tracking can also be useful for project management. It helps you keep on top of project budgets and enable more accurate invoicing. Team members can log their billable hours and project managers always have an accurate overview of project time.

In large teams, time trackers may often be integrated with project management software such as Jira, Trello, or Asana. This can help streamline workflows by tracking actual working time spent on projects, allowing companies to adjust their estimations and planning accordingly.

Companies that offer remote work may use time trackers and other attendance management features as part of an employee monitoring solution. These kinds of solutions might take screenshots while the employee is working or monitor keystrokes. However, many regions have placed legal restrictions on employee monitoring and it may be necessary to notify employees and gain consent.

Ultimately, time trackers can benefit employees as well as managers if they are implemented in a fair, consistent, and non-intrusive way. As time tracking is now mandatory in some regions, including the EU, time-tracking software has become essential to a large number of businesses.

How can I find the best time-tracking software?

Finding the best time-tracking software depends on the specific needs of the organization and the users. There are, for instance, many free time-tracking tools that offer a limited range of simple time clock features. These, however, often have a limited number of users on the free plans and are therefore more suited to small businesses and freelancers. In addition, they might not be integrated with other HR and business systems, leading to more time spent switching between apps.

HR solutions like flair often come with integrated time-tracking functionality that is connected to other features such as payroll, attendance, and shift planning. This approach may be more appealing to business owners at medium and large organizations as it provides a more comprehensive overview of employee working hours and productivity.

Another consideration is the versatility of the time tracker. Many solutions can be used on a variety of platforms, such as Windows, iOS, and Linux, and may also offer mobile apps.

Some popular apps that specialize in time tracking include Clockify, Harvest, and QuickBooks. However, these solutions focus almost exclusively on time tracking. For a more integrated approach to time and attendance, opting for an HR solution like flair can give you a more comprehensive range of features, with less need to switch between apps. This is one of the reasons why flair has received very positive user ratings on review platforms such as G2 and Capterra.

What time-tracking features does flair offer?

flair offers a user-friendly time tracker that is integrated with shift planning, attendance management, and payroll. As flair is a Salesforce-native app, all timesheets are logged in your Salesforce instance, where they can be evaluated and approved.

For online time tracking, employees simply log on to the flair Employee Hub via a browser such as Google Chrome or Safari, and can start tracking their time in just one click. They can also view their time balance to see how much time they are scheduled to work and whether they have accumulated any overtime. The learning curve for employees is minimal and they can get started straight away.

Via the Salesforce platform, HR managers have a wide range of customization options, allowing them to tailor workloads, required breaks, overtime policies, approval processes, and more. They can also automate certain workflows, ensuring that employees comply with working hours policies and managers are notified when they need to provide approval.

Our solution also supports physical time tracking, where employees clock in using an RFID (radio-frequency identification) key fob or fingerprint scan. This enables automatic time tracking as soon as an employee enters their place of work. The time entries sync with the flair time-tracking solution in real time. Physical time tracking also ensures that employees are present in the office when they are tracking their time, without using employee monitoring practices that could be seen as more intrusive, such as screenshots.

Does flair support mobile time tracking?

With flair, your employees can track their time in their browser or in our time-tracking app for Mac. We also offer a mobile app for iOS and Android so your employees can track their time using mobile devices on the go.

What if I forget to clock in?

No problem. If employees forget to clock in or pause their time tracker for a break, they can manually edit their time entries afterward. These change requests are sent to the timesheet manager for approval.

At the end of a week or month, managers can view accurate time reports, plan their team’s time for the weeks ahead, and continuously optimize task management.

How are timesheets stored in flair?

All timesheets and working hours are stored on Salesforce – no matter whether employees are tracking their time in their browser or using the flair mobile app. If you are not already using Salesforce, we will set up an instance for you.

The benefit of having all your HR-relevant data stored on Salesforce is that you have a single source for all the information you need. Salesforce allows you to create detailed reports of employee working hours, as well as combine tracked time with other processes such as compensation and payroll.

You also benefit from customizable user permission sets, meaning that you can define who can view and approve a team member’s working hours.

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