Time Tracking Software

Make Your Work Hours Count

Time tracking shouldn’t be time-consuming. Keep an accurate record of working hours with less effort.

Versatile Time Tracking for
More Efficient Teams

Whether you’re in the office, in the field, or at home, our time tracker makes sure your hours are logged.

Flexible – Track time via browser, desktop, or mobile app

Integrated – Clock in automatically using keycards, chips, or badges

Adaptable – Customize break-time and overtime rules according to local regulations

Improve Team Productivity

Discover how your team members work and improve planning with detailed and accurate timesheets.


Keep Track of Billable Hours

Ensure accurate invoicing by logging billable hours per client and project.


Simple Approvals for Edited Time Entries

You can easily review and approve manually added and edited time entries.


Detailed Time Reports in One Place

Centralize all of your time and attendance data for insightful reports.

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“In previous experiences, I found time tracking to be very manual. The appeal of flair is that everything is handled in one system and it’s just a click away!”
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Sarah Kolly

Salesforce Consultant

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is time-tracking software?

Time-tracking software makes it possible to easily keep a record of employees’ work hours. It is an effective tool for managers and employees to track their work time, while helping ensure that they take enough breaks and are fairly compensated for overtime.

In some countries and regions, employers are required to keep a record of hours worked to ensure compliance with labor laws. Using an employee time tracker, companies can save timesheets to demonstrate compliance. You can define rules for breaks and overtime using flair, and set automatic notifications to remind employees when it’s time to take a break.

Time-tracking software replaces time-consuming manual methods, such as recording working hours on paper or in Excel spreadsheets. It automates and simplifies the process.

Who can benefit from using a time tracker?

Almost any company can use a digital time tracker to keep a record of working hours. Time-tracking tools are especially useful for remote teams or companies with flexible hours. They help employees and managers demonstrate that they have completed their scheduled hours in a workday.

Time tracking can also be useful for project management. Keep on top of project budgets and enable more accurate invoicing. Team members can log their billable hours and project managers always have an accurate overview of project time.

Does flair support mobile time tracking?

With flair, your employees can track their time in their browser or in our time-tracking app for Mac. We also offer a mobile app for iOS and Android so your employees can track their time using mobile devices on the go.

Another option is to integrate flair with a physical time tracker. This could be a keycard, badge, or chip that registers an employee’s presence when they enter their place of work. The time entries sync with the flair time-tracking solution in real-time.

What if I forget to clock in?

No problem. If employees forget to clock in or pause their time tracker for a break, they can manually edit their time entries afterward. These change requests are sent to the timesheet manager for approval.

At the end of a week or month, managers can view accurate time reports, plan their team’s time for the weeks ahead, and continuously optimize task management.

How are timesheets stored in flair?

All timesheets and working hours are stored on Salesforce – no matter whether employees are tracking their time in their browser or using the flair mobile app. If you are not already using Salesforce, we will set up an instance for you.

The benefit of having all your HR-relevant data stored on Salesforce is that you have a single source for all the information you need. Salesforce allows you to create detailed reports of employee working hours, as well as combine tracked time with other processes such as compensation and payroll.

You also benefit from customizable user permission sets, meaning that you can define who can view and approve a team member’s working hours.

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