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flair is the all-in-one HR and recruiting platform Australian companies can rely on, helping you comply with local labour laws.

The Smartest Way to Manage Your Workforce

Experience the future of HR management with flair’s compliant solution.

Flexible – flair’s intuitive platform adapts to your needs.

Efficient – Streamline processes, see productivity soar.

Secure – Your data is protected by Salesforce security.

Built for Australian Compliance

Our software is built to help ensure compliance with Australian employment law, including the Fair Work Act, Work Health and Safety Act 2011, and Superannuation Guarantee law.


Recruit Top Talent in Australia

Hire talented jobseekers in Australia in less time, using flair and helpful integrations, such as SEEK.


Process Payroll Locally

flair integrates with the Australian Salesforce-native payroll platform 2cloudnine, helping you process payroll efficiently and compliantly.


The Number 1 HR App on Salesforce

Salesforce Proven Data Security

With flair, your data is stored on Salesforce servers, protected by some of the most advanced security technology available.

In-Depth People Analytics

Dive deep into your HR and recruiting data using custom reports and dashboards on the flair Salesforce apps.

Completely Customizable

flair can support any regional requirements and adapts to your organization, no matter your industry and working style.

Integrations To Elevate Your HR

Frequently Asked Questions

Is flair compliant with the Fair Work Act and other relevant Australian employment legislation?

Yes, our software is designed to ensure compliance with the Fair Work Act, Work Health and Safety Act, Superannuation Guarantee law, and other relevant legislation. Our software is regularly updated to reflect any changes to employment laws and regulations, ensuring that our you remain compliant with the latest requirements. We understand the importance of meeting legal requirements while also providing flexibility for your business's unique needs. With flair, you can manage all your HR processes in one central system, from onboarding to benefits and employee management, while remaining compliant with Australian employment laws.

Can flair help us manage work and safety requirements in Australia?

Yes, flair includes features such as risk assessments, job safety analysis, and safe work records statements, all of which can help you to identify and manage safety risks in the workplace. Additionally, flair's software is cloud-based, allowing for easy access to safety-related information and data from anywhere, at any time. We understand the importance of maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, and our software is designed to help you achieve that goal.

How does flair handle employee data and security?

We take employee data and security very seriously and our software is designed with security in mind, using industry-standard encryption to protect sensitive data. We also regularly update our software to ensure that any security vulnerabilities are addressed promptly. Additionally, our software is designed to be compliant with relevant data protection laws, including the Australian Privacy Act 1988. We understand that employee data is sensitive and confidential, and our software is designed to help businesses manage this data securely and in accordance with local laws and regulations.

What benefits does flair offer employees?

flair offers a range of benefits for employees. Through the Employee Hub, employees can access their HR information, such as their pay stubs, benefits, and leave balances, from anywhere, at any time. This allows employees to stay informed and empowered, without having to rely on HR staff for updates. Our software also includes features such as onboarding and training modules, which can help employees get up to speed quickly and feel more engaged in their work. Additionally, our software includes tools for performance management and recognition, which can help employees feel valued and motivated. We understand that happy and engaged employees are key to business success, and flair is designed with this goal in mind.

Can flair help us streamline our recruitment processes?

Yes, flair includes features such as job posting and candidate tracking, which can help you manage the entire recruitment process from one central system. Additionally, our software includes tools for resume screening and evaluation, which can help you identify the most qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. We also offer a career portal builder, which can help create a positive candidate experience that reflects your company's values. With flair you can save time and money on recruitment processes while also making more informed hiring decisions.

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